Episode 6

Mrs. Smith brought me to school again and I thought that was somehow raising my savings I was glad. I didn't talk much to Adrian today, because many things were assumed already including something was going on between us, and not just that, I didn't want to be like I'm throwing myself at him. I shouldn't be the only one calling on him, he should try to be communicative...sometimes, Hanna has been giving me killer look since I arrived in school not just her but Bob too, they were planning something and I had no idea cause I couldn't get an explicit detail from their thoughts.

During recess, I left to sign up for my extracurricular activity, I have always been a karate girl, and a good swimmer, I'm also a basketball freak but I couldn't sign up for basketball not now that I'm studying for my final exams, but I love Karate the best, I was the best karate student last year, I can't lie my ability is really helping in this, in every training I was able to gain more moves using the experts' thoughts and I was able to defeat my opponent by knowing his or he next move from his or her thought, I completed my second-year Karate training form and was heading back when I saw Adrian, he smiled on sighting me and I forced back a smile. 

"Hey" He called out my name but I just stared too shocked to say anything. 

"Why are you staring at me like you've just seen a ghost?" he questioned with his face slightly contorted but still held a smile.

" came!?" I squealed excitedly.

" were right I was hoping to try something new" He revealed but I know that wasn't the case he had been criticised for being a sick guy, people keep saying it in their minds and some even have the guts to say it to his face but I was glad, I smiled as I watched him fill the form. 

"Are you sure you want to sign up for karate...It's kinda too strenuous you know!" I informed. 

"You know I'm starting to think you're doubting me, didn't you say you believe in me?" He asked with an arched brow, as we made our way out.

"Of course, I believe in you. It's just I'm not sure you'll want to do it" I defended trying not to make him feel bad.

"Come on Nat...I walk my way to the sports department to get myself signed up, would I have done that without knowing the risks?" He asked but I was absent-minded I was staring at Hanna whose thoughts were to gang up on me and beat me to a pulp after school. 

"Earth to Natalie! hello!!!" Adrian called trying to get my attention

"What?!" I asked jolting out of my own thoughts. 

"What got you so engrossed?" He asked hands akimbo as he expected an explanation. 

"It's nothing" I shrugged trying to bring him back to our discussion so I immediately go back to the topic.

"And do you know we'll be spending extra two hours in school because of that, which literally means you won't be able to go home with your mom anymore" I added and he seems to contemplate on it for a bit. 

"Well I could use a real change for a while...and besides I'm not alone in this" He boasted cheerfully, I wonder why is that.

"But I've got to see my mom, will you please come with me?" He asked politely giving me that kind of child look that was hard to reject so I had no choice.

"Okay...why not? I said as we both head towards the staff's block. Mrs. Smith was sharing her office with Miss Michelle who seems to be really fond of me because of my activeness in her class.

"Hi, miss Michelle I greeted as we entered since she was closer to the door than Mrs. Smith.

"Hi, Natalie...what a pleasant surprise, I don't think I've seen you since we resumed. Is there a problem?" she asked after looking to see who greeted her. 

"No...not at all" I quickly replied with a warm smile.

"Well it's nice to see you again" She grinned. 

"But did you come to see me?" She asked straightening up in her chair.

"No...we are here for Mrs. Smith," I said making Mrs. Smith come out of the cabinet room, she must have heard. 

"Oh, here she is" Miss Michelle exclaimed resuming back to work.

"Hi, mom-

"Hi, Mrs. Smith" Adrian and I greeted almost at the same time. 

"Hi...did something happen?" She asked suddenly terrified Adrian got into trouble again.

"No, not at all mom, actually I'm here to tell you I signed up for extracurricular activities and I might not be able to go home with you" He sounded like he was aware of what his mother's reaction will be, and really her heart raced in alarm.

"Extracurriculum activities!?" She panicked. 

" you don't have to worry Nat will be there and I've started thinking of how to control my phobia and the best way to confront it is by doing things that arouse it," He said and I smiled making Mrs. Smith got the thought that it was my idea.

"It's okay by's just can you do this!?" She inquired worry lacing her voice and tainting her expression.

"Well...I gotta try " He replied with his mind already set.

"Okay...but just in case you wanna quit, just tell me, okay? I'll help sort it out so it wouldn't affect your academic sheet" Mrs. Smith offered and Adrian smiled in appreciation. 

"Thanks, mom" He beamed happily.

"So what activities did you sign up for?" Mrs. Smith asked taking her seat.

"Well...I decided to try out karate and continue swimming " He said casually but Mrs. Smith almost ran crazy.

"What!?" She yelled and we all flinched, shocked by her reaction.

"Is everything alright?" Miss Michelle asked also startled by Mrs. Smith's outburst that she dropped her pen in shock. 

"Sorry Michelle, everything's fine" She lied giving a wry smile to Miss Michelle before turning back to us.

"You injured yourself during the last swimming competition you went to, do you remember?"

"Mom I can do this please, trust me" Adrian assured already annoyed.

"Okay, fine, but why karate then?" Why do you have to choose karate, there's basketball, volleyball, tennis, and badminton why Karate For crying out loud?" She half yelled but we were both silent, I was very sure Mrs. Smith thinks this was all my idea. 

"What if you hurt yourself?" She added, now Adrian is really pissed.

"Mom for goodness sake I'm not a kid, I'm almost 19, why do you keep treating me like a baby, I can do this on my own" Adrian lashed at his mother with a scorn on his face, then Mrs. Smith suddenly remembered Adrian's birthday was just in a few weeks, I couldn't get the exact date but I just knew Adrian is 11 months older than I was.

"Honey you know I'm just worried about you...can't you just reconsider this?" She half pleaded hands anxiously tapping on her desk as she was already flustered and frustrated, she was really worried.

