Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“This is boring,” Darius murmured beside me.

When we got off the old truck, we immediately saw the guests inside the hall, dressed in formal attire and formal attire. We were just going to the party that wasn’t wearing any formal attire but there was no case for us, they gave us an invitation and it was a shame if we didn't go. Mrs. Marcos scolded again his son Darius to stop. I was only wearing a gray long sleeve dress with a length down to my knee and white snickers. Before we entered I showed the guard that guarding the gate the invitation card that Reginald had given me earlier.

When we got in the two couples informed us that they were going to get some food because we didn't eat before leaving the mansion because of this party. I just watch the women in their elegant gowns and they’re also looking at us like we’re a beggar or something. Some of them are laughing and murmuring to each other while looking at our direction. Darius whispered again beside me.

“We should be at the hunting party right now.”

I look at him and my brow arched, “is that’s tonight?”

“Yes,” look bored, “but we stuck here in the lame social gathering of lame richest people of Caroline.”

“I think we should eat first,” I whispered back.

“I think so,” we walk and approached the long table serving with different foods and sweets. We took plates and utensils. Darius could see almost everything he put on his plate right away, we couldn't get to the end when his plate was about to be filled and he said goodbye that he would bring the plate to our table before coming back. I shake my head because of his silliness. I’ve about put some strawberries on my plate when someone puts a chocolate cupcake on my plate.

When I look who he was, I’m surprised not just his appearance but he was close to me again that I could smell his perfume. He's wearing gray trousers, a white turtle neck paired with a gray coat, and black oxford shoes. He looks stunning, this is the first time I saw just my ages that looks model on their dress and handsome at the same time. 

I’m about to talk when someone’s hand cling in his arms. We both look at the lady in a red champagne dress, she is tall like Reginald, red nails and red lipstick. She glared at me a little before rest her head to his shoulder.

“Hey babe, let’s talk now.” She whispered to him.

I don’t know but I feel so insecure and jealous. He still looks at me, “I should go now.”

I walk and leave him there. I sat beside Darius, I had dined with them and I forgot about the conversation with Reginald about the mansion. I'm not in the habit of insisting that he is too busy with his girlfriend so I don't approach him. We can talk about the mansion if not busy. I catch him looking at our table every time I look at him. After we had dinner at the party, we didn’t say goodbye to Reginald and left the party. We drove to town because now the hunting party was starting and I wanted to go with Darius. I’m glad that mister and Mrs. Marcos agreed.

There was a road in town to a forest where the hunters had gathered to join, we were approaching when we saw them in the distance and around the bonfire. They were only about ten or fifteen and young people like us were Darius. I was surprised when Darius give me an old rifle and a small knife at the end. My hands were shaking because this is the first a hold a gun.

“Is this a real gun?” I asked while holding the heavy rifles but bearable.

“Yes,” proudly answered me.

“Why do we need this?”

“Just for precautions,” he added.

He explained to me how to use the rifles just in case I needed to use them, I felt nervous and excited at the same time. 

‘What if I caught a real wolf?’

When they had finished praying before the group was finally divided and entered the forest. Darius and I were together as we walked through the forest. Where in the dark forest and it was quiet. 

“Just follow me, Emily.” He said because he's in front of me. “Don't pay attention to what you notice around you and what you could hear here inside the forest.”

My brow arched, “are you scaring me?”


He stops and then sat down beside the arched tree.

“What are you doing there?”

“This is I always doing, I’m not roamed everywhere, I’m sit here and relax. Look at the moon,” he points out the moon and I look at it, “isn’t perfect?”

“Yes, it was.”

I sat beside him and put the gun to the grass. So we rested there until I fall from sleep.

When I woke up, I’m still in the forest but not beside Darius and the guns is nowhere to be found. The fear envelops my system and stood up immediately.

“Darius!” I shouted and call him but my voice echoing to the forest came back from me. I repeated because I don’t where I should go. I’m crying because of the fear and I remember the nightmare.

My eyes widened when I heard from the distance a growl of a monster. I want to run but my feet couldn’t move and stuck to the ground.

I saw a red paired light from the dark part.

“My God,” I whispered, “who is there?”

No one is answering.

“I swear I’m going to kill you if---” I couldn’t finish my sentence when I saw the monster showing up itself from the dark part of the forest that I saw eight years ago. Has a black and hairy body that looks like a big dog. Paired of red eyes, sharp fangs, talons, and has a big body than mine. 

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