Your Dad's Perfect

Your Dad's Perfect

By:  Billiejo Priestley  Completed
Language: English
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"You were going to be my father-in-law." This is messed up. Gripping my chin, he kisses me. "And now, I'm your plaything, someone you call daddy and get pleasure from. No one will know. Stop thinking about others, or should I stop?" he asks. Ruby, finds her fiance cheating on her, he mocks her and tells her he used her to fool is father into giving him his inheritance early. Ruby's friends suggest she makes a s*x list, which she does, and one night, she is forced to go to her ex-fiance's fathers place to get some of her items she had left there. Only, Alaric, her ex-fiances father has no idea they have split up, and is genuinely shocked when he sees the listed that Ruby created, and one moment of madness, turns into a secret affair between them.

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what a story! the struggles between them were written amazingly. I love the character development. not just of the main 2 characters but the side ones as well. Good job author
2024-06-13 16:05:44
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Sherri Schweigl
This is a really good book so far. I can’t wait to see how it ends.
2024-06-09 04:26:40
91 Chapters
Our Life
This room screams money, and it's not like I'm poor; I'm just not stupidly rich. Jake isn't yet. Sure, his dad is, but Jake was told until he proves himself, he won't get a penny. Sure, he gets money from his dad every month to live on and such.Yet, nothing else. Even though I know that his dad essentially paid for this ring I am wearing, Jake doesn't work, which means he no doubt had to ask his dad for money for the ring.It's looking like Jake might be getting his inheritance. News of this engagement has made his father see him in a whole new way—not just the engagement, but me, apparently. Dating me has made his son straighten his life out. I'm not sure how I helped. All I am doing is dating him.I didn't even know about his money until I met his dad, so it was a shock when Jake stopped at the house.They continued the conversation. His dad smiled at me and the ring. I'm still processing this. I mean, we've been dating for months, but dating and being engaged are two entirely diff
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The List
6 Months LaterSitting, I laugh. The slight feeling of being tipsy makes me happy."He's a grumpy nut!" Bex pushes me so hard that I almost fall off the stool."Maybe, but he's my grumpy nut!" I laugh and stand, and she pouts at me, sulking. "I'm going. I want to be with Jake when the new year begins. He wasn't feeling great." Hugging her, I walk home."Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!" I groan and stop at the door turning Ivy dances to me. "I'm glad you're here! I lost my keys."Laughing at her, I unlock the door. "You didn't lose them, Ivy. You never do. They are always inside where you left them." I walk in and go to the side, picking up the keys. I rattle them at her. "See."Laughing, she nods. Walking to the kitchen, I grab a drink and go upstairs, my head shaking at the fact she forgot her keys again. I had told her just before we left, get your keys. Laughing, I push the door open and freeze."Jake!" I stand shocked and sickened. He turns slightly and looks at me."Is this her?" The woman who
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Something New
Today has gone quickly. Class has ended, and I'm determined to cross another item off the list. Parking the car, I walk to the shop. Standing outside, I look at the store. Sucking in a breath, I push the door open and walk in. I begin to look around.My hand trails over the leather lingerie. Picking up a set, I carry it with me as I continue to look through the lingerie and make my way towards the sex toys.I stop at them and glance around. Now what? My hand reaches out blindly and grabs three different ones. I've no idea what they are, but I'm not about to read the boxes in the shop. Walking towards the till to pay, I stop.My eyes see the items. I grab a pair of handcuffs and a flogger and continue to the till. I place the items down. I watch as she picks each item up and scans them all before I pay, and she hands me the bag.Getting into the car, I laugh. I did it. What the hell did I buy? I laugh, knowing that maybe I should have done research before. When I get home, I place the
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The week has passed by quickly; I get lost in studying. I've signed up for dancing lessons, though. Two nights a week, I will do pole dancing, and another two nights a week, I will practice lap dances.I have to admit I had fun with Bex and Ivy that night once I let go of my fears. Pulling on the boots, I stand, and Bex walks in, her eyes widening."Why are you wearing hooker heels?" I laugh at her words. "I'm serious. Are you going out?""I'm doing pole dancing lessons. It's the first one tonight. I figured I would wear heels and learn while wearing them.""I'm coming!" she runs out of the room. I laugh, walk to her room, and watch her get ready. "I always wanted to learn, so I'm coming. Why pole dancing?" She turns and looks at me as she fastens her shoes."I have a slot in a few weeks dancing in a club." Her hands stop, and she looks at me. "Yes, I'm being serious." I laugh and watch her fasten her shoe."You're going to dance in a club?""Yes, I visited this week. It looked amazin
