Undeniable Feelings (ENGLISH)

Undeniable Feelings (ENGLISH)

By:  Miss Vainj  Completed
Language: English
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What makes this story unordinary?Are you fat just like Triah?Do you have imperfections?Who's your strength to keep yourself positive?Your parents?What if your parents will be the ones who will put stain in your positive world?Can you keep going?Because Triah, I don't know either if she's strong enough to face the world.Let's find out.

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79 Chapters
SYNOPSISThis is going to be a hard time for me, I am so problematic about so many things in life. Plus I always hear the loud quarrel between mommy and daddy.I don't know what to do just to overcome this stressful week. I am currently walking down this hallway alone. I have no friends, because of my size.I have no friends because no one is w
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CHAPTER 1.1I was planning to grab a quickie eating earlier and have some window shopping after. But unfortunately ... I am still eating here now at Bee Fast-food. They have delicious foods to eat, they made their food even more delicious.So here I am now I ordered three more served with spaghetti, three large burgers, two large coke floats, and four served sweet and spicy chicken and rice of full meal.
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CHAPTER 1.2I was starting to walk out of the restaurant when suddenly someone ran into me."Damn, fat woman!" I heard he slightly cussed when hit me.I was secretly told 'wow' because I was disgusted. And because my patience is long, I did not waste my time staring at the worthless person
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CHAPTER 2.1FLASHBACKI am known as the daughter of one of the most famous in the field of gambling. Mommy and daddy go to a real casino almost every day. And since the casino is legal, they will not stop wasting their money.So what do you expect from the way people see me? An image like m
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CHAPTER 2.2"And about the fresh air, you said, this is the reason." Aling Milan showed me a fan and then she starts fanning me so that I could feel that the wind that came from there earlier."How about---the salty liquid?" I asked the ones again.
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CHAPTER 3.1During the few minutes, I meditated here in my room a faint knocked caught my attention. For a while I was doing a sound trip on my iPod, just to have fun while waiting for my breakfast. I tried to stand up but I can’t immediately stand up, instead shouted the word 'come in'.When housemate Greta entered my room, she immediately joined me when she noticed that I’m in trouble getting up on
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CHAPTER 3.2"Ack! It hurts ahh." I choked slightly when her arm hit my neck when she blocked the door."You’re too hard-headed Triah! ​​I will be the one who’ll be scolded by my mother if I let you out and one more thing! Maybe madam and sir know that I condone you of what you want." Greta scolded me again.
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CHAPTER 4.1My tears have no plans to stop from falling. An overflowing liquid from my eyes through my cheeks down to my chin is full of pain. I felt numb inside my upper right chest, every time I cry like my heart is being squeezed, I can never explain the extreme pain it has.Every time I draw strength to breathe properly, at the same time, my heart aches as if scratching when I breathe and press my hand to my heart. At a young age, this was probably the most painful thing I ever felt.
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CHAPTER 4.2"Greta, manang. You have helped me a lot. Don't worry because I will never forget you. And I will always take you to my heart and mind. I understand you Manang, it is better for you to follow mom more because she is the one who pays you. Manang, Greta ... until the next time we meet, I promise, I will do everything to get up. I will show them that I can! I will show them that weight is not a barrier to not being successful in life. So when we meet again. I will bring many gifts to you." I promised them both.
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CHAPTER 5.1Esravien Fuenteciville, sounds great.His surname is kinda rich to hear. But how did he become just a worker in the fishery of mom and dad?Maybe he's abandoned by his father. But why did I not seem to notice her mother among them? He and Mike were the only ones I saw in their house.
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