Episode 7

"Hey, guys! don't you think you're suffocating us by filling up the space" I said trying to get them to move away, I could see Adrian was trying his best to hold it in.

"Oh come on Nat...You should know no one gets this topic, it was like the teacher was rapping at the board all I could make out was X, that's all I keep hearing" Gregor gruffed and the class laughed as usual, Adrian was sweating, his breath getting shallow.

"Adrian, would you mind teaching us the topic please?" Cassie pouted trying to look cute and pitiful but I grunted in disgust.

"Oh come on guys we have somewhere to be," I said having a headache myself, my head was crowded, all noise in my head makes me wanna faint, I took his hand and take my bag since he was already carrying his and lead him out,

we were around the stairs up to the floor of the library when I turned to Adrian as he was breathing so fast.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked worried for him but he didn't say anything he just hugged me. 

"It's okay Adrian, everything's fine. They are all like you, they mean you no harm, they are your friends" I assured and I feel him relax a little, I was worried he might have fainted so I called on him since I wouldn't know with his hand wrapped around my shoulders.

"Adrian?" I called again now feeling petrified.

"Just...just stay like this for a moment" He muttered almost pleading and I let him be but something strange happened, I felt like I was hearing his thoughts but it was not audible at all, I was trying to concentrate when he released me.

"Thank you, Nat," He said and I smiled still confused on what just happened.

We went for Karate training but all it was at the moment was the orientation, the does, and don'ts but I wasn't paying any attention I was so confused about what happened a while ago until I heard my name. 

"Huh, what?" I asked not aware what was going on.

"You are called" Adrian whispered but I still didn't get it until our instructor called me again.

I went to him and I heard from his thoughts they were making me a karate prefect which was already said all they were expecting me to do was say thank you and take my badge I did just that and take the badge from our senior instructor who pin it to my shirt I was so glad and almost forgot what I was thinking then I was assigned my first duty.

"Since Adrian Smith is our new member you'll be taking him until he's familiar with the rules and conditions of karate as well as introductory moves he'll need" our karate instructor dictated, that got me a little worried but the look on Adrian's face tell he was so satisfied with that, he was giving a judo outfit, though baggy it looked good on him.

"'re gonna be my meantime master, how interesting" He grinned obviously glad about it but for some kind of reason I wasn't so glad, I started with the rules, telling him the rules to be followed in karate and 30min later we started training, I paired him up with another newbie, but both of them was so clueless, I was still teaching him some defense skills but they weren't getting it at all.

"No...your hand should be grabbing his arm like this," I said correcting them, but I got tired of doing that because I was sure both were just playing around.

"Here let me show you" I offered as I held onto Adrian's hand then in a swing I throw him to the mat, he grimaced painfully making me slightly worried.

"That's how it done, now again" I commanded and Adrian stood ready this time, as he was still struggling to get his opponent when he made a comment that made me laugh.

"Don't you think you were a bit harsh, we are friends after all" He said hand still on his opponent and I laughed slightly. 

"You watch," I said turning to Adrian's opponent and turning Adrian to me so I could spar with him. 

"Now let me show you how harsh I can be," I said taking his arm I couldn't get him to throw but in a swift way, I shove his legs off the floor, and in the next minute he was on his back on the floor.

I smirked mockingly and he stood I tried to throw him again but he didn't give way try to shove him but he jumped dodging my legs as they go under him and in a minute he got me with my back on his chest and his arm around my neck, he was happy he pinned me against him but unfortunately I grabbed his arm turning it to his back that he groaned out in pain.

"Good move Natalie" our instructor complimented after watching us for a while.


"I can really make use of some pain killers right now," Adrian said clutching his neck while we head home.

"I told you didn't I? I told you it's gonna be stressful" I teased. 

"Yeah...but I'm still gonna do it" He declared confidently.

"You never listen, do you?" I scoffed. 

"I never do" He replied grinning. 

We were just a meter out of school when I remembered Hannah's plan, and the fact that we were being followed got me a little worried, I grabbed Adrian's hand in surprise and started running, I could hear the legs hasten behind us I knew things wouldn't end up great if we don't get out of the environment, we got to a corner and I pulled Adrian behind an abandoned store, we had to cramp up in a corner not to get seen.

"What the-" Adrian was about to say when I covered his mouth with my hand, his eyes broaden in surprise then we heard the voice.

"Come out now...don't worry we are gonna take it easy on you," The strange voice said but it wasn't really strange I could recognize that voice, it was the kids from the other school, damn.

We had a fair competition and I won in the karate contest, but they have had that grudge ever since I couldn't believe Hanna will use them on me. They were looking for us I could guess, then Adrian pull me deeper pressing me against him, I could feel our hips pressed tightly against each other making me a little uncomfortable, he must have seen them. Then something unexpected happened, my heart was racing in my chest as I face Adrian, I slowly removed my hand which was covering his mouth, I couldn't meet his gaze and I was scared he would hear the loud thump of my heart... I felt so strange in his embrace, another surprise caught up, I could hear Adrian's thought but not audible enough to make out, it was like an oozing air, it was a little bit complicated, then we heard the footsteps exit, we come out from hiding and making our way out of there, we heard them turning back and running after us and we took to our heels, we took another turn making one of them fell that made me and Adrian laugh, they were cursing as another trip and fell why trying to reach me but I dodged we grabbed a bus going to our direction immediately we reached the bus stop, damn! I heard one of them shout after he couldn't keep up with the bus.

