Wolves Tale

Wolves Tale

By:  KhioneNyx  Completed
Language: English
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Emily's life was in a mess when her parents both died in a bloody accident and killed by a pack of a wolf. She saw it with her both eyes and the memories still vivid hunting her every night in her nightmare. Her aunt adopted her, she thought she would never return to the province she hated and feared because it was full of monsters but when her aunt died of an illness she was ordered to return to their old mansion to sell and take her the money to start the new life. Their so many changes in the province but the day she returns to the province is the day everything came back again, she has uncovered the secret of her real identity and the secret of her family that has been caused to hunt the monsters who killed her parents.

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63 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1**It rained that night, with the heavy rain and thunder my eyes were opened and awake even though I’m just coming from slumbering. My mother woke me up with terror in her eyes. I’m asking her but she didn’t answer me. Her palms were both trembling while holding my small fists, I almost stumble to the mahogany floor because she was fast and I step my sleeping gown because of it. I was required to wake myself but the dream is still there, just like a nightmare in lucid dreaming. I wanted to shout for someone to wake me up, but I can’t find my voice.I wanted to my father but his nowhere to be found. Until we heard a loud bang of noise to the first floor of the house and I heard my mother telling something that I didn’t understand. As if she wanted me to hurry. Other loud bangs and followed by another until it didn’t stop. I scream when I heard a gunshot. My mother took me and carries me to hurry our way until we enter the room full of blankets and one cabinet to the other side
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2I had to take a taxi before I got to the train terminal and the only transportation to Caroline province if you don’t have a private car. It also took about an hour before I could get to the train terminal of Roseville City. I got out of the taxi, the driver helped me down my luggage and pays him before he leaves. The train station is huge before you can get in, the environment is busy, noisy road taxis and cars. I saw some walking rushing to their work and some rushing to enter the train station. I was walking in the crowd as I was carrying my luggage. They had to enter my things over the machine scanner to my canvas bag, my luggage, they also checked my ticket and checking my body of a female security guard guarding the door. “Thank you,” I said before they get me through in.On the other side, there is a large screen TV where they show the announcement schedule of upcoming trains and departures. I saw the time I was traveling on the top list of the departing train so I h
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3They let me in until we enter the mansion. She was talking and explaining about the house while I looking at the surroundings. Some changes to the house but my nervousness when I came in are in there and I have to pretend I'm fine. “I’m glad you're fine on your trip, are you tired, do you want to rest or eat, what do you want?” She asked.I look at her, “I’m fine, how’s the house?”She looked about the ceiling before she talks again, “it’s fine, it's a little tedious to just clean up because the mansion is so big. If you notice dust I’m advance saying sorry for that and we don't clean the whole before you we know that you will arrive this day and we cook what you can eat, it is a shame that you are tired of the trip and you have nothing to eat here.”“It’s fine.”“Do you want some help and bring your luggage to your room?”My brow arched, “what room?”“Upstairs.”I shake my head, “no, I don’t want any room upstairs, can you prepare some room here on the first floor?”She smi
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4The inside of the market was loud and you heard a noise from inside to the outside of the market where Darius's truck was parked. An old woman came up to him, greeted Darius with her hair bun style, wearing a red apron, and wearing a black dress underneath. It includes two freighters to pick up vegetables and eggs in the back of the truck. The old woman is talking to Darius and laughing, I didn't hear what they are talking about because I'm still inside the truck. I look around and see the simple buildings in downtown.  Minimum car driving on the streets, I think Caroline province is a small population of the family that's why the province was quiet and they're living
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 *** I was dreaming again but this time it was different. I see the dream differently, I know that I’m inside the dream, I’m aware that I’m still in my room laying in my soft bed, I try to open my eyes but I can't and I can't explain how I feel right now. Suddenly the strong wind blew and the window in my room suddenly opened.  
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 “I'll prepare a snack first while you were touring the entire mansion,” Mrs. Marcos said before leaving me. I nodded at her and then face again the newcomers visitors. When they park the car and tie up the horse to the small tree of olive they approach me to the door.  “Good noon to you, Mr. Da Silva, I didn't expect you to come here and not your parent,” I look for a second the arrogant driver that looking the surroundings before
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7 “This is boring,” Darius murmured beside me. When we got off the old truck, we immediately saw the guests inside the hall, dressed in formal attire and formal attire. We were just going to the party that wasn’t wearing any formal attire but there was no case for us, they gave us an invitation and it was a shame if we didn't go. Mrs. Marcos scolded again his son Darius to stop. I was only wearing a gray long sleeve dress with a length down to my knee and white snickers. Before we entered I showed the guard that guarding the gate the invitation card that Reginald had given me earlier.
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 He was as angry and desperate as the food that was before him. All of a sudden he moves and I ran to the nearby tree. Even when I was struggling I had to climb the tree, the tree was slippery and he could hardly bite my foot but it didn’t happen but he pulled my shoes. I was tired climbing the tree, I was surprised when he slammed his head into the tree and almost move the tree where am I right now. As her eyes flickered and scratched the tree with his sharp claws. I wrap my arm on to the tree. He disappeared for a few minutes under the tree until he got tired of what he was doing and returned
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 I was looking at the ceiling when I heard my cell phone ring on the nightstand next to my bed. I glanced at my cell phone when I took it, I looked at the screen and flashed the caller from the unregistered number. I think twice before I click the ‘answer’ to my phone screen and place it in my left ear. “Hello---” I didn’t finish my sentence when I heard a familiar voice to the other side of the line. “Good morning, Ms. LeStrange.” I don’
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 After talking with Reginald and signing the contract, he immediately informed me to leave and notary also needed to legalize the contract. I still have a week to get my parents' personal belongings especially some albums of pictures and I need to secure those albums because that was the only memory I had from them. Minutes later Reginald left when Mrs. Marcos arrived at the mansion. I also told them it was only a week and we had to leave the mansion and maybe I can live for a while to Mrs. Marcos residents I had to settle down before returning to Roseville City. They were a bit sad though I am
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