Psycho Werewolf

Psycho Werewolf

By:  CG Hope  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Didn't you say that a deal with the devil is not a deal but a death sentence?” “Yes, but that doesn't matter if you're both devils.” “I'm not like you,” Liana retorted. “You're about to become worse,” he chuckled, shaking his head. "I have never betrayed a friend.” *** Gina and her best friend Liana are the only people who know her darkest secret, or so she thinks. When Liana disappears, she begins to realize things aren't as they seem. The blackmail following the disappearance leaves Gina with some startling questions about whoever knows her secret obsession. She slowly finds herself drawn into a web of robbery, kidnap and murder. Can Gina discover who the person behind everything is before it's too late or will the cagophilia she battles lead to her demise?

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15 Chapters
Old trees guarded the darkness in moderate silence. Occasionally, they'd sway and the crackling of leaves would be heard. Gina walked fast, relieved that Liana had finally stopped complaining. Her heart beat faster with each stride, her mind reeling as she couldn't stop worrying about what could possibly go wrong in their quest to bury her box of keys in the small forest. She knew a spot which would be perfect for her most precious possessions but she was worried that one day someone would find them and hand them over to the police. But, what else could she do? She didn't have a lot of options.Her family members were beginning to get suspicious about everything she did. Because of her constant outings and unexplained walks, they'd began to think she was up to something. Her mother, for instance thought she was selling drugs. She couldn't let them find out about her key collection because she'd collected keys from almost everyone in the small town. People who didn't share her
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Every part of her body ached. Liana rubbed her eyes, wondering how she'd been able to sleep in such a formidable condition. She tried to ignore the uncomfortable tightness of the ropes used to tie her onto the icy metallic chair. Instead, she focused on the dilapidated room. It was bare, the only furniture being the chair. The wooden floor was littered with waste composed of cigarette butts, empty soda cans, torn clothing and food wrappers. It surprised her that it didn't smell as bad as it looked.A splitting headache assaulted her when she tried to remember how she got in the room. One thing was clear, she'd been drugged and kidnapped. But why? She yearned for a bed, to lay her head on a soft pillow and drift off to sleep. She had never felt this uncomfortable.A man came into the room, wearing a black mask. He was tall and had lean muscles. He wore all black clothing and carried a stool. Liana watched him put the stool down and close the door. Picking it up, he went
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Gina sat on top of the hill, breathing hard from the climb. She smiled, enjoying the feel of the wind against her face. She was finally at peace. People had not stopped asking about Liana since morning. It had began with her mother who inquired when she came to wake her up. Gina had lied, saying Liana had gone to see her parents and resolved to tell that to anyone who asked. Liana had been living with Gina's family since her parents opened up their medical practice in a remote area that didn't have a college. She regretted having gone to college that day. She'd lied to so many people including her friends and teachers. What if Liana turned up dead? She'd be the first suspect.She shook her head, not wanting to think of that possibility. Liana was alive, probably kept captive somewhere. In the small town where she knew everybody, she didn't know where to start or who to suspect. Everyone behaved normally. Her head was killing her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought of
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Excessive worrying
The dim lamp cast a small glow allover the dark room. Liana ate slowly, occasionally looking at the gun in the man's hand. He let her eat in peace provided she didn't scream. She obeyed, knowing that one wrong move could end her life. She had so much to live for and did not want to die because of Gina's stupid hobby or whatever disorder it was."I talked to your friend, today." He said, playing with his gun. It seemed he had used it for to many times he wasn't scared of it. "I offered to get you back home. All she needs to do is kill Cole Miller. Easy right?"Liana gasped. "Easy for a psycho like you. How dare you tell my friend to do something like that?""You and I had a deal.""You haven't told me the particulars so it's not a deal yet," she insisted. He couldn't just decide they had a dealer when she had no idea what it was about."I thought it was clear," he said. "We both unite in revenge against our common enemy.""Gina is not my enem
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Don't do it
Gina held the sharp knife in front of her face, thinking of the moment she'd have to plunge it into Cole's chest. Hellen, a friend of hers walked into the kitchen and opened the cupboard, pulling out a box of biscuits which she proceeded to open."Don't do it, Gina." Hellen said, eating a biscuit. She was the only person Gina had confided in. Now she was beginning to realize it may have been a mistake to confide in her."I either kill Cole or Liana dies and I'll go to jail," Gina said, putting the knife back on the rack. "I don't want to go to jail. Who knows how many years they'll keep me imprisoned? I have a life to live and I'll not give it up because of Cole. Besides, that man is going to kill him, anyway."Hellen shook her head."I know you, Gina. You're not a murderer and will never be able to live with it."Gina knew Hellen was right but she was scared. She had to save Liana by all means. And if the police ever found out about all the keys she'd obt
