You Deceived Me

You Deceived Me

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Diya Wanda grew up in a convent since the day she was abandoned at the church entrance. She never let the abandonment put her down. She grew up to be a firm believer that there is goodness in the world. This was her weakness and downfall because when she went out into the world with the blessing of the nuns. She thought it would keep her safe. The world was not as she hoped, but she was a believer. This led her to Ace Torane. She fell in love hard, fast. Their love blinded Diya into believing her happily ever after would last forever. Until she witnessed his hidden horrifying side. She considered him unredeemable and fled than confront. With her long gone and his kept secret out, Ace's fury ignited because she left. She fled with something valuable enough to let him burn everything that was in his path, including Diya. ~WARNING. THIS BOOK CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND STRONG GRAPHIC CONTENT~

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105 Chapters
Chapter 1
Diya I was living a fairy tale life and I would never ask for a better husband than my Ace. He is thoughtful, warm and the kindest man I have ever met. He is the love of my life and the only man I have ever set my eyes on.  We met over two years ago when I left the church with the blessings of the nuns. I might have been twenty-two then, but I will never forget the excitement I had when I left the church with my one suitcase in hand. I knew I would miss everyone dearly, but I knew there was more for me out there, which led me to my good husband. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday because he had helped me clean up a flower pot I had dropped outside the flower shop where I worked. Mrs. Dani had always warned me about my flared floral dress. ‘Diya Wanda, Port Elizabeth is a
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Chapter 2
Ace Business was done as usual and I had to clean myself up before I went home to my wife. I have missed her and couldn’t wait to see her beautiful smile. I handed the gun to Filip before taking my gloves off as I stared at the corpse on the roof. “You know what to do,” he nodded as I walked off. I made my way back to my office for a shower and change. I needed to be quick because Diya would not be pleased with me if I took too long. On my way home, I should get her flowers. As I prepared to shower, I smiled, thinking of her. I haven’t seen her in three days and being in here made me smell her rosy perfume. I didn’t think I would love someone as much as I love her. I made sure I scrubbed myself clean before I walked out and changed into another suit.
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Chapter 3
Diya I have been living a lie all my life, and he deceived me. He was a devil, pretending to be good all this time. He must have enjoyed toying with me and laughed behind my back. It was all a façade. I never suspected what he was doing when he said he was going to work. He was a monster who pretended to pray and be good. He even slept soundly next to me while he killed people with no remorse. I had married the devil and now I was carrying his child. I felt sick, and I wanted to die. My heart felt stiff from everything that I had witnessed. I was on the train toilet where I had stayed for the past half an hour because every time I thought of my husband; I felt sick. His smile had turned from the sweetest to sinister in my head. His once hearty laugh had become vile in my head. I looked down at the huge rock on my finger as I shed silent tears in the small space I had curbed myself
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Chapter 4
Diya I ended up sleeping last night but woke up gloomy because I dreamt of my wedding. It’s like the vows were a broken record in my head, punishing me for leaving my husband. I was not a terrible wife here. I was a victim of lies. We were almost at the station, so I made my way to freshen up a little. After walking out of the station, my stomach growled. I was content because I still had enough cash to spend on a sandwich and taxi. I missed the warm weather as I made my way to a food truck. After taking a few bites, I drowned the sandwich in my bottle of water and was a satisfied customer. I stood from the bench and disposed of my empty bottle before walking a couple of steps to a car with a taxi sign on top. He had a window. “Hello! St Mary’s Church, how much?”
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Chapter 5
Ace Two years ago, Today was meant to be the worst day of my life. I was to be wed to a woman I didn't know. It was unfortunate that she was in an accident, but I was relieved. I sympathize minimally, but I think the little hope I had made all of this possible.  I didn't want to go back to my place until they get rid of everything wedding related. My ranch was supposed to be the way it was. I didn't want any reminder. They thought I asked because of what happened, but that was further from the truth. I hated all the demands she wanted for the wedding. A hideous duck ice fountain. The decorations. The enormous cake eight men carried this morning. I wanted all of it gone. I was happy whatever enemies they had done the work, I couldn't. They had gotten rid of my problem. I just wish they had finished the job. She was alive, and I had to pretend I cared when I didn't. The hospital visit was a waste of my time
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Chapter 6
Ace Two years ago, There is nothing magical about her. A basic girl I would never be caught dead with. She is on the short side too. I like them tall. Grey eyes big eyes that water easily. She is nothing but annoying. There was nothing special about her I find the least attractive. I wouldn't never look twice, but when I close my eyes, all I see is her innocent face. I can't get her out of my mind.  I have gone to that flower place twice trying to make sense of this, and yet I can't seem to understand it. I dislike this girl. In the short period I have seen her work, she seems incompetent. She didn't know the difference between dahlias and daisies.  I walked out of the hospital after dropping the bouquet and drove back home. There was no need for me to stay longer that five minutes in the ICU. All I could think of was the girl preparing the flowers after trying to avoid me yet again.  "Welcome b
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Chapter 7
Diya Two years ago, He was back again. Mrs Dani was not around. This was the fifth time he was in the store getting flowers and this time I couldn't hide. I was still embarrassed. Every time he came here was a reminder that I almost lost a dress because of the wind. "Hello," he said, glaring at me. "Welcome," I shifted, organizing the flowers in front of me, "Do you want your usual flowers?" "No." "Ok um- Uh," I swallowed, looking up, "What flowers do you need today?" I tried to smile. "I want these," he said, looking at the flowers on the side. "Well, those are for a funeral. They are reserved."
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Chapter 8
Diya I have been going around in circles trying to decide. If it were only me, I would have been long gone, but I had to consider the baby. I made a vow in front of everyone and God to love my husband, but I didn’t think murder could be part of the hardship. Maybe I was being too harsh on Ace. I have forgiven my birth mother even if I never met her, but I can’t bring forgiveness in my heart for the man I love with my whole life. I contemplated going back to the church for a confessional or an insight, but decided against it. I had no blood in my hands, but Ace and I were bonded. Could this possibly mean that I was a murderer too since we were made one in front of the church? No. I shook off the ridiculous thought. This had nothing to do with me, and I took no part. But I did witness a murder and never went to the authorities? Why didn
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Chapter 9
Ace “Where the hell is she?” I groaned as I paced, clenching and unclenching my fist. “Calm down, Ace shouting won’t help,” Filip responded. “Don’t,” I took a threatening step to Filip with my hands fisted, “JUST DON’T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN,” I gritted my teeth. “Okay.” he took a step back with his hand up in surrender. “She collapsed on the street in the morning and we still can’t track which hospital she was taken to.” I rubbed my temple with my hand, “You have to find her,” I barked out the order, looking at Filip. “We are doing everything we can, and Milo has assigned some guys to search too.” I’m not a very patient man. I'm done waiting. My wife,
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Chapter 10
Ace Two years ago, My grandfather was on his way to my house for a chat. Knowing him, it could be anything. Business or him imposing on my personal life. I was waiting for him by the pool outside.  "Ace," he called with his hands stretched. "Grandfather," I got up and went in for the hug as he patted me on the shoulder once, "To what do I owe this visit?" "Can't I visit my grandson anymore?" he smiled, taking a seat. "We saw each other last night," I said, taking a seat beside him. "We have much still to discuss," he said. "I think we could use some refreshments." "So, you are here for a while?" I asked. "I thought we could have lunch while I'm here unless you are planning ongoing somewhere," "I was planning ongoing to the hospital."  "But not before you pay a visit to that flower place," I narrowed my eyes at him, "It's not a secret you have taken an i
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