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His finger moved in and out of her in a soft rhythm. He knew every part of her, every touch that would make her cry in ecstasy. The sounds she made against his shoulder vibrated on his skin that she tried to suppress when he increased his pace, bringing her closer, and closer, and closer to the edge of the pleasure he was giving to her. Even though he wanted to continue, keep her like this for a long, long time, but the sight of her coming to her ecstasy was what drove him to make her reach the end of her pleasure. After what felt like a long time, her hands clutched his neck in a tight grip while her heavy breaths and a mew of soft cry fell in his ears, letting him know of her cumming on his fingers.She stayed clinging to his arm, her heavy breaths falling in his ears like a sweet song. He turned his head to see her red face, and then bent down to take her lips in a soft kiss.*****It was nearly a month since Kara had joined the office. Even though she had tr
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"Alright." Kara answered and hung up the phone. James was looking at her with his one brow raised in question."Someone is waiting for you." she responded and started dressing up again properly. She combed her fingers through her hair to make them less messy. James sighed heavily in disappointment before he started fixing up his own clothes.He was turned around showing his back to her while buttoning his shirt when he felt her hug from behind, "we need to stop doing this in the office. Anyone can see us any time."James put his hands on her arms and brought her to the front, hugging her as his arms wrapped around her waist, "I don't mind."Kara's eyes shot up to meet his in surprise. If it were the same James as three years ago, he would never even have let her be seen alone in the same room as himself, let alone discovered by others in a compromising position. He had always been vary of his family, of them seeing their relationship as anything more than
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James could not hear anything because of office being soundproof but her laughing with Damon was irritating him to the core. Tasha slipped her hand in his arm to catch his attention, "James, what are you..." and then her gaze followed James' and saw it stuck on Kara, "you like her?"Tasha had never seen James like this. His eyes stayed stuck on the girl like there was nothing else around him. In his college days, no matter how many girls were crazy about him and wanted to be with him but he had never given a damn about anyone. Tasha had been attracted to him, but knowing his personality, she never had to courage to take a step in his direction as more than a friend. So now, when she saw him watching Kara so intently, she immediately felt a sharp jealously in her heart."Nice catch." Tasha chuckled.James turned his head to her and smirked, "thanks. Happy to introduce you to my fiancee."Tasha was drinking water and immediately chocked on it a
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"You brought her?" Tasha asked."She is the company owner. How can I forget her?" Damon grinned.James cursed himself for missing out on it. "He did not want to come alone, so I thought I should give him some company." Damon smiled down at her and squeezed her waist gently, making James' gaze drop to the where his arm was resting."Thankfully, party is not as boring as I had thought." Damon responded.When some of Damon's friend approached him, he excused himself and took Kara along to chat. Once they were out of earshot, Tasha turned to James and smirked,"So... your fiancee?"Jame grabbed a shot from the table and gulped it down. As he put the empty glass back on the counter, he responded nonchalantly, "Fiancee... would be fiancee... same thing.""Overconfident, aren't you?" Tasha snickered.James shrugged his shoulders in indifference and turned back to look at Damon and Kara. Kara's gaze was on him but turned a
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When Kara came out, she found James dancing with Tasha on a very sensual song on the stage. Tasha was moving around James, clearly trying to keep his full attention on herself to seduce him but his eyes were searching for Kara only. Although in his anger James had spat out the words that came to his mind, he still wanted to see Kara only, or more like the jealousy and look of defeat on her face.What he did not know was that he was now dealing with the new Kara, not the one who was too shy to even look in his direction when he was in the same room as her.The song was a sensual dancing number with an upbeat theme, the DJ was doing an excellent job at keeping the guests entertained until his eyes fell on something. His mouth was open as he stared at something, or rather someone. Tasha was irritated at the sudden change that became apparent in the atmosphere. James looked around in confusion and found every man in the party looking at something with full attention. He tu
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James stepped closer to her, and responded calmly, "You need to behave, Kara. Don't think I am going to tolerate anyone's dirty hands on you."She looked into his dark eyes while he lifted his hand and traced her jaw with his finger and trailed it down to her cleavage. She tried to shove him off but ended up pressing harder against his body."You lost your bet, James."He smirked at her and slipped his finger down to her abdomen, hearing a gasp escape her lips as she sucked in a sharp breath. His fingers squeezed her waist and pulled her closer to his body tightly, "There aren't any bets valid when it comes to you."Her heart beat loudly hearing the meaning behind his words. As his face dipped in her collar to trace the skin with his
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"Get the stretchers ready.""Are there any casualties?""... No, two patients, heavily injured. Car fell down the hill."The broken sounds barely fell in Kara's years as she came in and out of consciousness. As soon as the car went down, they collided with rocks and she did not even realize when she became unconscious. As she heard the voices, she realized the doctors were talking about her and Damon. She felt a bit of relief knowing Damon was still alive, but afraid too because the pain her body was severe enough for her to realize that the injuries they had suffered were not small ones.*****"Kara?" Someone gently patted her face, "Kara, are you awake?"
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"Yeah," James murmured, "it seems so. We have now increased security and everyone is under investigation for trying to murder you. Whoever it is, we will find out soon enough."****One month LaterKara moved a bit, and climbed out of the bed. Her hands clutched the handles of walking sticks, trying to stand up. She had barely stood up, when two hands snatched the sticks, put them aside and lifted her up bridal style."How many times are you going to make me repeat?" James frowned and started walking towards the hall with her, "don't make trouble. Don't make me worry. Don't get out of the fucking bed on your own. Just holler my name, how hard is that for you?"Kara s
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"Stay here." James bent his head down and kissed her forehead, his hand holding the back of her head in his palm, "I might be back after an hour or so.""It is fine. I am finally getting some time to chill." Kara grinned enthusiastically.After so much arguments and discussions James had finally agreed to go to work, but only if Kara accompanied him there and stayed with him inside the office. He was completely in control of every minute that she breathed.James nodded his head and stood up to walk away. He straightened, but stayed in his place for a few more minutes, not really wanting to leave her alone. His heart would not stop wanting to stay near her. With everything going on and even before that, he had almost lost her. Now that she was in front of his eyes, he stayed assured she
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