Chapter 7 - Upcoming Sports Festival

"Sir, have you seen Kyros?" Taurus asked when he noticed that the idiot is not present here in the room.

"I told him to pick up the unwanted weeds in the backyard." Mr. Mantovan answered. Too bad for him, that idiot is wandering around and is currently at the rooftop.

"I wanted to ask this Sir, but they've added a beauty contest right?" Huxley excitedly asked but Mr. Mantovan was confused.

"What are you talking about? That's for the Cultural Festival." The disappointment is seen on Huxley's face.

"Let's talk about the games that will be held." As if a flame was lit in Mr. Mantovan's eyes after he said that. He's being competitive just for child play?

"Who wants to join the Basketball game?" I'm not interested but I silently listened to the games he's talking about.

"Just put Kyros's name in every game." Aries interrupted which made the others agree. "Since he

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