Chapter 8

Chapter 8

He was as angry and desperate as the food that was before him. All of a sudden he moves and I ran to the nearby tree. Even when I was struggling I had to climb the tree, the tree was slippery and he could hardly bite my foot but it didn’t happen but he pulled my shoes. I was tired climbing the tree, I was surprised when he slammed his head into the tree and almost move the tree where am I right now. As her eyes flickered and scratched the tree with his sharp claws. I wrap my arm on to the tree.

He disappeared for a few minutes under the tree until he got tired of what he was doing and returned to the dark part of the forest. I took a deep breath and waited for a moment before going down. I saw that my shoes were worn out, I guess I must have been dead because of the fangs and sharp nails if I’m not moving fast earlier. I couldn't wait any longer and I ran straight away. Several times I screamed a curse because I’m stepping some of the pebbles and sharp objects from the ground because my left foot was bare. 

When my eyes were big and I couldn't balance my body when I was tripped by a huge tree root that lifted to the ground.

“Shit!” I screamed.

I’m lying to the ground and holding my left foot.

I curse again because that was so hurt and painful.

But it was even more heartbreaking to find out that I had never escaped that wolf. I sit down immediately even when I have a hard time in my seat, I feel and see him slowly approaching my direction. He was about to jump to eat me when I close my eyes and wait for my death sentence.

A second ago when I don’t feel anything and I slowly open my eyes. I was just surprised that there was another wolf but he looked different than him. He fights with his fellow wolf. He has white fur all over his body, a little bigger than a black wolf, he has blue eyes but he also has sharp nails and fangs. The black wolf hit the white wolf with his talons that’s why the white wolf moves backward.

The black wolf is about to come to my direction when the white wolf pulls his tail with his fangs. There fought to another way out of the forest but I could hear their roar to each other. Until I heard as if the black wolf was crying and he falls to the ground wounded. I think the black wolf was dead because he didn’t move.

The white wolf looks at my direction and I saw the bloodstain in his white fur. He walks towards me and I close my eyes because I’m scared of them. He might eat me but a second passed by that anything happen. I open my eyes but I saw him walking to the dark forest until I heard something from the distance.


A familiar voice calling my name.

“Emily! Where are you?”


I want to cry because of fear but I stop myself and call them.

“Darius! I’m here! Help me! Somebody help me!”

When they saw me they immediately helped me. We went straight to the mansion and clean my wounded feet. Darius received a lecture and scolded him from his mother. I apologize for what happened to and I say that Darius doesn’t have fault for what happened.

“I’m sorry,” Darius said again while looking at my feet covered with bandages.

“I’m fine, you don’t need to worry.”

“When I’m waked up earlier you’re not there anymore.”

I was confused, “that’s the same with, you’re not there anymore too when I’m woke up.”

I look at him and he's like thinking something.

“Is there anything you can explain about that?”

He looks at me as if he was surprised, “just thank the white wolf he safe you.”

I tell them what was happened earlier and as if they didn’t surprise. 

“I think I shouldn’t let you join the Hunting Party, you can rest now, Emily.”

He didn’t add anything or tell some story about what was happened because I’m still confused until he leaves me alone. I had never slept that night thinking about what had happened. Few more minutes and I’m still staring something until I fall asleep.


I was in the dream again but not like a nightmare before or a strange masked man. I don't really see them especially in their faces but I can clearly hear what they're talking about. I saw a man enter a study room naked and wearing only jean. I saw him approach a man sitting at a table and drinking wine.

“How is she?” The man asked him.

“She’s fine now.”

“Is the Andersson Clan attacked her?”


“I think we should move fast before they kill her.”

“I know.”

“You have to get over her and you need to marry her so you can take care of our clan.” The man added.

“I know but this is not easy, she won't know about us and she doesn’t know anything about this.” The naked man sounds desperate.

“You should tell her right now.” The man suggested. 

“That's not easy, father.”

“Take this as advice my son, do not waste his parents' hard work and sacrifice.”

The dream shifted to another place, I’m not standing inside of study room anymore and I’m in the forest again. There are many people in the middle of the forest around the trees. There was a table in the middle of them and two baskets on it. They wore black and white dresses. I know they talk but I just don't understand because I'm far from them. I slowly walk towards them when someone calls my name.



I woke up from my dream and its morning now. 

‘What’s the meaning of that?’

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