My new room

 I looked at Alexander who is still fuming with anger and hide it well in front of the crowd. He leaned a little towards me while his arm wrapped around my waist and greeted them.

  I feel disgusted with him touching me even if it's only for a pretence. I sighed in relief only when he left me alone.

  The crowd applauded and cheered him on as he walked out. The girls Kristen, Hanna and Diana are all smiles as if they have won a lottery when they're staying as Joey is indecisive. Me and Elena are struck here until we die. I have to escape from here soon.

  Looking at the people crazily swooning over these vampires makes me think that I am the only one that doesn't want to get chosen. Yet I got chosen. Blame it on my stars.

  " Well, that's it for the day. Alexander is a man of a few words and he said it straight away. " Tommy chuckled as the crowd erupts into joy and cheer him on.

  Nobody said anything about his angry behavior. That's why Vampires do whatever they please with us, humans.

  " enjoy the day. Help yourself " An unfamiliar voice said as the crowd started disappearing to banquet Hall. Some stop to congratulate the girls but noone came to me which is understandable. It doesn't bother me much .  I looked for Elena but she's nowhere to be seen.

  I wasn't flattered when he chose me and I certainly will continue to feel this way. I wasn't honored to be able to attend this ceremony. The only thing I felt and still feel is helpless. What if I hid in a safe place as soon as I entered, like I had planned to for the past two weeks?

  What if vampires didn't exist in the first place? What if I was stuck at one age without turning 18? Would things have turned out differently then?

  Hopeless questions kept pouring into my head and I closed my eyes shut before opening them and taking a deep breath, knowing that there was no use to get

  worked up anymore. What's done is done, now I have to figure out a way to escape without getting caught.

  I glanced at Alexander and my eyes widened when I caught him staring at me, causing me to quickly avert my gaze back on the marble floor, my hands and body still shaking from everything that just happened.

  "I'll never return to my normal life" the first thought that popped into my head made me feel worse and I bit my bottom lip, trying my very best to keep on my expressionless mask as I straightened my posture. I can't anger him any more than I have.

  The ceremony ended after half an hour or less and I watched everyone walk out of the room, leaving only us five girls and the vampires, who were now grinning at us. I had to admit, they were all good looking but luckily, I wasn't the type to get fazed by people's looks. It

  takes more than just a good looking body or face.

  You've got to have the heart and the soul to go with it. And vampires? They didn't have a soul or heart to begin with.

  After the ceremony, " If you don't want to be chosen, why you came here?" Alexander asked angrily while holding me close forcing to look into his eyes. " Tell me now" His voice thundered in my ears.

  “I was forced to attend the ceremony." my eyes widened at my own words and it shocked me that I wasn't able to control them. That wasn't the response I wanted to say.

  “It's nice to tell the truth for once, huh?” he asked softly, his eyes growing a shade darker as he released me from his grip.

  “No way.he compelled her?" I heard the girls whispered among themselves and that's when I realized what he had just done.

  Vampires are famous for their power of compulsion, one of the many powers they possessed and it was then when it hit me that at the very least, I wouldn't even be able to get away with a simple lie.

  "She's not here on her own will. Yet she's chosen." I heard Kristen hiss and I bit my bottom lip at her obvious statement.

  “Perhaps you're all getting the wrong idea here,” Alexander started in a cold voice, slipping his hands inside his pockets before frowning down at the three girls.

  “None of you are fit to be my keeper and will never meet my expectations. The only reason why I let you girls with this ceremony is to please my brothers. Your job is to entertain them, not me. I have no interest in pathetic and weak humans like yourselves unless." he trailed away, lingering his eyes around me before a sadistic smirk appeared on his face, causing me to flinch.

  "You're willing to fulfill my hunger."

  I glared at him as belittle them. In case he forgot, I am one among them. I walked towards my room when he stops me.

  " Your room is changed, Katarina . I will show you. " He dragged me with him leaving the girls with Joey and his step brothers David and Franklin. David just started at him helplessly.

  "Your room.” Alexander confirmed, opening a door to reveal a spacious and luxurious room with vintage furniture. The first thing that I noticed in my new bedroom is the large window that seemed like the perfect way out for me to escape this god-forsaken mansion. Everything was in black, including the painted walls and the luxurious chandelier that hung over my king sized bed. The bed, however, was neatly wrapped up with a warm, peach colored blanket with at least five pillows surrounding the headboard. As I stood gawking at my new room, I heard him 'tsk' before giving me a slight push inside, sending me stumbling forward. I swiftly turned around and stood up straight before regaining my posture, realizing that I was still in a mansion full of blood-thirsty vampires. There was no time to admire or gloat over my new bedroom.

  “Your luggage only has the basic necessities, the clothes are provided by me which is inside that wardrobe," he said, pointing his finger to a huge wardrobe that stood near at the very corner of the room, next to a door, which I assume is the toilet. “Dinner will be ready soon, eat if you want and"

  "No thank you, I'm not hungry." I cut him off, earning a glare from him and I quickly hung my head.

  "Scratch that, you don't have a choice.” he corrected, his tone remaining harsh and rude, and I slowly nodded, praying he would leave already so that I can at least take a shower and strip off this gown. “By midnight, you're going downstairs where my brothers and Me will be waiting for you all.” he instructed, causing a shiver down my spine. What's that supposed to mean?

  "You're going to-"

  “What's that supposed to mean?" I cut him off again and this time, he took a step forward, clearly irritated with the fact that I was interrupting him and I bit my bottom lip to shut myself.

  “Last chance barbie, don't interrupt when I'm talking.” he warned and I nodded obediently, not even the least bit bothered with the new pet name I just received.

  "You're going to please them until I return." he finished his sentence and my jaws dropped open at his words.

  "You-you mean..."

  “Yes, let them feed on you.” he cut me off with no emotion in his voice, not to mention the fact that his face remained unfazed from him own words. How could he be so disgusting and cruel? Forced to be his keeper was one thing but in the meantime, I have to please his sick brothers as well?

  "Okay." I lied, turning away and I heard the door close shut before he disappeared, another power that the vampires possessed. High speed. As soon as he left, I walked over to the wardrobe before opening it and staring in awe. Clothes filled the entire closet and on the bottom of the wardrobe, were a line of shoes and slippers. I opened two drawers and blushed furiously upon seeing the undergarments. He sure had everything planned and ready within a few hours. Was he planning to win me over with clothes and food?

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