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"Rip Cole" was everywhere. The man had shown her everything using his phone. Liana was still to believe that Gina had gone ahead and killed Cole. She'd known Gina since she was a child and they'd always been so close, like peas in a pod. There was no way Gina had turned into murderer overnight."You know I've always thought she was just a common thief," The man said, looking at Liana. He was seated on a chair placed right in front of her. He had removed his mask but she didn't recognize him. He was not a native of her little town. "I can't believe she'd kill someone who'd never done anything wrong to her. She's one cold hearted girl."Liana wanted to tell him to shut up but he'd put duct tape over her lips. It was all his fault therefore he had no right to judge Gina. He had pushed her against the wall. What did he expect her to do when he was keeping her best friend hostage. Gina had chosen to save her over Cole. It didn't make her happy that a man had been murdered t
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Follow me
I'm telling you I didn't do it," Gina said. Hellen stood up and went to the window. "Then who did?" She asked, smoothing the dark maroon curtain. "I don't know. I think it's that guy. He set me up and now he's not answering my calls. I don't know what to do."Hellen came and sat next to Gina on the bed. She snaked her left arm around Gina. "You should go to the police. Tell them everything so they can catch this guy before he destroys your life.""You know I can't do that," Gina said, wiping her tears with a blue t-shirt. Her head was aching so much from confusion and excessive worrying. Besides that, she hadn't been getting enough sleep. "It could cause a lot of complications, for instance me being a suspect. I just wish that moron could just let Liana go like he promised. We had a deal but he has refused to honor it.""This guy is very dangerous. You have to report him, unless you're the one who actually killed Cole. If you're innocen
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The siblings
The town was quite small and the three siblings were outside the biggest supermarket in it. They were in a car coming up with a plan as they had been watching the supermarket for three days and they'd mastered the workers' routines. The only problem so far was the skinny girl and her friend who were always patrolling the supermarket. It seemed they were after something in particular and the siblings hadn't figured it out yet."How doesn't anyone in this town notice that these girls are acting weird?" The girl, Kyla asked her brothers."They're quite pretty with innocent faces," Ned, the eldest said from the driver's seat. "If they weren't half as good looking, everyone would think they're creepy. They're also very average in terms of dressing and everything.""I'm going to see what they're up to," Mark said when the girls went inside the supermarket. He got out of the back seat and followed the girls. On entering, he saw the skinny one removing keys
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Life is useless
Liana was tired of staring at the walls. It had been so long since she'd been outside. How she wished she could breath in fresh air and not the damp murky air in the room? She'd not wanted to dwell on the fact that her dilemma was mostly Gina's fault but now it was impossible to ignore it. She thought about Gina all the time and regretted doing so many things with her. She'd cursed the day they met countless times even though it didn't make her feel better.  Liana's mother had came into the room when she was unpacking.  "We have to go now," she said. "You'll finish unpacking later." Liana had relunctantly followed her mother and her father drove them to meet the Breya family. Liana's parents had been friends with The Breyas for a long time. After hearing about Gina Breya and how amazing she was, Liana had been curious to meet her though she did not feel in the mood for making friends. She just had to meet her and move on her life. She needed to make
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The interrogation
It was already dark when Gina and the officer who'd introduced himself as Barnes reached the police station. Most of the officers had left so there were only two cars parked outside. As Gina got out of the car, she saw a boy called Rory standing outside the court building which was opposite the police station. He smiled and Gina turned away. Everything about him had annoyed her. He was in sophomore year in another college and claimed to be in love with her. Even though she'd turned him down countless times, he still kept talking about how she was all he wanted. It seemed like turning him down made her more desirable to him. She was tired of having to tell him the same things over and over again.Detective Barnes led the way up the outdoor stairs into the station. At the door, Gina turned to see Rory who was now typing on his phone. She was becoming a little bit suspicious of him."Have a seat, Miss Breya." Barnes indicated a couch and went to one of the inner off
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