You want to be mine

You want to be mine

By:  Superovkata  Ongoing
Language: English
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Mia is going to her hometown for Christmas after a big fight with her boyfriend Adrian. There she is welcomed by her loving parents and her irresistible neighbor Matt, who confesses to Mia he was in love with her since high school. Adrian is feeling sorry, realizing his mistake, and is coming for New Year to apologize, but to whom Mia's heart belongs?

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Daniel Georgiev
It is not about the plot so much as the characters that hook you into a book. This runs smooth and engaging becoming a really fast hooking few chapters that leave you in wait for the upcoming new ones!
2024-03-03 00:52:27
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Ah. What an Amazing Story......
2021-08-28 21:21:12
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Jason Boyce
I'm not sure if I like the story more or the author more. Both are top notch fantastic!
2021-07-22 04:07:28
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Nzumbululo Faith
this book is a-maizing!!!
2021-06-15 14:49:38
user avatar
Can't wait to read more! Keep up the good work!
2021-03-07 00:57:54
user avatar
Continue updating this!
2020-12-20 07:04:43
8 Chapters
1. Blizzard
The warmth of my car provided little solace as I drove for hours, the chill of my boyfriend's hurtful words idling in my weary mind. I struck the brakes, a stray dog passed before my car right after. Calming myself, I pulled over to catch my breath. On the screen of my phone, reflecting the Christmas lights of the festive buildings surrounding the road on both sides, I saw it was 22:48 h. It reminded me of what day it was. December 20. And I was here. In the middle of nowhere, in a blizzard. I unlocked it and refreshed my messages. Adrian hadn't written to me after our fight, nor I was going to. He had been my love since high school. My first serious boyfriend, and what I hoped would be the last. Instead, when we moved to the big city, he grew distant with every passing day at his new job. When he was at home, he hid behind his laptop, so I did the same. I read romance books, as in reality, I could find no such thing anymore. Often, I peeked behind the screen in the hope our eyes wou
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2. Familiar and cozy
After a short and a bit of awkward drive, Matt parked his vehicle in front of the overdecorated house, which I used to call my home while I was growing up. On the road, we shared a few stories about our childhood years, and he kept on asking about my life since I finished school. I explained briefly to him about my boring way of existing and showed my passion for books, talking about my job too much. Not a word about Adrian had rolled out from my mouth. Before I realized it, we had reached our destination. I did not manage to ask anything about him, busy answering his questions. We said good night and I shyly ran towards the front door. He made me feel like a schoolgirl, unable to flirt back but knowing that a guy was into her…or at least that was what my naughty mind wanted. Walking in the corridor of my old home, I welcomed the familiar scent of my parent’s house. It was good to feel like you are loved and in a warm, cozy environment. I thought I could stay there for more than jus
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3. Exciting shopping
As always, my mom had prepared the best pancakes ever. Her days as a cook in the local diner were in the past now, but her amazing skills would never fade. I had missed her food. When I sat down on the overused table in the small dining room, the scent of our breakfast almost made me forget Matt was with us, making me excited and somehow shy. “Thank you for inviting me for those yummy pancakes, ma’am.” The guy next door showed his white pearl teeth to my mother, and she just nodded, taking her place next to dad. My eyes landed on Matt, who was sitting across from me and our irises met, electrifying my soul, so I quickly looked away. I was no kid, I knew I was attracted to him, but I also knew Adrian wasn’t in the past yet. It made me feel like I was cheating on him somehow. Maybe it was a habit to always consider myself taken, always in a relationship… or was it too soon to flirt with another? Whatever it was, for one thing, I was sure. I was curious about how Matt’s lips would feel
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4. Alone
