“Why did you that for?!” he yelled, slamming his hands on the table and shooting up from his seat before I looked up at meet his glare.

  “You-you went too dragged my parents.." I barely choked out, trying to defend my actions.everyone was silent,

  not even bothering to help me out.

  "You like getting on my nerves, aren't you, Barbie?" he asked, his eyes raging with anger as he held the empty bottle that I was  holding as well. “Perhaps you're forgetting where you're!" he spat harshly .

  “Maybe I should remind you?" he asked, he said icily and I gasped when he suddenly ripped the glass from my grip

  before turning around and hurling it to the nearest wall.  I watched in shock as it shattered into a million pieces.

  “I'm sorry-" I quickly choked out though I knew that a mere apology wasn't enough to calm down a arrogant ill-tempered


  “Should I make you  end your pathetic life here and now?" he asked, roughly clutching my wrist and bringing himself closer. My eyes widened as I bit my quivering bottom lip to stop myself from shaking before I shook my head as I tried to fight back my tears. Something flashed in his eyes but it left as soon as it appeared . when I am about to open my mouth ,David's voice echoed through the silent room.

  “Let's not do anything hasty. It's just her first day, Alex. She apologized, I'm sure it won't happen again, right Katarina?" David asked and for the first time ever since I entered this palace,I smiled as I mouthed “thank you" at him before Alexander's intense gaze returned from David and back to me.

  “Yes!" I said quickly . Alexander gave me a very cold look before releasing my trembling hands and move back. 4He disappeared out of the room and I took in a shaky breath, brushing away a few tears that had fallen down on my cheeks. Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? I understand that there

  are consequences to every bad deed but what have I done so wrong in my past life to deserve any of this?

  "You should go have some rest." David suggested and without further questions, I turned around and bolted out of

  the room. I didn't exactly know where I was going but I passed the hallway before meeting up the spiral staircase.

  Normally, I would I have used this chance to make a run for it but I've already caused enough trouble for the night. I jogged my way up the stairs, turned to my left and straddled along the long hallway before I noticed a familiar door. My room. I found myself bursting inside as I rushed towards the bed before plopping on it, tears rolling down my

  cheeks as soon as I rested my head on the soft pillow.

  "I hate this, I fucking hate this!" I cried, bringing a pillow to cover my face before muffling out a scream.

  "I'll escape, no matter what. There is no way I'm staying here!" I assured myself, brushing away my tears and

  swallowing down another sob.

  "I just have to come up with a good plan."

  The next day,

  I opened my eyes  and sat up straight, darting my eyes around the room as I tried to remember everything that happened last night.

  "That's right, I was chosen." I murmured to myself before clutching the pillow close to my lips. "Did I fall asleep ?" I wondered, getting out of bed and into the bathroom. After washing my face and

  taking a quick shower, I headed up to the wardrobe, opening it and picking out a casual summer dress. As soon as I wore them, someone knocked on the door and before I could give them permission to come in, the door flew open and in

  came the girls, each one of them wearing a stunning outfit with matching heels.

  "Come downstairs to eat." Kristen said, and I slowly nodded before grabbing the black slippers, quickly slipping them on.

  “hanna, go tell them we'd be down there soon.” she instructed and one of the girls nodded obediently before rushing out of the room. Normally, I would have at least said something back but I figured that although they can't see it yet, we're all in this together and at the end of the day, we need each other to survive here.

  "You missed the event last night." Diana sneered as I tied my hair into a ponytail and I looked at her in confusion.

  "Did something happen later? Because-" I paused when I noticed the bandage on the girl's neck as they rolled their eyes. My eyes widened and I stared at them in disbelief.

  "You let them...?" I trailed away when Hanna  came to me, flipping her hair to a side as she cleared her throat.

  “You didn't even showed up. They were all expecting us last night. " She said but her words seemed unclear to me as

  I reached to touch her neck. She scowled, making a disgust look as she took a step back and I couldn't help but feel sorry for this poor soul.

  “Does it hurt? It must have hurt" I stated softly, and I heard the three of them scoff before Kristen walked up to me.

  "Not everyone is a cry baby like you. Stop pitying us and worry about yourself!" she stated, raising her voice and I stared at her in surprise. "I don't know why Alex even bothered to give you a chance." she finished, giving my shoulders a hard push as I stumbled backwards.

  "Is there something wrong?" a voice interrupted us and we all turned to look at a vampire.

  "David!" The three girls said together and I looked up to meet his gaze as he smiled at me and then at the girls.

  “We were just inviting her for breakfast.” Kristen lied and I didn't bother to fight back. I don't want to cause any trouble. I watched David nod before averting my

  gaze back on the floor, hoping he would leave us alone.

  “Am I the only one who didn't let them drink my blood yet? What if I'm next?" my thoughts started to bubble up and I was about to turn around when Diana grabbed my hand.

  "Let's go,” she said in a sickly sweet voice as I faked a smile before shaking my head.

  “Oh, don't be so difficult, you'll get used to it.” she said clutching my wrist roughly as it hurt and I was about to swat them away when she started dragging me out of the room.

  “How come you didn't show up last night?" I heard David ask before Diana and me came to a halt in the hallway. We both turned to face him and I fidgeted nervously.

  "I-I fell asleep." I stammered a little and he simply nodded with a warm smile, which made me feel a little better. Maybe this guy wasn't so bad?

  “Now go eat.” he smiled and I was about to say something when Diana started dragging me again.

  As the girls guided me into living room, I noticed Franklin and Joey sitting on a sofa, next to David as they all talked and joked around.

  " Eat." I hear David say before pointing

  to a small coffee table full of muffins and pastries. I didn't even bother to smile or utter a word. I stood still in my position before a hand grabbed my wrist and started dragging me towards the sofa.

  “No, I'm not hungry.” I said, jerking my hand away and Joey turned to look at me before sighing.

  “I get that you're uncomfortable but at least eat something.” he said softly .I shook my head, glancing at the girls and then the guys, who were now

  staring at me. I noticed that Alexander is missing and it relieved me beyond words. but A lot more vampires are present here.

  "Just have something." he insisted and I gave him a quick look before rushing towards the table and grabbing a chocolate muffin. As soon as I took a bite,

  took a few steps back, making sure to keep a safe distance between me and the vampires which didn't seem to please some of them.

  Kristen walked up to a random guy and sitting on his lap while the other girls followed her lead, doing the exact same thing. Usually, I would have gagged in disgust but I was worried for them. What if they decide to feed on them again?

  "Come sit.” David called but I shook my


  “You don't have a choice." I heard another guy say before he bolted up to me, grabbing my hands and

  jerking me towards him. I immediately tried to brush him away when he glared at me, causing a shiver down my spine.

  "Danny, go easy on her. She's just shy." I heard Joey say and I quickly used this chance to jerk myself away from him.

  "For how long? ” he snapped, rolling his eyes.

  “Just leave her be for now.” another guy muttered as I stood before them biting the inside of my cheeks.

  “She's going to let us taste her sooner or later," I heard Danny say, causing goosebumps all over my body.

  “Maybe it's about time ." I hear someone say before Danny grabbed my hands again.  I gasped before shaking my head.

  "Stop! Let me go!" I yelled, trying to jerk his hands away  but he was a lot stronger. A whimper escaped through my lips as I struggled to free myself.

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