When Love Happens

When Love Happens

By:  Xavier Mariah  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sofia Cortez, a college graduate who is content with her ordinary life gets entangled with Gustavo Alvarez a billionaire, who owns a chain of businesses all across Mexico. Sofia Cortez first encounter with Gustavo Alvarez made her know he was the one for her, even though it was the most embarrassing encounter. Gustavo Alvarez on the other hand didn’t want to accept the fact that he finds the “ordinary” Sofia Cortez attractive, as he denied that he does not have interest in her. Fate brings them together and they decide to explore the love they have for each other, irrespective of their family backgrounds. With the knowledge of both families they get to find out the hidden secrets both family share. The once blossoming love and romance began to wither. Will Sofia Cortez and Gustavo Alvarez ignore their family differences and fight for the genuine love they both share?

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A very nice piece, keep it up
2023-10-24 18:22:23
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Enenwali Mariah
Beautiful ...
2023-10-24 08:54:33
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2023-10-06 23:13:06
user avatar
Good start ...️
2023-10-06 20:46:26
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Nedu Onwuorah
Nice Book, loving the story line
2023-09-28 05:47:02
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I love the story and the standard top notch
2023-09-28 05:12:56
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Xavier Mariah
Thank you lovelies as you read my book and drop your sincere reviews....
2023-09-22 00:03:54
27 Chapters
Chapter One
It was a busy Monday morning, the sky was clear, and no sign of rain was in sight. As it had rained cat and dog the previous week. Everyone was going about their business as it was the first day of the week, and the traffic was frustrating to those on their way to their respective offices. The case was not the same for Sofia Cortez as she was just laid off from her place of work.“Like I said we can’t keep you here anymore, I’m only letting you go without involving external forces because of the friendship I share with your father,” said Mrs. Bortlen the manager of Haute House Boutique.“No! You are only letting me go because the CCTV cameras here don’t function” Sofia fired back angrily pointing to the faulty cameras that stared blankly at her.“Sofia, don’t cause a scene here, take the letter and leave, please,” Mrs. Bortlen said softly as she picked up the letter from her desk and handed it to Sofia.“Sofia, let’s leave, There’s nothing you can do, their minds are made up,” Camill
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Chapter Two
Sofia went back home with mixed emotions. She felt she was cursed, this was the only job she was able to get and now she had lost it and now she was without a job.She lived with her father David Cortez who owned a farm in the countryside. Her mother died when she was Ten years old leaving her with just her father. She could barely remember what the cause of death was, and when she asked her father he said she was sick and died.She missed her mother so much and wished she was alive to comfort her. The thoughts of Gustavo insulting her parents made her cry because he insulted her dead mother.She went to her room and took out her old laptop from the drawer. She plugged the laptop and typed in his name on the search bar.His name popped up and she smiled, she looked through his pictures and appreciated the way he dressed and how good-looking he looked in those pictures.She could remember vividly what he was wearing when they collided, his suit was from Kiton K50, and his shoes were T
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Chapter Three
Supporting her dad was her main goal, but due to the system of the country, she found it difficult to accomplish that goal.She was still sorting out her clothes when she heard a voice call out her name.“Sophy!” the voice called out again.She quickly abandoned the clothes she was sorting to go check who was calling out her name, she opened the door and it was her boyfriend James.She was not surprised, she knew he was the only one who called her “Sophy” but she was surprised to see him again at her house.She opened the door and she let him into the living room.“James what are you doing here?” she queried.“Are you not happy to see me?”“Not even a hug?” he asked with open arms.“James I’ve not seen you for the past one week, no calls, no texts and you show up at my house and you are demanding a hug?”“No baby! I went on a business trip” James said as he pulled her over to him and kissed her passionately.James made efforts to unbuckle his shorts as he kissed her passionately, Sofi
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Chapter Four
Gustavo Alvarez was visited by his friends and business partners, Àngel and Santiago at his vacation house in Pachuca. They heard of what happened at Haute House, so they came to tease him and play games together like they always did whenever they needed rest.“Holla amigo!” Àngel screamed immediately after the door was opened by the maid.“You guys are here already?” Gustavo asked as he came down the stairs in his robe and a glass of red wine in his hand.“Yes, we are here it was really difficult getting here,” Santiago said assisting Àngel who was drunk.“Oh I see, what did you do to him” Gustavo asked Santiago as he pointed at Àngel who was already lying down on the couch.“I did nothing, he was telling me about how he met Maria for the hundredth time today”.“The runway model?” “Maria will be the end of this man,” Gustavo said laughing.Gustavo sat down on one of the sofas in the living room and placed his glass of wine on the Golden platted table in front of him as he picked up h
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Chapter Five
