Fate's Pawn: Four Horsemen

Fate's Pawn: Four Horsemen

By:  Maria Warren  Ongoing
Language: English
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Holly is on the run, she knows the Chasers track her by night. To stay ahead of them she needs to push herself far away from where she has been resting.Her cabbit companion is at her side willing to help, but things get strange when a new person arrives and tells Holly that she has an important fate. Holly takes this news in stride until she finds out the Chasers have been sent to deliver her to one of the four horsemen.Fortunately for Holly, her spirit seems to draw some of the Chasers to her side, but will her kind spirit be enough when all four horsemen descend to try to capture her, and even worse when the King of Hell himself sets his sights on her?

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46 Chapters
Chapter One: The Chasers
Holly ran behind the dark building with her companion at her side. She pressed against the edge of it as she tried to control her breathing. They were still out there. They were always out there. "What should we do, boy?" she asked with a soft whimper.How long had it been since this started? Days? Weeks? Or had it been months at this point? Her concept of time was gone. Instead, she was being toyed with as she was endlessly chased. "You can't always keep running, you should give in,
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Chapter Two: Surprise Vocalization
Holly poked at her chicken with one finger. It looked done, but she was still worried. Closing her eyes she picked it up and took a bite. It was warm, not hot, and still a little cold exactly in the center enough that it crunched in her mouth. She wanted to vomit, but still better than bugs, rats, or snakes.Fluffy watched her and she smiled and handed one of the tenders over. "Here boy, I'm lucky I have you with me, but I'm so tired of running." The white cabbit ignored her offer and sat down at her side resting his head on her leg as she ate. She smiled and pet him before returning to her task on hand. "Hello?"
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Chapter Three: Dreams
"Juniper?"Holly looked around this strange land as she tried to track down the voice. Everything was foggy and misty. Nothing was solid around her. "Hello?" she called out into the dark.Had the Chasers tried a new tactic?"Juniper, I can't believe it's so easy to find you this time. Your soul is like a blazing torch." there was a soft chuckle. Whoever it was, they
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Chapter Four: Eros's True Form
Holly woke to find Eros pressed tight against her in his usual spot. He was still sleeping, his ears twitching, as he was on guard even in his sleep. She sighed and ran a hand through his soft fur as she pet him. He had kept his identity secret, but she couldn't hate him. Not after how much he had been with her.  "You're awake?" the woman, Lachesis, was sitting at a table nearby, her leg swinging. "I was on guard while he got some sleep." "I thought you didn't like him." Holly pointed out. "He's a sin," Lachesis answered with her foot still bouncing. "But, he's been caring for you, and he turned sweet for Acacia. If I can give Tydeus a chance, I can do the same for him." She smiled over at her. "Are you hungry? I can fix you something to eat before we have to get going." "I won't eat bugs, or rats, or snakes," Holly stressed once more. Lachesis giggled. "I didn't expect you
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Chapter Five: Reapers' Demands
Lachesis stepped in front of both Holly and Eros and erected a simple barrier of wind that the scythes grazed off. "Why are you after Holly?" she demanded."I haven't done anything to you," Holly added. "There's no reason for you to hunt me like this! Leave me alone and let me go back to my normal everyday life."The three hooded figures took a few steps back. The one in the middle swept back their hood and the woman revealed stared at them with her green gem-like eyes."Do not misunderstand
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Chapter Six: Choice
"So that's why you'll wait for the other Prince," Eros pointed out. "I'll have you know, ours is infinitely better than yours. You have a cruel master, but ours is capable of kindness."Quix burst into laughter. "Kindness? None of them are capable of that. They're all selfish and only do or help with things that will benefit them. You're clueless if you truly believe that yours is any different. But I'll let you prove it because there's nothing more that I love when someone is proven wrong. The shock on their faces, it's like a drug."Ruby rolled her eyes at him. "Lust, while I'm not as fanatic about it as Quix, he
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Chapter Seven: Ruby
Holly tensed as the fog completely covered the two of them and all contact from the others was halted. "Relax," Ruby ordered her fingers moving in small circular patterns on Holly's shoulders. "Just relax.""But, the others," Holly whispered. "Not important right now, I need to focus on you and see if you have magic inside, and for that, you're going to have to relax and trust me."

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Chapter Eight: Sparks
Holly wasn't surprised when Ruby took away the barrier or when Eros grabbed her and hugged her hard. "Don't you ever do that again," he hissed.Holly pushed at him. "I was with Ruby, it's okay, Eros. She's my friend now.""Friend?" Eros stared at the reaper. "Why in the world would you befriend her? You do remember they are our enemies right?""You're the one that suggested they stay with me, right?" Holly challenged with a smile. "That will work out much better if we're friends."

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Chapter Nine: Quix
"How are we going to figure out what magic she has anyway?" Quix questioned as he walked around Holly. "It could take forever if we try it one thing at a time. Besides, I'm sure that not one person knows all the branches of magic here. Even if all of us worked together, we might not cover them all."Eros sighed. "I don't understand how Angel figured it out so easily. He should have shown up by now, or at least Tydeus." He stopped then turned on his heel. "Wait, Holly, didn't you mention something about Tydeus? While we were arguing.""Yes, he visited me in my dreams," Holly responded. "He insisted on calling me Juni
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Chapter Ten: Chasing Red
Holly didn't waste any time, she shoved Quix back and knocked him onto his back as she held a hand against her lips."Please, don't do that again. I'm not a toy for you to mess with. You can't just do what you want to try to make me blush."Quix raised himself on one elbow and grinned at her."But that's the fun of it. Ruby doesn't do anything but roll her eyes. You do all kinds of wonderful things for me. Your breath gets shallow and fast, your heart beats faster, your cheeks change color.
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