Fentanyl E001: The Mysterious Experiment  (Book 1)

Fentanyl E001: The Mysterious Experiment (Book 1)

By:  Exanimumxx  Ongoing
Language: Filipino
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Nisha Eumerriah Normandeou, woman who wanted nothing but peace. However, that dream suddenly disappears when she found out she was one of the successful experiments called Fentanyl. After being isolated, as she steps into Ottawa Green University, one of the luxurious university, she will gradually discover everything. Until the massacre began without knowing what the reason was. And when she saw the corpses, she discovered to herself that dead bodies were one of her weaknesses. The question is, can she handle being one if her weakness is related to dealing with a corpse? Will they find the mastermind of the trouble in the city called Ottawa? And can she control the demon that infiltrates her mind?

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