Sofia received an email from Camila the next day, it was a job opening a club was looking for the services of a waitress and Camila sent her the link and job description. Sofia thought hard about it but she didn’t like the fact that she was going to be in contact with people again but she thought of a job that she could do that doesn’t involve coming in contact with people and she found it difficult to picture one.Sofia sent out her resume and waited for their response as they indicated they would stop taking applications as from the next day.Sofia hoped that the job would be given to her, the clubhouse was the best in the whole of Pachuca. And it was mostly graced by the rich, it was very difficult to get a pass at the club it took connections for someone to club there or work there.But Sofia was lucky that Camila had spoken to a few of her friends who knew the manager there. Sofia just had to talk with her father and know what he had to say about her working as a waitress in a c
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Chapter Six
Sofia stood up too, and followed her father into his room. Her father never disliked Camilla but he has every reason to because he knew that she must have told her friends first about her plans before coming to tell him, and he never judged sexuality. “No Pa, none of them” Sofia replied.“Then who?” he asked spreading his hands.“You said you want to get connected and you think the right place to get connected is at a clubhouse where people go to squander stolen money?” “You need to be patient bunny, I can talk with my customers trust me,” her father said softly with his hands on her shoulders“They can’t do anything” Sofia said almost screaming.“For how long do I have to follow you to the farm?”.“My mates are out there making money and planning their future but here I am, being accused of being rude and disrespectful to customers and getting fired and following my father to the farm that barely gets customers,” Sofia said bitterly with tears clouding in her eyes.Mr. David stood
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Chapter Seven
“Who are you and what do you want?” she asked as she looked at them from head to toe, she blew a puff of smoke at their faces.“Is Mike in? we want to see Mike” Sofia asked coughing.“Depends on who is asking” she responded.“Babe, who is there?” a voice of a man from the inside asked.“I don’t know, they won’t say” the young girl replied still staring at them.“You must be Sofia right?” the young man asked as beckoned on them to come in.Sofia and Camilla followed him closely behind and as they entered the room it was filled with smoke, the windows were closed, and the room lacked air as it was not well-ventilated. There was a stench smell coming from the room, Camilla noticed the smell was from the rug, it was damp, and she had to use her palm to cover her nose.“You can sit,” Mike said.“No we'd rather stand” Camilla responded looking at Sophia hoping she'll agree with her.“Yeah we will stand, we are actually in a hurry and it took a while before we could find your address,” Sofi
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Chapter Eight
The alarm rang for the third time before Gustavo Alvarez decided to put it off. He was still in bed, he was sure enjoying his vacation.He sat up on his bed and stretched himself, he heard some noise coming from the other room and he wondered what it was all about, then he remembered that his friends and business partners Àngel and Santiago slept over in his mansion.He got out of bed, took a remote, pressed the blue button on the remote and the windows opened welcoming rays of sunlight into his room. As the sunlight flashed through his face, he used his hands to hide his face from the sunlight as he got closer to the window. The view was beautiful, the sky was blue and the weather was cozy, the birds sang beautifully as they perched on the electric poles.Gustavo watched the birds sing as if he understood what they were singing.There was a knock on the door interrupting his pleasant moments. He quickly made sure his robe was firmly tied, as he wasn’t wearing anything underneath.“
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Chapter Nine
It was a sunny day and Sophia thought it was a good day to do the laundry and clean up the house. Her father decided to stay at home as his back still aches, Sophia declined his requests of helping out in cleaning the house, and she insisted he rested as she did the work around the house.David Cortez marveled at the way his daughter went about her tasks, it reminded him of his wife Emma, she was a very hardworking woman and one of her favorite hobbies was cleaning. The first time he took her to see his parents they were delighted to see her and asked her to stay over, she knew the right words to use when she talked and she was very well articulated when she spoke. She was the only thing he had lost in his life and he is going to make sure he doesn’t lose his daughter too.“Pa are you okay?” Sophia asked interrupting his thoughts.“Yes I’m good”“You seem to be lost in thoughts” “Yes, I was thinking about going to your mother’s tomb, been a while, we can go clean it up since we are
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Chapter Ten
Gustavo Alvarez arrived at his parent's house very late in the night. The driver stopped for him to alight before parking the car in the garage, Gustavo noticed his parents were still awake as the lights were still on. He alighted and went straight into the house, the door was opened by a security guard who greeted him and took his briefcase from him and also his suit.“Good evening Señor” the security guard greeted while collecting his briefcase and suit.“Yeah,” Gustavo responded as he made his way into the living room.The living room screamed royalty, every piece of furniture and interior decoration was a work of art and very expensive. “Oh, my boy!” his mother Elizabeth Alvarez jumped with excitement as she made her way to hug him.Gustavo returned the warm embrace as he opened his arms to her warm embrace.“Ok mama, I can’t breathe”“What did you say?” His mother asked still hugging him tightly.“I said I can’t breathe” Gustavo replied, trying to break free from her embrace.G
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