Chapter 84: Astrid's Erotic Encounter with Dexter and Phoenix!

The room filled with the sounds of their passionate encounter—the rhythm of their bodies colliding, her melodic moans, and his low groans of pleasure mingling in the air. Each movement brought them closer to the edge, the tension building to an almost unbearable level.

Phoenix's focus was solely on Astrid's bliss as he worked harder to push her over the edge. "Come for me, Star," he urges, "Cum all over my cock."

And with that final encouragement, she spiraled into the abyss of rapture, her body convulsing in waves of euphoria as her orgasm washed over her in powerful, exhilarating waves. Her juices cascaded down her thighs, leaving a glistening trail on the couch beneath them.

The erotic scene before Phoenix ignited an intense urge that fueled his passion to unprecedented heights. With each powerful thrust, he delved deeper into the depths of her core, aching to elicit every moan and gasp from her lips.

Her body reacted eagerly, the sensation of him driving into her harder signaling

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