Skyfall In Your Arms

Skyfall In Your Arms

By:  whyme_bookworm  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I'm taking care of you." When thrill-seeker, 18 year old Hope exchanges her parachute bag with little Aiden, nobody expects it to be a life-changing moment. The worst happens when she skydives 15000 feet and the parachute doesn't open.Now in hospital, she's left with only broken dreams until Aiden's older brother and a young tutor, Dylan, vows to take care of her because he adamantly believes that everything is his fault. But is it, really? What Hope least expects is to– somewhere along the way – fall for this man.Caught between her feelings of love and Dylan who seems to be hiding a huge dark secret, Hope doesn't know who to listen to: her beating heart or her warning mind?

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11 Chapters
PROLOGUE:6 months later. "Dylan," I eagerly waved through the window as he came into view and his eyes almost immediately met mine. His smile mirrored mine and he pushed the doors of 'Caffeina,' our all-time favorite coffee shop. I gave a quick glance at my reflection on the phone screen and patted away stray strands of hair. No matter how many times we went out on dates, I still felt self-conscious around him. The cafe door made a ting and he walked in a casual, yet sexy way. I bit back a smile, eyes never looking away from his and slowly stood up. Pain shot in my legs and I winced while clutching the table. He broke his stride and ran the last two steps towards me, "Hey, are you okay?" He gently wrapped his fingers around my waist to help me stand and I smiled, "Now that you're here, yes," I joked. Gosh, who would
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Chapter 1
One day. A future destroyed. A story of repentance.Chapter 1: Skydiving"Hope!" Mom's shrill voice seemed to pull me out of a deep dreamless slumber. Sighing, I rubbed my face and nearly screeched as sunlight seemed to burn into my orbits. Every single day was the same and I had enough. What was there to life if you could never wake up on the right side of the bed?Groaning, I stomped down the stairs- already in a bad mood. "When will you stop destroying those poor wooden planks like an elephant?" Mom glared at me sternly. Ha, I was really tempted to say "N. E. V. E. R" but all of you people should know by now that the shortcut to des
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Jump"Hope Everett," Coach Sanders voice boomed and his slightly wrinkly face seemed to crease even more.I winced at the icy look he was throwing at me, "Coach, I can explain.""Explain? I don't want to hear your excuses kid, you're already 30 minutes late and everyone is ready except for you. So get to that plane, now!" He whipped out his arm, pointing furiously towards the plane on the tarmac. Nodding, I rushed head hanging low to the equipment room where all the helmets, suits and parachute bags were stored. In less than a minute, I was up and ready, suit on and helmet in hand. I smiled satisfactorily as I checked if I double checked my equipments. Always have a second parachute, just in case. Coach Sanders words seemed to echo in my head and I snatched a second parachute- better be safe than sorry. I checked
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Freefall I was flying. The sensation was just inexplicable. I was above the clouds, diving right through them. On one side shone the clear blue sky and on the other was land, amazing land. I could see buildings from afar, the endless brown plains, hectares and hectares of them in a green-brown pattern. The wind was howling, lashing at every inch of my bare body, cold biting, but most important of all, I was free. Completely, totally, blatantly free. It was blissful. Nothing could stop me. Not even Aiden who was screaming and screaming while laughing and crying- nobody could stop me. I had my eyes wide open, arms and legs spread out, my back curved at a perfect angle. The wind was so harsh that at times my breath just cut off but I didn't care. My head was literally in the clouds. The in
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4: DenialBeep. Beep."No, no, no, my baby," a woman shrieked. "Miss Everett, we are very sorry," a man said, "We did our best during the operation but her landing was the worst one possible. Her legs took the whole impact."The woman sobbed harder. "Is it- is it irreparable?" A girl's voice quivered. Silence. Where was I? I couldn't see a thing. The man's tone was hesitant, "The
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Wheeling"Excuse me?" I gaped, turning to mom for some help but she was looking at me expectantly and I realized that she probably knew already. "I'm going to take care of you," he repeated, looking more determined with every passing second."Wait a minute," I shook my head, "Uh no? It's not your fault." A stranger saying he'd take care of me when it's not even his fault? No way. "Honey," mom interrupted, "If it hadn't been for his bag, none of this would have happened."I categorically refused, "No, mom, he's innocent and I'm not going to chain an innocent p
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6:When I next awoke, it was late at night and the lights were off. It took me awhile to adjust my sight and see two still figures. It seemed like frail mom was lying on the couch and Tina was sleeping in the chair, head tipping forward and her locks covering her face. She was born with very straight hair but always curled it because she hated how it made her face look 'flat.' Yeah, I didn't understand what that meant but anyone could see that she was beautiful either way.Staring at the two huge casts over my legs, I was reminded that the damage could be irreversible. What would my everyday life be like? A painful image of me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life lowered my spirits. There was no way I was getting out of this hospital with both feet. Could you imagine losing one member of your body for good? 
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7:Aiden took one glance at me and his eyes went enormously wide- I thought it'd pop out. Okay, do I look that horrible? "Aiden, hi," I smiled, happy to see that he was doing alright but he wasn't looking at me anymore. He simply stared at the floor for what seemed a very long while.  I shot a puzzled look at Dylan and he mirrored my expression. I was about to tell him to leave us alone for a minute but it seemed like he had read my thoughts.  He cleared his throat quite conspicuously, "I'm going to fetch something to drink."Mental face-palm. I bit back a laugh and gave a small nod. He grasped the door-knob, pulled it to a crack then suddenly popped his head through and did something I least expected. Something, that changed the neat, serious look he always seemed to pull off. His lips pulled into a s
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8: For the next five days, mom and Tina dropped by nearly everyday to visit me even if it was for a few hours. My situation had not really changed except for the fact that I got a private toilet and that I could finally, finally, relieve myself without someone banging on the door every 2 seconds. I was allowed to wheel in the corridor and play with children in the kids section and my arms were strong enough to pull myself alone - like a big girl - onto the hospital be
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9:  "Careful, there," a low, deep voice rumbled above me and the boy straightened up so I could finally see something more than just hair. He was holding up all of the books that were about to land on my head with an amused smile - but most importantly, he had the most beautiful pair of intense gray eyes. He held my gaze for a fleeting moment then proceeded to place the books back onto the shelf, all except for the Harry Potter book.He chuckled, "I think this is what you risk
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