Dinner disaster

After Alexander left, I looked through the clothes for at least 15 minutes or more before a frustrated sigh escaped through my lips. Although they are the trending fashion style, almost all these clothes were too revealing or short. Not that I mind wearing short clothes or anything but when you're living in a household full of blood-thirsty, horny vampires then yes, I do mind. With a soft grumble, I grabbed a white, ripped, high-waisted short with a blue tank top and white cardigan, finally giving in.

  I decided that the cardigan was just to conceal my bare arms. As soon as I was done, I rushed to the bathroom to take a shower. I was relieved to finally be able to get out of this tight and sweaty dress I am still wearing. I hated wearing this.

  As soon as I stepped into the bathtub , my body melted inside the water. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths before biting the inside of my cheeks to force myself from breaking down again. It's been such a long night so why can't it end already?

  “I hate this." I murmured out loud this time. After taking a good, long, hot bath, I decided to come out. I knew that staying in for too long will only absorb me into my own thoughts, resulting in me crying all over again. Funny how a weakling like myself is trying so hard to stay strong but failing miserably so far. I wore my new clothes and brushed my hair a few times when a sudden knock on the door caused me to jump up from my position.

  "C-come in." I said softly and the door opened to reveal an unfamiliar, male face. “My name's Franklin, nice to meet you!" he greeted, bolting up to me in high speed and I gasped when I found one of his arm already wrapped around my waist while the other having a firm grip on my wrist as he pulled them closer to his ears, causing me to inch forward.

  "Wa-wait, what are you-"

  “Such a cute one, what's your name?" he asked softly, completely ignoring my resistance as I tried to lean away from his face which was only closing in more and more.

  “Don't be so rude!" I heard another familiar voice, Franklin was ripped from my body and pushed away. I watch him stumble backwards because the next thing I knew, my hand was taken a hold off by another guy, who was now bending down on one knee before placing a soft kiss on the back of my palms, taking me by surprise as I blushed slightly.

  “ David, pleasure to be at your service." he stated softly, parting his lips from my skin and I pulled away before taking a step back.

  “Screw you, look who's flirting now!" I heard Franklin snap as he stood up straight and I studied them both, my eyes darting from one to another. Were they here to feed on me?

  "P-please leave." I managed to choke out and I watched them both narrow their eyes before exchanging glances.

  “We're here to escort you to the dinner room." David stated, ruffling up his thick brown hair a bit and I looked up to meet his blue eyes. Can I trust them? What if this was a trick to lure me in to the feeding room or worse, what if they were planning to rape me? That wouldn't be surprising either.

  "I'm not going.” I concluded . David simply raised a brow as Franklin chuckled.

  “Why not?" he asked softly, shooting up his eyebrows and I hung my head, fiddling with my fingers. "Because I don't trust you." I stated truthfully and they both rolled their eyes at my “pathetic” response.

  "You're the only one protesting us. The other girls were friendly and so much sweeter." David grimaced as Franklin agreed.

  “ so, please leave." I raised my voice, trying to keep up the brave act. Just seeing their face makes me to want to crawl under the earth. I don't know why, but vampires made me feel sick to the very core. It's obvious that they were using their charms and good looks to lure in all humans and use them as their personal blood bag.

  “Oh come on, you're already late!" David complained, bolting up towards me and picking me up in his arms, causing me to gasp.

  “What are you doing?! Have you lost your-" before I could finish, my head started to spin for a few seconds before it came to a sudden halt and as soon as my eyes came to focus, I realized that I was in another room. No, not just any room. It was definitely the dining room.

  “Ridiculous. She even has to be forced to attend the dinner?" I heard one of the girls voice as David placed me down.

  "Ignore her Diana." Kristen said, holding the girl's shoulder to "calm" her down. They were now sitting at the dinner table and my eyes widened when I realized that all vampires were now sitting in their chairs as well, their eyes on me as I squirmed in my position uncomfortably. You ever go up to the stage and get stage fright when you see a bunch of people staring at you? Yeah well, this was a million times worse.

  “Go sit.” I heard Alexander's voice and I gasped before turning to face him. He walked past me and sat at the very end of the table before several butlers walked in, holding the plates of food and bottles of wine. With a pounding heart, I rushed to take the remaining seat, which “luckily" for me, was right next to Alexander. The dinner began shortly and everyone was now chatting and getting to "know" each other while I just stared at my plate, my eyes glued to the food the entire time.

  "Why's she being so quiet?" I heard a male voice and before long, all attention was drawn towards me again, making me shrink in my seat. Why can't they just ignore my existence and leave me alone, just for tonight?

  “Who knows." I heard Alexander's voice and I glanced at him, knowing that he didn't like to be ignored or disrespected. I should at least acknowledge his existence. He was now resting his elbow on the table, his chin placed on his palms lazily while the other hand rested on the table, his gaze firmly set on my face and I gulped softly before averting my gaze.

  "She's so boring!" I heard another girl whine and some of the males chuckled while the rest remained silent, studying my every actions.

  “I'm sorry." I managed to choke out and the males cooed at my sudden words.

  "Well, isn't that lovely. It talks.” Alexander taunted and I bit my bottom lip, tears streaming in my eyes as the males chuckled while the girls giggled at his joke.

  "She's just shy." I heard David say. "I'm not shy, I'm scared!" my inner voice shot back at him.

  "She'll get used to it." Joey agreed, tilting his head to a side before grinning at me.

  “I don't want to get used to it!" my thoughts retorted.

  “Yeah, she'll come to adore and love us soon!" Franklin said in an ignorant tone, which pricked my nerves more than it should.

  “I hate you all and that's never going to change!" I screamed in my head, blinking away the tears and standing up from my position.

  "I'm done." I said and about to start leaving when Alexander's voice caused me to freeze.

  “And exactly who, gave you permission to leave?" he demanded. I nibbled on my bottom lip before turning to look at him, his blur eyes penetrating into my brown ones as I stood silently.

  “That's what I fucking thought." he said softly as I sat back down and everyone cleared their throat before continuing their conversation.

  “My parents-" I started, looking at Alexander and he stopped to take a sip from his wine. “May I please talk to them?" I asked softly and he took another sip painfully slow causing my anxiety more.

  "No," he stated bluntly, not even bothering to look at me. “They don't want to talk to you anyways.” he muttered under his breath. I stared at him in shock.

  "That's not true." I protested, tears welling in my eyes again as I tried to keep myself together.

  “Really?" he asked, sarcasm clearly evident in his voice as he placed his hands on the table before leaning forward.

  “Because they were begging me to make sure you were never able to contact them ever again.” he finished with a soft, cruel chuckle and everyone else joined him, causing anger to bubble up inside me.

  “That's not true, you're lying!" I argued, standing up from my seat and he simply chuckled again .

  “But then again, even parents wouldn't want to keep a pathetic girl in the house to-" before he could finish, my hands involuntarily grabbed the nearest glass of wine before throwing it on his face, it spilled all over his shirt and face. Gasps filled the room and my hands immediately started to tremble when I realized what I had just done.

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