Unwanted Omega Of The Lycan King

Unwanted Omega Of The Lycan King

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"Kill her!" "Kill her!" "Kill her!" They all chanted as she knelt before them with her head hung low. Her wet hair clung to her face as her heart hammered against her chest. She was going to die. Her hands were tied behind her and her legs were shackled with huge chains that sent bristle shock through her body. Her throat kept bobbing, forcing the lumps down. It has finally come to this. She thought to herself. •••• She was nothing but a weak and cursed Omega. Left to die in the terrifying Black Forest, Nyx was captured by slave hunters who wanted to have her sacrificed for the Alpha King’s sister's marriage. Her salvation came in the image of her mate, Zenith Hells, the Lycan King. But there was an hindrance. Zenith was not here for a mate but for an arranged bride. What happens when she is suddenly caught between the royal struggle for power and the throne? Will she be able to get her mate from the clutches of his fiancée and the chaos that roamed the streets of the Lycan Lands or will she be left to tend to her broken heart?

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.Prologue."Kill her!" "Kill her!""Kill her!"They all chanted as she knelt before them with her head hung low. Her wet hair clung to her face as her heart hammered against her chest.She was going to die.Her hands were tied behind her and her legs were shackled with huge chains that sent bristle shock through her body.Her throat kept bobbing, forcing the lumps down.It has finally come to this. She thought to herself."Alpha King, your command." The headsman asked, his voice rough and cold like ice. As if he was not about to behead her as a living sacrifice to whatever celebration was going on.The Alpha King rose to his feet and raised his golden cup up towards the sky. Everyone began to cheer again and it soon went silent."We hereby behead this filthy Omega to serve as a sacrifice for any evil that might befall my sister, Selda."He tipped his chin. "Go ahead."The headsman received the order with a curt nod of his own and as he raised the huge blade up, everyone went silent a
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NYXNyx stood with her head hanging low, tied in both arms before the counsel of the Guardians. She knew that her fate had already been decided. All it remained was the announcement."Nyx has had leveling charges of theft over the past years and we will no longer condone such behavior." One of them spoke up."Thereby we are sentencing her to the..." The other added, adding to the suspense in the air."Black Forest." The last one completed and Nyx's head jolted up in shock.Her eyes widened in fear and her lips parted. The Black Forest."P-Please, I b-beg... I did not do it. I-" She stuttered."This would serve an example to everyone of you who wants to get into such dirty acts. Take her away." The Head Guardian instructed the guards who wasted no time as they carried Nyx who struggled against them."I did not do it! Please don't take to that awful place. I promise you!" She cried but the guards held her tight.The last person she saw before they went further into the woods was Sandra,
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ZENITH"Do you really have to do this? Zenith?" His right hand man, Mathias, asked. Zenith looked out of the corner of his eye."I have to." He reached out for the waist band. "Yes, I mean how do you get rid of your enemy when there is an already laid strategy." He said.Mathias snorted. "These wolves are the ones who are supposed to come over to meet you since you are the Lycan King, and not you going down there to meet them." He rolled his eyes.The ghost of a smile curved at the edge of Zenith's lips. "This is concerning my clan, Mathias. Think like a leader. If they are going to guarantee their wolves would be at my beck and call. Getting married to a bimbo is no big deal for me." He said, adjusting the jacket and he wore his wrist band and ring that signified his Kingship.He turned around and stared at Mathias. "It is just for a while. For now, let's dance to the tune they play." He told him.Mathias returned his stare and gave him a curt nod. A nod that said so many things and
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ZENITHThe sun was beginning to set and the celebration was still going on. Zenith kept thinking about what could have called for such a celebration that had taken full swing during the midnight.He stared at the sky and noticed a star. It was time. He walked towards the gate and entered. No guards was in sight.Another thing to note.With every steps he took towards the lavish palace of the Alpha King, Zenith felt some kind of burden on his chest. It was different from the one he has carried for years.He shook off the feeling. This was not time to feel such burden, it was time to be the Lycan king.He reached the huge door and noticed two agile and well trained wolves guarding it. As he tried to walk past them, the men stepped forward."Your invitation card?" One of them asked.With an arched brow, Zenith decided to use that moment to roll the ring on his fingers to see if they understood what it was but they did not. "We asked a question." one of them reminded him and he came out
