Vampire's Alpha lover

Vampire's Alpha lover

By:  Godwin Hosanna Aga  Ongoing
Language: English
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Twenty-five years ago, a part of her died... Her father, Grendel Wythorn, is the second-in-command to the twenty-two fanged kingdoms–an indomitable clan of vampires. Grendel Wythorn thirsts for power, and to quench his raging desire—he engaged his daughter to the newly sworn in Shadow emperor—Mark Valtimore. She thought all would be well. At first, it was, until the past loomed in, taking the form of a werewolf alpha. And now, she must fight the face beneath the mask. She is... Erin Grendel, the heiress to the Nebramos kingdom and protector of her family's Faberge!

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Alor Stephanie
I love the writer and her books sooo much Hope to see more books from you...️...️
2023-08-02 00:41:59
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"Chin up, chest out, and eyes forward!" Her mother held her head, preparing her for a Mark and Erin time. "We don't want him thinking you're not woman enough to be his wife."Erin resisted the roll of her eyes and listened to her Yap about womanly duties. "You know how much your father wants this and it'll upset him to see you're trying to drive Mark away." She explained.The girl sighed, slouching a bit and looking down at the dining table. "Mother, why can't I just be myself and maybe, just maybe-""No maybes in the Grendel's family, it's either a yes or a no. No in-betweens." She held her head once again and raised it. "Chest out."Erin complied, sitting like a robot."We've had some closure already and he loves me… Do I still need to act perfect, you know this is not me… I crave dominance, I am the Faberge's protector and-""Hush!" The queen pressed her index finger to her cherry-red lips and threw a furtive glance around the dining room before pulling her finger away. "No one m
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The play was over, and Mark insisted they walked halfway home since she enjoyed long walks. The wind blew, gently caressing Erin's open chest and frolicking with the strands of hair that lay lazily on her forehead. The almost full moon shined down on the Nebramos kingdom, giving light to the walkers who lingered on the streets. Erin swept her gazes over the stone houses they walked past and noticed how everyone bowed down to greet both of them. Guards trailed behind the two with hard jawlines enough to break through bricks. "Blood Bag for your thoughts?" His voice drove the silence away, and she looked to the side, taking in his greek-god features."I heard shadow emperors are very powerful and capable of reading thoughts. Why don't you tell me what's on my mind?" Erin arched a brow, twitching her lips into a teasing smile that stretched her button nose, making it appear wider. "Hmm…" Mark glimpsed at her face and returned his eyes forward. "You're just soaking in the moment and… I
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Duncan MirthornThe siren went off, almost rendering the villagers deaf as it resonated through the air and alerted them of some danger. They soon began to latch their doors and windows to keep themselves and their families safe.The hair on his nape stood like they were being propelled by a magnetic force, one that caused goosebumps to devour the entire skin of his arms and he glanced up from his smartphone, staring into nothingness as his throat slowly turned into a desert.There's an intruder. His wolf alerted him and he sprang up to his feet, squinting his eyes down the hilltop in an attempt to get sight of what was happening. From afar, he made out a tiny figure running into the forest and weaving through tall trees and thick bushes. Behind the figure were angry wolves who would stop at nothing to rip this person into pieces. The wind slapped Duncan right in the face, carrying a strong smell of blood, a different kind that wasn't meant to be found anywhere near the Kresdian kin
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Erin NightwindOn a night like this, it was expected of the town to be filled with serenity and quietude but when the ear-splitting scream of a young girl tore the veil of silence, her eyes snapped open from her slumber and her senses heightened. She sniffed the air in her bat form, hanging upside down her favorite cave as she unfolded her flexible thin membrane and launched into the air, flapping her wings in the direction of where she heard the terrifying screams. The wind rushed into her lungs, carrying a smell of mischief and-was that lust? She grunted in distaste and disappointment at the love birds she could sniff from afar, she thought a poor girl was in danger.Glancing up for the time, there was a red display of numbers in digital form amidst the celestial occupants of the blue sky–It was seven fifty pm, she still had time to surf around before their royal family movie time. Her eyes rolled skyward and she settled on a tree, taking the position of a wise owl by observing the
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Erin drifted her gaze to the hand around her ankle and grunted, rapidly risking a glance at the approaching wolves-they seemed like a battalion of armies racing into a battlefield and her heartbeat sped even faster than them. She needed to transform into her shroud so she could flee the territory. The sharp pain in her ankle brought her attention back to the naked man clasping her ankle with all his might. "Let go of me, bastard!" She snapped, throwing a kick in the air to free herself from his shackle-like hold, but he didn't budge. Instead, he growled, his eyes rapidly turning into two peas of midnight blue, burning with hatred. Hair slowly germinated on his skin, and his fingers turned to claws, sinking into her flesh, causing immense pain to her body-she shrieked, vibrating and taking in shaky breathsErin used her free leg to kick him in the face, and once he released her ankle and fell on his back, she spun. With pain crippling her left leg, she transformed into a bat and atte
