the last everwood guardain

the last everwood guardain

By:  M.R. Gardner  Completed
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July 10, 0250 This will be the journal entry I will ever write, this journal will only one I own and it is going to be in hiding as well. Only the child of the zodiac sisters can read this and Stacy told me that the child of the fourth older within the zodiac signs is the only one, who understands Everwood. The Everwood on the island and put this journal with the other. So if you are the child of the fourth older zodiac sisters, I trust you with the journal of unfinished tales and the handbook that the darkness hunter gave me. So if anyone reading this, copy this letter down and give it to the darkness for me. To the folk reading this, .... ... -The eight child of the zodiac sister, Scorpio __________________________________________________________ This is book 1 of my main book serial, The curse of the iron rose. Read the story to find out what the curse of the iron rose is about. When the zoidac sisters are all dead killed by the darkness and their no light in the land. When the darkness take over with no guardian left in the land but for one under the darkness nose. After Stacy death, the sign and power off Scorpio is the first one to come back to Everwood. The new journal of the zodiac signs, have start once again. Read to found out what happen in the curse of the iron rose.

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the curse of the iron rose, my main serial that i'm writing
The curse of the iron rose is about this small land which once was rule by both darkness and light but for a unknown reason, the darkness starting the war that is still being fight to this day. When all light are gone along with the the land history, magic and the believe in the creators, marker, zodiac sister. The darkness replaces it with their own and brain wash everyone in Everwood. When the light start to some back into the land, the zodiac sister is ready for a round, but this time, their more powerful. Will the light won this time and end the darkness era of power after many years? Read the keeper journal to find out.   This is the books, I have been years on since high school, that I be writing and this is my first book I write. Hope you like it because this is my favorite books I write right next to Ebony woods' story. You are going to read book one of the curse of  the iron rose books. Hope you guy like this and I ready ho
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Quote about the owner
Some secrets are meant to stay secret forever but some secrets have to stay a secret (Liane Morianty). As the cloak figue read in the book before this shadow figue come  out of under the door, with the allow of the zodiac sign out of their endless walk in the walk. "Who sent you?" say the claok figue who was puting the book down on the table that was right next to her chair near this stone handcrave fireplace.  "Scorpio sent me, their found another to hold the power and the new keeper of the book of secret" say the shadow figue that taking up a form of the fallen warrio, who get on the darkness keeper bad side.  "oh, the zodiac sign is ready is another try in the war, let just hope they don't follow the same plan this time. It didn't work and look at you and you sisters" as soon the cloak figue told this to the shadow figue, the shadow figue what back in this form of pure darkness and what away.
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writing from the creature
To a very group of guardians on some day in October, the last everwood guardian was born to an everwood guardian that was the only one that could hide from the darkness hunter better than the other. A gray hair, green eyes and tan skin male and a plain skin brown hair and eyes womale. They like the other who was in hiding and they secreted birth within hiding to a baby girl that will later on be known to be the last guardian of everwood that no one knows about.  Their hiding place was the place that noone or no darkness hunters can't find and both parents want out to find anying survive everwood guardian, also to find some more food but neither of the parents didn't return back to the hiding place. -The unknown story of the last everwood guardian writed by the four zodiac sign three month before their death
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The death of Stacy, the zoidac sister of Scorpio
When the darkness hunters after looking all over the land and a trap that gets the only living zodiac sister, after she goes into hiding after the zodiac sisters are dead. As the darkness was dragging her into the field that was a flower field but it became a killer field, when the great makers that once on the land before the zodiac sisters. This field becomes a field full of blood and killing of the great maker and the zodiac sisters by the darkness's own hands. The zodiac sister was pushed on to the hard dry ground, that was painting on with old blood and as the darkness hunter was getting ready to kill her off, she spoke for the first time after being found by the darkness hunter. "You will never have full power over Everwood, this land was a creature with both light and darkness. The land can't run on darkness alone, the light with away have a little power over the land" As Stacy, who was the last zodiac sister to be alive but the darkness keeper only make this wide creepy smil
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May 10, 0218