Standing on my favorite spot, the swing on the front porch, I was cuddled in a warm blanket. I was barely swinging, busy writing messages on my phone with my best friend Amelia. She was bombarding me with questions about my sudden decision to go to my parents for the holidays. “No, there is nothing wrong about it! I just wish I had a cute little village to go to for a warm winter celebration.” Amelia’s last message read. Hugging my knees, I smiled at her party mood. She was not a traditionalist. Going with me to my parents’ house would be odd for her. Amelia liked the modern way of celebrating. She would just go to a place where unfamiliar people wear expensive clothes, drink too much, and eat gourmet dishes. Fancy, but without a drop of traditions. “Stop kidding me! I know you, remember?” I wrote back to her, shaking my head. The sound of footsteps on the fresh snow announced that I was no longer alone. Lifting my eyes to see who was coming towards the house, I saw a grinning Matt
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5. Low blood sugar
I was pulled out of my fog and was now staring at Matt with my widened eyes.“Are you okay?” His concerned voice embraced my troubled heart. “I was coming here and saw through the window how the phone slid off your hand and then you seemed so… Do you need water or something?”“Oh, he cares so much!” My inner voice confirmed my desires.“What is going on, Matt?” My Mom entered the room with a serious expression. “You seem concerned ab-” her chocolate eyes stopped on me. “Mia, you are so pale!”She rushed towards me and I began to wonder why they were so worried. Accidentally, I was making a huge drama.“Mom, I am okay.” I waved my hand, but it seemed like it was in slow motion.“Was I okay?” I thought and hid my face in my palms again.When I opened my eyes again, I was enveloped in my mother’s warm embrace. She checked my forehead for high temperature with a kiss and I inhaled her scent.“Ummm! Vanilla, ironed clothes, and something baked. A pie?” I smiled, resting my head in the cozy
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6. I don't have to, but I want to
It was a total surprise that my ride to the town festivities was Santa in a truck. I was even more amazed when he sat on a throne and kids started going to him with their wishes. Matt made sure I would have a plate, stoked with cookies and pie, while I was seated on a small table near his special chair. It smelled Godly, like cinnamon and baked goods. Even the air here was fresh, not like in the big city. Our surroundings were mostly decorated in gold and red. The Christmas tree was also with those colors. Here and there I could see yellow lights, bringing a fairytale feeling. The people around us were dressed in warm clothes and were wearing their happy faces. The mayor of the village, Mr. Lee, placed a huge bag with small souvenirs next to Matt, so every kid could have something from Santa. It was so cheerful and heartwarming. “I want a car where I can sit.” A blonde boy stated with hope in his eyes. “It must be red. Like Maqueen - the lightning!” “Ho-ho-ho!” My neighbor said, “
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7. Invisible
I knew I had to keep a little of my self-respect and to try and be alone for a while. I had to figure things out with Adrian, which reminded me that he called, and I did not pick up.So, I felt like I had to go home and face the monsters of my relatives, called the cousins. My heart sank at the thought of what they would create for me this time.Matt stayed silent all the way back to my house because I asked him to. I needed time to think, and I felt ashamed of how weak I was in his arms, despite Adrian and I hadn't cleaned up the situation.I walked at a fast pace from the truck to my home, but at the doorstep, I halted and shook my head. Matt’s gloved hand appeared on my back and instantly I stared at his beautiful eyes. It was calming how this cold color in his irises radiated care and…love.“I know the stuff they used to do as we grew up.” He said in a low voice. “Now things might be different. More mature maybe?”Instead of answering, I sighed and nodded in defeat. Now or never…o
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8. A lot more
Looking up, there was a bucket above my door and all my clothes were soaked. My shoes were in a puddle. I shivered from the cold, but inside of me was a blazing fire.“One day,” I said in a mad, even voice, piercing with my red eyes my tormentors, “you are going to get what you deserve!”They laughed even harder, leaning on the wall at the far end of the corridor, dressed in their pajamas.“And how is that going to happen?” Lea asked, pressing her belly with her arms. “I can’t breathe. Ha-ha.”“Yeah, she never does anything,” her brother stated, bending forward, laughing. “It makes it too easy for us.”I growled at them, feeling I might explode. They were right. I was never doing anything because I wasn’t a horrible person like them. Squeezing my fists, I walked back inside my room and tried to slam the door behind me.It didn’t work, as the bucket moved and was now between the door frame and the door. I let out a short yell and pushed the bucket so it would fall to the ground. I shot
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