Chapter 3168

Ivy blushed. "I didn't play games before because my studies were so demanding. Now that I've graduated, I can learn to play."

"There's no need to learn such a thing. Playing games is a waste of time," Hayden remarked.

Ivy remained silent, and Lucas wondered if Hayden was picking on him.

Shelly gently squeezed Hayden's hand, reminding him that he was being a bit harsh.

"Well, playing games occasionally can be good," Shelly intervened. "It helps you relax. Although I don't play complex games, I enjoy simple ones, like matching and card games."

Lucas managed a polite smile. He did not know how to respond or what to say because the games he was developing were nothing like what Shelly was describing.

There seemed no way for him to continue the conversation with three people who did not play games.

"Lucas, even though we don't understand games, I believe you can do well," Ivy encouraged.

"Should we talk about something else?" Lucas suggested.

Shelly laughed, breaking the t
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