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Stopping outside the house, I hit the button and waited; I slept in. So I had to get ready for tonight and wear the outfit under my dress."Yes?" I turn to the intercom. He will be working, but I know where the spare key is."Hi, Alaric, it's Ruby. If possible, I need to grab the things that I left here.""You don't need to ask." The intercom turns off, and the gates open. Driving in, I get out and walk up the steps. I stop noticing that the pot has moved. Turning, I see it.Leaning over, I lift it and look for the key; it's not here."Ahm." I stand and turn, Alaric is stating right where my ass was bent over."Sorry, I thought you would be at work. I was going to let myself in." Maybe I should have knocked first."No worries. Can I get you a drink?" He walks in, and I follow."Erm..." He's smiling at me, shit he doesn't know."Is everything okay?" He grabs a glass, and I nod. "Drink?"I nod at him, I thought Jake would have told him this was over? Now I feel more awkward than before,
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His Advice
"Ruby, come here." I look at him and shake my head. His hand grips mine, and he pulls me in front of him. He turns me so my back is against him. "What is this?" He taps the side, and I glance down.Shit, my list. I go to say I don't know when he speaks. "It fell out of your bag. You threw it down with that much force." He chuckles and waits."It was something to help me experience more, stop being a prude, and prove everyone wrong."He sighs and grabs a pen, placing it next to the paper. His hands grip the counter next to me. "Pick up the pen," he says, his breath washes over my neck. Reaching down, I get it."Cross off number eight.""W-what?""Cross of number eight. The list is a good idea, but number eight is a risk. Not only that, but you're not selling your body. You gain nothing from it.""I want to." It will help. It's different."No, you don't. Women dance there for money, and many are abused behind the scenes. If you want a list, fine, but make it safe. Cross it out."Nodding
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His Touch
We don't move or speak. I don't want to speak. I don't want to consider this too much. There's a chance if I do, or even if he does, we will stop and realise how crazy it is.His hands stroke down my sides, causing my body to quake. Stopping at my hips, he turns me before lifting me onto the kitchen side."Say no, Ruby." His eyes go from mine down my body. I push my legs wider."No...I don't want to walk away and stop this, Daddy." He groans and pushes me back until I'm laid down. His hands stroke up my legs, pushing them further apart.I expect him to grasp my hips. Instead, his hands continue their journey up my body while his head lowers and drops between my thighs. I feel his tongue stroke along my clit, his hands wrapping around my throat.My body vibrates with pleasure as his tongue moves slowly. His hands around my neck keep me against his mouth. He works slowly, gently, moving from my core back up to my clit, each time it causes my hips to raise.Slowly, his tongue begins to s
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His Tour
Knocking on the window, I watched her open it."You were ages. I tried calling. Did his daddy apologise for his son being an asshole?""Like you wouldn't know." She tilts her head and gets out. I watch as she puts on the mask."What did that mean?" She hooks her arm through mine, and we walk in; she leans in and sniffs me before feeling my hair. "Oh no, you didn't fuck his dad as revenge did you?" She laughs and looks at me. "You did?""No! I didn't fuck him or use him for revenge." I walk to the bar and order a drink, her eyes staying fixed on me."You did something. What happened?" She looks at me, waiting. Standing, I explain what happened, and her eyes widen."His dad?" She stares at me."He's actually really fucking hot. Like, unbelievably hot. So yes."Her eyes almost come out of their sockets. "His dad!"All I can do is nod. "I think I regret it now. At the time, though, my body was exploding with pleasure, and it wanted him, so when he told me to say no, I didn't."God, what d
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The Business
My eyes widen. "As you can see, the rooms are fully equipped; anything someone may need is there. Within reason, as I said, anything that goes inside the body has to be bought and taken away with you."I stay staring. The woman is kneeling, her mask covering her eyes. Nothing much is happening. The man is walking around the room, picking up things. I feel Alaric move and follow him."Again, submissive." His words have me look through the window. Shit. Okay, this is more than the last window. The woman is tied up, the whip swinging and hitting her. "This hall is for submissives, male and female. There is a limit to three people in the room."Turning, he guides me back out and down another hall. Unlocking the door, we step through, and my body stops."This side is more extreme. This hall is where people come if there will be more than three people. These rooms are typically used by those into gangbangs, orgies and such." He says it like it's normal. Each room is similar, with a male or
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Taking His Advice
I hadn't really considered why I would use this place or what it could be used for. At first, I just wanted to visit, but now I'm considering whether I would."You have no idea about this world, do you?" He smirks, and I nod."Of course I don't. I keep telling you that your son was right." Has he forgotten that?He laughs and nods. "Someone not knowing about this world doesn't instantly make them boring, dull or a prude. People only search out this world through interest and such." Sighing, he stands."Stay there." I watch as he walks off. Why am I to stay here? Looking down, I see my glass is empty, walking to the bar I order another drink."Hi." Turning, I look at the guy. "I'm Kian." The guy holds out his hand. I shake it and smile."Ruby." He nods at me, starts talking, and then stops. Alaric looks between us and turns me away from Kian."I'm sorry, Mr Hendrix. I didn't realise she was your guest." Kian smiles at him."She isn't, but she doesn't know enough to hop into a room with
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