Almost is Never Enough

Almost is Never Enough

By:  amoureusee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Katerina Lillybeth Bautista is an aspiring Artist full of dreams and admiration. She spends her life searching for her purpose in life, and when she finally found it along with the love that she always wish for, a horrifying tragic experience happens to her ending his own life. She wakes up one day knowing that she became a spirit and no one can see her. On the day she wants to go to another side she didn't make it because she realized that she needs an answer first to her sudden death, she needs to give justice and find the person behind her tragic experience. Until she met a blind man who will receive a new eye that eventually can see Katerina Lillybeth spirit that gives hope to Katerina to find the answer to all her question but she didn't know that she will eventually fall to a Man that she can't even hold or touch. Will love really conquer everything even in the midst of life and death?

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Almost is Never Enough by amoureusee is a mystery thriller that keeps readers guessing. Katerina Lillybeth Bautista had a lot of big plans. She has a career as an artist ahead of her. Then one day, Katerina hears the agonizing cry of her mother. A doctor has proclaimed her death. Katerina realizes that her spirit remains in the world because she seeks closure. Who is the one responsible for her untimely demise? Her hope lies in a blind man who can feel her presence. He helps Katerina to meet her goals. However, she grows attached to him. When the time comes, can she let go?

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Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters appearing in this work are a work of fiction and only a product of my imagination. Enjoy reading!------ Did you ever wonder when will be your last day living in this world? What will be the last word you will say to your loved ones, who will be the last person that you will see at your last moment.It's either a doctor or a person who will bring an end to you?They say before you go and leave this world you will begin to have a flashback, you will remember all the bad decisions that you made that will bring regrets to you, all the things that you kept, will be turned into memories and you
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Chapter 1: Wanderer
“Time of death 12:00 pm” the doctor said as he approaches the woman in her mid-forties that I think was the mother of the patient. I see how the mother of a patient looks at the doctor with disbelief as she burst into tears. It pains me to see her cry and scream to her disbelief that she lost whoever inside the operation room. I go near to the woman that holding her chest and almost got weak.When I try to hold and help her, my hand just penetrated.It pains me to see her in that kind of situation because even though I didn’t know her, I understand how it feels.Because I also saw that kind of pain in the eyes of my loved ones when they hear from the doctor that I’m gone. When I didn’t do my best to fight and stay for them. When I leave them.I think one of the reasons why I’m still wandering around is because of that guilt, the guilt that I leave them without even saying a proper goodby
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Chapter 2: Melody
I was stunned by that man's action, is it really possible that he can see me? I tried that so many times on the people I encounter, I tried that on my friends, family, and Charlie… when I always hear from them that they want to see me but I did everything I can but it seems like there’s no way they will see me… That gaze of the man makes me curious, and a new hope really arises in me so nothing will be lost if I follow him, right? No doubt, I followed the man with the woman out of the hospital and saw them ride in the car, and because of my perks of being a lost spirit, I was able to ride in their car because my body can penetrate to enter their car. When I got into the car I saw the woman in the driver's seat and next to her was the man I followed sitting in a shotgun. I sat in the backseat and I realized that our situation is like what's happening in a horror movie that once the
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