I was going through my parents room and cleaning up some of the things that were not broken, to sell at the trading market for money for food. The other room was all clean of things to sell and found some stuff to sell but also found an unfilled brown cloth journey that was in the box with some ink. The journey was only small and it came with two bottles of black ink with a wood pencil. This will sell very well at the trader maker but I want to keep it for myself and the journey only has the first page full and the other pages are clean. "The darkness is not to be trusted at all, many people want gone after hearing that the darkness has to stay." I have no idea what this means but I put this in the bag that I have in my room. My parents told me that, if I'm alone with no elsa with me and need someone to talk to, write in a journal about your day, so it will feel like you have someone to talk to. Put the item in the bag and go out of the hiding base, even so it was not wise to go out
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May 11, 0218
I forgot to honestly want nature to look a little and when I got out of hiding or saw the land in the gray light beside having light. Nature outside the hiding place and on the land was a tree without leaves, dead plants and grass. Dry and wet dirt was on the group, most animals were gone or killed by the darkness hunter for food or just for fun. The sky was colorless with a little bit of blue in the sky during the day and it was the same when I got to look at nature during the day. When I found some water boiling near a lake, it still had some dead fish in it. After Mr. White was killed by the darkness hunter, I went back into hiding  but memory of how Mr. White how he found me in the first place and this memory of Mr. White as all froger in my mind. I still tell the story about Mr. White finding me as best as I can to myself, so I can go to sleep at night. When this happened, I was only 13 years old and this story was told to me by Mr. White. My Parents were the first
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May 12, 0218
At this point after being almost attacked by a different darkness hunter, this one was not like the other one that I met before when I was out looking for food. I get a small feeling and now the darkness knows that I was born because they didn't know who I was. The darkness hunter sported me out in the open, forgot the cloak in the bag and didn't put it on, when I walked into the forest to pick some berries to eat. The darkness hunter knows every since person in Everwood and has records in their base but when they see me, their eyes turn this bright red eyes. Then the darkness hunter noticed that I have a mark on my neck that my parents gave me when I was born. "The guardian child is alive, we need to kill you just like you parents were" I hear the darkness hunter told me this behind my back and I step into the darkness hunter without notice. My father has two weapons that he brings with him, into hiding and I found one of them but it's been ages since this axe has been found, also
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secret pray within darkness
Dear Zodiac sisters, we know that you are no longer with us but in the startly sky but if you are not mad at us, hear us pray. Let the new set of heroes rise from the light remain and take on the darkness once again. The everwood guardian before their death was the only hope for Everwood but they're all gone now and up with you. So the heroes rise and help them in the fight against the darkness. We will help the hero you  chose and will keep you power of the many zodiac signs. We will try to help them within the darkness and if we are caught, let us soul be with you, if you forgot us for the sins we did to you. We need you help zodiac sisters and the great maker of everwood, forgotten is for the wrong we did to you. Zodiac sisters, up in the sky hear us pray and make it true. -secret prey within the darkness  
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September 9, 0221
When I was in the rose garden taking care and washing my rose garden, the guys were not awol in but the guy was busy doing their 3 hours training that they did everyday. Over time I started to remomory more things about my parents that was all a fog in my mind and my mother loved roses. My mother will take care of dead roses when she finds one since there were no roese in the land anymore and she loves roses more in the world. The head guardian notice that I never have a space for me to do thing I want, since most of the base was full of males that didn't how to care for their self, so they found and clear out a space in a part of the base and with the guys help, build a small rose garden for me, when I turn 16. The guys did this for me, so I can get away from the guys and have my own space for myself because I'm alawy around the guys never having time to myself where I'm cleaning after their or away having the guys in my space within the base. It has a sitting area and 2 flower bed
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September 10, 0221
The guys after helping their train, notice that all the guys do in the training is throw weapons at the tager but I did this the same training, when the guys were outside the base, doing a forest training. This power I felt when I was 13, started to show itself after a year ago and this was around the time but I try to look this power up in every book father has. My hair was once this light and dark brown color but over 1 year of finding out that I have this power, I notice this right away that my hair was changed, my father noticed this right away at dinner but he woke up to see all brown hair. My hair was getting more of the blue green color by the day now and the guys were not at the base most of the time when it happened to my hair.  Just like everything else in my life that I keep a sertce, this one if the guy found out about it, they will not allow it. I found this hidden part of the land within the rose garden and I was training here in secret when the guys were out of t
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