"Adrian your mom's right, karate is a risky thing, strenuous and tiring, you should 

reconsider..." But I didn't get to finish my statement.

"Not you too Natalie. You all said you believe in me but you aren't behaving like you do" He spat angrily at me before storming out.

"Adrian" I called running after him, but he wouldn't even bulge as he increased his space, I went back to see Mrs. Smith really worried.

"I'll try to convince him, Mrs. Smith, you don't have to worry," I said hoping to console her, she finally realised it wasn't my fault he chose Karate.

"It's okay Natalie, Adrian is a lot more stubborn than you imagine, his mind's made up, but I'm gonna ask you...please keep an eye on him for me, he can't do this alone," She said finally giving him a chance.

"You can count on me Mrs. Smith" I assured before finally heading out.

The break wasn't over so I started looking for Adrian but I couldn't find him, and I was starving I took my food and head to my favourite spot in the school, for some kind of reason I was hoping to meet Adrian there and he really was there.

"Hey" I called as I sat next to him but he didn't respond, he was only looking at the activities going on in the school, he was sitting with his leg on each other and his two arms stretched behind him in support... 

"Adrian I'm sorry I didn't mean it to appear that way, I just don't want your mom to be worried, I meant it when I said I believe in you Adrian," I said but he didn't say anything. 

"Adrian say something" I urged anxiously trying to know if he's still mad but when he still didn't say anything I took my food and started eating, it was chicken chops, then out of the blue Adrian took a chop, I looked at him with a surprised but funny look as he digs it into his mouth.

"You really aren't willing to invite me, do you?" He asked with a silly look on his face before taking another one

"Seriously Adrian, you are a pain in the ass" I commented hitting him playfully.

"That really hurt, you know that?" He asked and I laughed.

"You deserved it jerk" I clocked and he snatched my lunch box and immediately started running, And I lunged after him, goodness I'm so hungry, I never joke with food and Adrian is starving me with this. 

"Give that back" I yelled as he keep on digging the chicken in his mouth, I couldn't catch up with him as he kept dodging and changing directions and when the chops remained two, he gave the lunch box back to me,

"It was delicious" he whispered into my ear and started moving downstairs, I felt the urge to roll and cry on the floor...goddammit he just punished me with this. 

I wasn't able to concentrate in class because of hunger pangs, my stomach was growling in anger, I really needed to find something to eat, the music I was listening to wasn't making things any easier, I stopped it and remove my headset as if they were waiting for me to do so, there were so many thoughts filling my brain, I can tell non of them was concentrating to what the teacher was saying and class was dull and silent, my stomach rumbled loudly causing everyone to look in my direction even the teacher.

"I'm sorry but are you okay?" Miss Elizabeth asked when she saw me hugging my stomach.

"No...I think I'm having stomach upset. If you'll excuse me" I lied head bowed in embarrassment before standing and she allowed me, since she knows what the problem was, I didn't bring much with me, it isn't even enough to buy a pie, I was contemplating what to do as I sat down at the back of the cafeteria when I saw Adrian with a tray of food, probably from the cafeteria, I was salivating on the sight, just so good of him I thought sarcastically. I mean he finished my lunch and here he is torturing me with food again.

"Your look can make the food disappear you know" He teased and I frowned, he was right I was looking like a hungry predator, I tear my face off him looking anywhere but him, and he gently place the tray on my lap. 

"What!?" I demanded with a questioning face

"Well, I think you should have some food, your stomach was too noisy that I couldn't help laughing in my seat " He teased again and I rolled my eyes at him this time but I was so happy but I didn't even say thank you before digging in, he had got me chicken and chips and I finish it within few minutes, I could feel his gaze on me but I was too hungry to care, I cleaned my mouth with the tissue which was just beside the food, well the cafeteria always offers it, then I looked at him to see a horrid expression of shock on his face. 

"What!?" I furrowed. 

"You really love food don't you?" He asked in a funny way as he bent to look at me. 

" mom always said that but how would I know, all I know is I can't withstand hunger" I replied and he laughed.

"Anyway thanks for this Adrian, I owe you one," I said smiling with gratitude. 

"No, you don't... I ate your lunch and I bought you another one, just think of it as repaying favours" He said taking the tray from me.

"Yes...but this is way more than my lunch, I said but he shrugged it off in a 'it's nothing manner'

"Okay, thank you, I'll take that in, you don't have to," I said trying to take the tray from him, but he wouldn't let it go.

"You weren't the one who bought it, were you?" He asked and I let go.

"Good girl" he winked taking it into the cafeteria, I wouldn't say this was the Adrian I met just a few days ago, he's so considerate, he was blending sharply, Probably it's his sister and mom teaching him how to behave, he was so clueless when we first met, but he looks different now.

"Shall we?" He said as soon as he came out, since our course of excuse was different we headed in at the same time, and I could hear so many murmurs cause of that.

I had to put back my headset for the rest of the class, I was still doing my classwork when Adrian came over to my seat.

 "Are you done?" He asked and all our classmates turn to us, I don't know maybe he didn't know or just ignored them as he was only staring at me, I looked back and they all suddenly face whatever it is they were doing earlier.

"No... I've got a little problem here, you can go ahead" I said trying to avoid more eyes but the guy is just so stubborn.

"What's the problem?" He questioned taking my book, he looked at it for a while then sat on a vacant seat next to me. 

"You can't use the method to solve it, it's going to be more complicated" He made known before he started explaining. 

The topic was polynomial and I found it hard not to get it after his explanation, it was so clear now but by the time he was done explaining we were already surrounded by all our classmates, the shock on Adrian's face made me very worried because this massive crowd is gonna cause a problem! I concluded subconsciously. 


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