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ZENITHHe paused and turned around, only to see Lionel's ever smiling face. His hands had paused in the air so he dropped them and put on his blank mask."Do you sleep walk?" Lionel asked, his brows creasing slightly.Zenith swallowed. "No, I don't. I was going through my in-laws house. I hope you don't find it annoying." He said.Lionel smiled again. "No, I don't. Please go back to your room. We will be setting up the meeting during breakfast tomorrow. My sister would not stop pestering me." "Oh," Zenith's brows jumped up. "I see. No wonder she is your favorite." He added.Lionel nodded with a smile as Zenith walked back to his room, his mind still fixed on what was behind the wall. He was going to have to find out before he leaves with Selda tomorrow.••Zenith's ears twitched as several cheers and howls echoed through the palace.What was going on?He tossed to the other side of the bed, trying to tune them out but it was all futile because all the noises kept increasing. Sitting
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NYXThey had dragged her away from the dungeon as early as the day had brightened. She thought she was being sent to work as a slave in the palace but imagine her surprise when she stood before a huge number of pack members she did not know and how the guards who had brought her out pushed her to her knees roughly. Her eyes glanced at the glistening huge and sharp edged blade that rested on one of the holds, and she immediately understood what was about to happen. She was about to be beheaded, and that too in front of these people. Her heart skipped a beat, fearing that the end has finally come. She was going to die. Death kept chanting in her head and when she was tackled against, one of the guards had her hands tied behind her and she tightened her eyes waiting for her death."Kill her!" "Kill her!""Kill her!"They all chanted as she knelt before them with her head hung low. Her wet hair clung to her face as her heart hammered against her chest over and over again.Her hands were
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ZENITH Lionel turned towards her with a glare at what she said. He had wanted to keep one of them, but if she wanted Nyx to come with her, he would lose everything indirectly to Zenith who pretended not to care one bit. "Please, brother. You know I might need one of us there." She begged him, her eyes glinting with a knowing spark and he had an after thought. Nyx would not be Zenith's if she was given to Selda, right?After releasing a sigh, he waved his hands dismissively. Selda gave him an appreciative smile and turned back to Zenith. "Will you sit down? I overheard you telling my brother that you do not want to make this arrangement take a long time, considering that your throne is empty, right?" She said.Zenith returned to his seat and reached out for the golden cup then sipped down the rest of the wine. They continued to discuss the marriage arrangement. Zenith concluded that he would love to get married to her before his pack members back at his pack. Although Lionel did not
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"Take the omega slave to the slave quarter," He bit out, his jaw hardened as he tried to tamp down his primal urge. He did not want to acknowledge the bond between them. He did not think he would. Nyx's head fell in disappointment.What did she expect? That he would run into her arms and grab her to himself. He was the Lycan King, she realized that she had to come to terms with that.They led Griselda towards her quarter while Nyx followed the guard who did not even bother to wait for her as he marched. Zenith caught sight of Mathias walking towards him and he relaxed a bit. As soon as Mathias reached, he did not wait to listen to his greeting. "Lycan King-""Take him to the healer right now," Zenith ordered urgently and instantly.Confusion crossed Mathias' face as he looked around for the sign of a person other than Zenith and he found none. "Who am I taking to..." He trailed off as Zenith pulled the door open and Mathias looked inside, shock flashing across his face as he saw Divin
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Griselda sat majestically in her chambers as she glanced around the place. The place had a different smell and energy. Like everywhere was filled with eyes and ears. She knew that palaces were no safe places to live or work in but still she was born into this and she knew how to work her way.The guards brought in the luggage she had packed from her place and left it in her room while some maids into work then began to offload them."Be careful not to break any of that. Your life will not be able to pay for it." She sneered, pointing to the golden mirror she had brought. The maid nodded vehemently and carefully placed it down on the vanity."Make sure that gown does not tear or I will have you get the same material which I am sure you don't have here." She said again.She rose to her feet and stared outside through the opened window. The vast land of the king's palace had her thinking if the rumors of the poverty of the Lycans were really true. It has been rumored that the Lycans were
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"Your Highness," Cassandra called out from outside his door. Zenith lifted his gaze as he paused from buckling his belt. The shadows of the maids standing outside his room reflected on his door.He finished it up and stood beside his bed. "Come in." He ordered them.The maids walked in, each carrying her tray of meals. Nyx bowed as she entered, the scent of his chambers made her take a deep breath. As she stylishly looked around his room, the way there was hardly anything that made life there made her think that Zenith was filled with even more darkness than his eyes held.His acknowledgment of her was the least of her worries. She never expected a mate but then she was given one and that one turned out to be a lycan King. She knew there was no way he would accept, even if he does, the Lycans won't.One by one, they dropped the trays in their hands and Zenith took a seat on the chair that was already set up in the corner of his room. He did this if he wanted to have a silent and perso
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