The Love I Never Knew

The Love I Never Knew

By:  vastie decius  Ongoing
Language: English
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It's often said "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it was meant to be." When you lose someone, sometimes they will find their way back to you. They'll find their way back into your life because maybe they have something else to teach you. Maybe they'll come back into your life at a time where they felt you need them the most. When they do, though, you will both no longer be the same people you once were. You won't understand each other in the same way. But, if they do find their way back, allow yourself to understand how beautiful your new bond with them could be and the new memories that can be made.

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52 chapters
Violet POVWhen your billionaire boss's receptionist contacts you out of the blue, your first instinct is to assume something is horribly wrong and that you're about to pay the price.I still remember the way my throat tightened, the sweat on my palms - I asked myself; what was it about?I was sure I'd done nothing wrong, but if Mr. Vella decided I had, there wasn't much recourse.My boss was notoriously difficult to work for. Thankfully, I hardly saw him.To him I was surely no more than a line on the payroll sheets that he blindly signed every quarter; I wasn't even confident that he knew my name.My last name yes... but first? Hmph... hard to find out...And at times, it sucked. I worked hard - I didn't need someone hanging over my shoulder to make sure I was doing everything right.To be his personal assistant, it's rough. He's sn
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Jason POVThe rays of the sun drenching my furniture in its wondrous glow, illuminating the dark corners of my office.I took a quick look at my watch with my coffee in my hand and arched my brows in curiosity as to why my own personal assistant is late.I sipped on my coffee. ''She's going to be fired,'' I mumbled.Barging in, Nora came in with a file and approached me with a worried look.'' Mr... Mr... Vella, um I have a file for you...''''--Where's the personal assistant?'' I interrupted.''Uh, sir, I can not answer that for you, I'm sure she's running late due to traffic and whatnot.''''I don't care about traffic, she either has sixty-seconds to be here or else,'' I chided at the end.''Yes, sir,'' she whispered, handing me over the file slowly.Groaning, I raked my hands through my hair in f
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Violet POVWe need to talk.Talk about what exactly? That you are too stubborn and I'm right about the finances?My heart was racing and I felt like I was going to die. Literally.We were in his office as he pulled out several files from the cabinets on his desk. He was scrambling through papers stacking each file on top of each other and slides them over to me.''What is this?'' I asked. My eyes dropped in fear as he placed a pen on top of the desk.Oh god, please don't tell me what I think he's going to do. Please, don't tell me he's going to fire me.''Your homework.''''Homework?'' I questioned.He grinned softly, pushing himself closer to the desk.''I'm going to be out of town for family emergencies. I want you to cover for me--''''Me? Oh, no. I... I can't do that Jas-- Sir, I... I'm not even
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Jason POVJason POV     Hey...Ms. Johnson...Hi...Damn, why is it so hard to start a conversation with her?She's my personal assistant, it shouldn't be this hard!I exited out of IMessages and closed my phone. It was ten in the morning when I was flying in my private jet with my sister Jessica. We were flying to Greece for her wedding with my soon-to-be brother-in-law, Caesar including their friends from college.''---Jason, you need to take a break on your phone,'' My sister Jessica said, pouring a glass of champagne.She may be two years older than me but sure does act like she's a little sister to me.''I'm just reading emails Jes, it's nothing serious.''She dropped her face, ''Bullshit Jason, probably texting some girl.''<
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Violet POVOh, my fucking gosh.Am I reading this correctly or am I just dreaming?I took a glance at the text that Jason sent me.Yes, baby, I'm okay.This can't be happening. No, not to me. Jason Vella isn't even attracted to me, he hardly even knows my name so why in the hell I would think he would want to call me baby.I don't believe it, I shouldn't be worried.Right?--''Ms.Johnson, I have a phone call for you in line two,'' Nora said to me as soon as I stepped into the building.''-- Violet there's a meeting with Sax London about the transferring shipments to China,'' said Paula, the treasurer of the company.''--Violet, don't forget to send the transcript to Jason by one o'clock, here is the copy,'' said Ricardo, the electrician of the company.I took a deep sigh and looked
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Jason POVWas I lying? Maybe...I had no idea if I had made a mistake or not in hiring her on, but I knew I had no choice. She
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Violet POV [ two weeks later...] Jason gave me a two-week vacation right after our meeting. I was confused and a bit surprised as to why he wanted to do that. I didn't understand it at first but for some reason, I took the accountability to do so and take the break. My paycheck that Jason gave me was approximately five hundred thousand dollars for being his understudy when he went away for a few days. At first, I thought he was crazy to give me the money. But after looking at it, I did need it for obvious reasons. A, I had to move out of my dysfunctioning apartment and B, I needed a new car for my own safety. I hated taking Ubers especially in this time frame of how busy Los Angeles continually grows every-single-day. I can now definitely see that everything is coming to its place. Slowly but sure
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Jason POV''Is there a problem Ms.Johnson?'' I rhetorically asked.I knew what was happening. Violet was spying on me for a bit when I was taking off my clothes before the dinner tonight with Sax London and their sharing company wit
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Jason POVMy eyes scanned the crowd, spotting Violet at the bar with a scowl on her face.What the hell was she so pissed about?

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Jason POV Read more Protection Status