"Who the hell are those?" Adrian asked trying to catch his breath.

"Well...should I say my opponents in the last karate competition or Hanna's gang" I panted a little out of breath as I took my seat next to him.

"What!?" He voiced, alarmed and I gave him a silly look. 

"How would you know that?" He asked obviously not believing me.

"Trust me, Adrian, Hanna sent them, and I'm so gonna deal with her tomorrow" I vowed and Adria immediately wore a surprised look. 

"Don't jump to conclusions Nat...I know you're only saying that because you aren't on good terms, she wouldn't have done something like that" he said adjusting in his seat.

"Well, maybe but Bob would have done it if she asked him to," I said guessing the circumstances.

"Come on're only guessing" He pointed out plainly.

"Trust me it's not a big deal to Hanna, you don't know her like I do" I insisted.

"She's not that bad" he shrugged and I shot my head at him with one brow arched in question, making him laugh. 

In just a few minutes we arrive at our district and got down, then we started walking towards home, the silence makes things tense, and recalling what happened a while ago wouldn't make me talk, why was my heart racing so much? Why were his thoughts not audible? Why can't I meet his gaze? Lots of questions welled up in my head which I couldn't get answers to or maybe I couldn't admit the answer.

"So...see you around," He said as we got to my house, I didn't notice until he talked.

"Yeah...sure" I smiled as I wave him goodbye. I was so tired that I fell asleep after I freshen up, it was around 7 pm when I heard a knock on my door, 

"Come in" I urged. 

"Hey," My mom casually greeted as she made her way into my room.

"Hi, mom" I greeted back.

"You have a visitor," she said grinning from ear to ear,

 Adrian I make out from her thoughts, I quickly stood, rub my face to be sure I didn't look like a sleeping girl, I got in front of the mirror and fix my hair, hold on a second why am I even doing this, I asked myself after I had finished tying my hair, this is strange, really really strange and to make matters worse my mum was staring at me, she wanted to say something but I wouldn't appreciate it.

"Mom, please not now," I said as I passed beside her to the sitting room, Adrian had come with Ashley who was enjoying my dad's joke but the look on Adrian's face told me he was not.

"Hey " I with a broad smile. 

"Hey" he replied shyly and stood. 

"What-" I was about asking why he came but I changed my mind but as if knowing what I want to ask.

"Well... My mom called your mom, they ask if we could stay here for a while, they had an emergency family gathering-

"Ohh" I exclaimed as I lead him back to the sofa, my dad seems to enjoy answering Ashley's questions as he didn't hesitate answering them.

"They seem to be getting along just fine," I noticed, talking to Adrian. 

"Yeah... I think so too, you know Ashley has always wanted a father to joke and had fun with, and my just too serious" he said looking at how Ashley was smiling so beautifully, I was like that once, always enjoying my dad's company until I got my ability, it jeopardizes everything, all the connection, and bond I had with him.

"You must be getting along well with your dad?" He said, but I didn't even know if I was to take that as a question or conclusion.

"There was a time I am, but now...I ain't" I confessed. 

"Come on...let's take a walk" I suggested as I was feeling bored already, he stood as I took him out, then I walk him to the back of the house.

"This is my mother's garden" I pointed, showing him all the beautiful flowers my mom had grown ever since we moved, there were plenty, rose is mom's best flower and she had grew them in abundance.

"'s beautiful" he said touching an hibiscus. 

"'s her hobby, when she's down or sad, or when she misses someone she grow a flower, and when she's happy she water them" I said as I took my seat on the rocking chair at the backyard porch.

"You have a wonderful mom you know" He complimented.

"So do you" I returned with a smile.

"Can you show me some Karate moves, I could...learn a bit you know?" He requested nudging me by the shoulder. 

"Here? On the floor? There's no mat here and you might end up injured, I wouldn't wanna risk that" I said not buying the idea.

"Come on, I'm me" He insisted, now in front of me.

"Adrian I don't wanna get into trouble," I said but he insisted I have to give in to him at last, he's just so stubborn, I was taking it real easy at first until he tripped me, that got me mad after hitting him several times and making him fall, my mom appeared from the backyard door.

"Honey, what's going on?" She asked worried we got into a fight.

"I was just showing Adrian some karate moves" I explained as I help him up.

" gotta leave that and come eat, I give both of you two minutes to reach the dining" She ordered and left.

"You okay?" I said touching his bleeding mouth, maybe I shouldn't have because I felt affected by it, and looking at him, it was obvious he felt it too, he was looking straight into my eyes, I wanted to say something but the words got stuck, he was close, really close I put down my hand and he held it. I hoped he wasn't thinking what I'm thinking, he moved closer almost closing the gap between us, I practically held my breath as a result of the close proximity. Then boom, Ashley appeared. 

"Mrs. Howard said you wouldn't like her to come call you again" Ashley informed trying to guess what was going on between us but I didn't make out the conclusion from her thoughts before she went back inside.


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