Chapter 67: Meeting the Vampire king!

His laughter rang through the air, resonating with a mocking and malicious quality, leaving an uncomfortable atmosphere in its wake.

The pack elders peered at Blaze with stern disapproval, a subtle undercurrent of trepidation gnawing at them, acknowledging the formidable presence that unsettled their usual sense of control.

"What's amusing?" Aurelius managed to ask, his fury evident in the creased lines of his forehead.

"You guys are," he chuckles, the sound carrying a touch of sarcasm as he observed the elders' austere expressions. It was as if their indignation served as unintentional comedy in his eyes, and Blaze found the irony amusing.

"How dare you think we are amusing? Do we resemble clowns to you?" one of the elders' bellows, rage seeping through his words.

"You all, indeed, are the grand jesters of the pack! I anticipated that my time here would be nothing but a futile endeavor. Next time, be prepared to wait for more than four hours. It's quite comical how you believe you can

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Sofia Rocha
I’ve been looking forward to this!!!! It’s so mean to leave me hanging ...

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