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Impossible. She thought with a slight shake of her head in disbelief that he was the one here. She gulped, thrusting out her tongue to moisten her swollen and wounded lips-they stung and she suppressed a shudder as she managed to rise to her feet. Why wasn't she healing? His bottle-green eyes held concern in them as he occasionally parted and connected his lips that were gracefully seated above a Greek nose. I thought I saw him die. She thought.Her throat dried up like a desert and she pushed down a ball of saliva that hurt the walls of her parched throat, and she disconnected her lips to say, "Darcy?""My-my name is Duncan." He stammered, confusion laced in his voice. "What is yours?""Erin." It came out like a whisper and her insides churned. The world did a three-sixty and so did Duncan. She placed her palm on the tree for support as her vision clouded and her knees buckled. Unexpectedly, her legs gave up and she fell into complete darkness. ****Erin snapped her eyes open in t
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"Nothing." Lara composed herself and straightened her dress, pushing loose strands of hair into her bun as her eyes glittered with mischief.Duncan grunted, taking one last look at his room and making a mental note to fold the heap of clothes gushing out of his wardrobe. Well, his maid would do that anyway."What took you so long?" Lara asked, hands akimbo with her inquisitive eyes raking him from head to toe.Duncan threw his gaze to the deep cherry hallway and cleared his throat, feeling a tingly sensation on his skin as he felt like she could see what he had done. "I just got out of the shower." He lied, pinching his lips into a grim line and walking ahead of her. Noticing she wasn't trailing behind him, he glanced over his shoulder and saw her pushing her head into his room like a peeping tom."Lara!" He raised his voice a notch, scowling at her. She snapped her head in his direction and beamed. The elastic around her hair fell out and her ebony locks fell in waves down her bac
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Erin Nightwind The moment she flew through her open window, she transformed back into her human form and pulled down the window to latch it. Having done that, she rested her elbows on the white sill and gazed into the sky, wondering what the unknown had in store for her. The time suddenly appeared in the sky and the cold breeze from her other open window frolicked around her buttocks, making her realize she was naked, bringing her out of the void her head had created–her eyes widened. She didn't have time to get tangled in her web of thoughts. She needed to be at the dining table."Thankfully, no one came to shut my window. How would I have explained the wounds that refused to heal, or how would I tell Father I had left the kingdom?" Erin asked no one in particular, swinging around and almost getting a heart attack when she met grey inquisitive eyes."Where have you been?" She pushed up her perfectly carved brows and tilted her head. "Hey, sis." Erin managed a shaky smile, crossing
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"Duncan," She muttered under her breath, recalling his name with her eyes still fixed on the meat. "You haven't had anything since we started dinner." His voice sent chills down her spine, but not in a good way, dragging her out of her reverie. "Aren't you hungry?"Erin shrugged, refraining from taking her eyes higher to meet his face. Her stomach tied itself into knots and grumbled. "You are," He replied himself under his breath and pushed his leg so it could touch hers once again. Erin chanced a glance at his inquisitive honey browns, and a line formed over her brows disapprovingly at him. He returned to his meal, shoulders drooping in disappointment at her silence. She didn't want him, why didn't her parents get it?"Maybe I shouldn't have said what I said earlier knowing how much he meant to you," Mark stated, referring to their argument. "It's fine," Erin crisped. "What is wrong with you?" Lola nudged her ribs, and she swallowed a yelp, boring a hole into Lola's head. "I sa
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Erin glanced around furtively, avoiding his gaze, using her hand to feel around the counter for something that would be of help to her. Maybe a dagger would do. "I-I don't know." She shook her head once again, and his hand fell off her chin. "How about I show you?" He slurred, looking dreamily below her nose and running a red tongue over his thin lips."What?" Erin frowned, grabbing an apple. He leaned in, biting his lips and leaving them slightly apart. The moment their lips were a whisper away, she shoved the apple at his mouth, and he paused mid-action."Have an apple." She rushed over her words as she stepped away from him and clutched her stomach. "I have to go, my stomach aches, ouch!" She spun and took hasty steps towards the door. "Wait," He called out to her, and she pulled up short at the doorway, shutting her eyes for a split second, "Could you show me to the restroom?" She stifled a groan and glanced over her shoulder, "Sure." She managed a small smile and led the w
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