"So I need to talk to you about Security, Mark."

"Okay," Mark nodded. He figured that there was bound to be some security on the island, so he was about to get a briefing on it.

"From this point forward, and in many different ways, you're going to be a target," She said flatly, taking him by surprise.

He blinked. "A target?"

"Yes. In many different ways. Because you're worth a lot of money, you'll be a high-level target for kidnappers, people will try and con you, the media will pursue you, women will try and seduce you, politicians will try and court you, basically you'll be sought after in many different ways."

Mark laughed, drawing a frown from Jasmine. It wasn't the reaction she'd been expecting, but it was one particular line in there that made him laugh.

"Women will try and seduce me? I think you can chalk that one off as a non-existant threat," He told her.

For all Mark's life he'd been the pursuer, and not particular
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