What if, I die? (Filipino)

What if, I die? (Filipino)

By:  Bbeany  Completed
Language: Filipino
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Entering a one-sided love isn't easy, especially if the relationship you have is only for a business. "Why do you have to be alive?" My lips loosened up as I sensed the bitterness in his voice. It is as if he hates my existence so much that he has to do something for me to be gone already. "Why do you even need to be existed in this fucking world if you're just going to ruin my life!" Ciara Hilvano is an innocent and martyr wife who always gets violated by her husband and makes her feel that she's an unwanted wife. This guy really doesn't have any idea that the girl he was hurting and almost killed everyday was secretly suffering from the cancer in heart. The time came when Ciara's life was in big trouble. She almost died because someone tried to threaten her life. What if Ciara can no longer cope with the challenges and trials of her life? What if she just let her own death fetch her? Will Tyron regret all the things he did to Ciara? What if Ciara dies? Will he cry?

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45 chapters
TW: Please expect the sensitive content. The topic is more about Violence Against the Woman or so called (Marital Abuse). Physically and Emotionally abusive may destroy your self-worth and lead to anxiety/depression. "Tyron, please... let me go. I'm begging you, please." Pagsusumamo ko na bitawan ako nito, but he's too strong and not even listening to my dramatic plea. I can sense his anger and it's making me weak and my knees tremble. His hold on my wrist was so tight, that I couldn't stop myself but to shred from tears. Nagpatuloy lang siyang kaladkarin ako patungo sa madilim na kulungan kung saan niya ako madalas dalhin at ikulong sa tuwing hindi niya nagugustuhan ang mga ginagawa ko. "T-tyron, it hurts.. please." My heart is clenching, I just felt like crying and begging him to free me, but it's too impossible for him to listen to me. He's really angry and I don't know what I did this time. "Would you shut the hell up?! You really don't have any idea that you ruined everything,
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Chapter 1
  Itinuon ko ang aking atensyon sa kisame ng aming sariling bahay habang prente na nakahiga sa sariling kama. Kakagising ko lang pero ramdam na ramdam ko na ang lamig sa paligid ko. Nakakawalang gana.   Bakit nga ba humantong ako sa ganitong sitwasyon? Kasalanan ko ba talaga?   Napapailing na lang ako sa tuwing naalala ko ang mga nakaraan. Kung hindi ko ba pinag-sapilitan ang gusto ko, hindi ba hahantong sa ganito kagulo ang buhay ko?   "Ciara!"   Agad akong napabalikwas ng tayo mula sa pagkakahiga nang marinig ko ang sigaw ng asawa ko mula sa ibaba ng bahay namin. Kaya naman dali-dali akong lumabas ng aking kwarto at nagmadaling bumaba sa hagdanan.   Nang tuluyan akong makababa ay nakita ko itong bihis na bihis at mukhang mainit na naman ang ulo. S
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Chapter 2
CHAPTER TWOHalos buong hapon akong naglinis ng bahay kahit masakit ang katawan ko dahil baka magalit nanaman si Tyron kapag naabutan niyang ang bahay.Paano ko ba naman kasi magagawa ang mga inuutos niya kung palagi na lang kapag uuwi siya, lasing. Tapos paulit-ulit nanaman akong sisihin, sasaktan at ikukulong. Wala ng bago, paulit-ulit ang takbo ng buhay ko, masasaktan, iiyak, pero patatawarin siya, dahil hindi ko naman talaga kayang magalit sakanya kahit ano pang sama ng trato niya saakin. Paulit-ulit na rin akong nagpapaka-martyr at nasanay nalang ako na hayaan siyang gawin ang gusto niya, basta makasama ko lang siya ay ayos na ako. Matapos kong linisin ang buong bahay ay naupo na ako sa sofa upang makapag-pah
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Chapter 3
Unexpected BetrayalTyron's pov "Hony, don't you want to go home yet?" I turned to Hannah when she asked me while we were eating at a Japanese restaurant. "Mmm, why? Do you want to go home now?" I asked, but he shook her head. "No. I mean, you? Don't you want to go home yet?" I frowned at her question. "Saan ba? Sayo? Papapasukin mo ba ako?" I asked, but it seemed like I was asking the wrong question, because Hannah also thought wrong of what I said. "W-wait, no!" Natatawa kong saad, habang sinasangga ang mga hampas niya."Such a pervert!" I chuckled."I mean, sa bahay mo, Hon. Papapasukin mo ba ako sa bahay mo. H-hindi sayo." I scratched my nape as I correct what I said as my voice went lower, almost whispering. "Whatever!" "Pft, but no, I'm not going home." I answered, reason for her to look and frown at me. "What? And why? Did you forget that Cia is all alone in your house?" She sneered. "I just don't want to," I replied. "No, go home. Cia is alone." "But, Hon.. just this
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER FOURCiara's povNararamdaman ko ang bigat at sakit ng aking katawan kahit pa nakapikit ako. Pinakiramdaman ko muna ang sarili ko bago tuluyang dumilat. Ngunit kataka-takang puro puti ang bumungad sa akin.Tanging hininga ko lamang ang naririnig ko, maliban sa maingay na machine na nasa gilid ko.Inilibot ko ang paningin ko para suriin ang paligid at napagtantong nasa hospital pala ako. Dumapo ang paningin ko sa lalaking natutulog ngayon sa gilid ng kinahihigaan ko.'Teka, hindi ba't si Manong Driver ito?'

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Chapter 5
MistressTyron's pov The sun was going down so I had to take Hannah home."Hon, umuwi ka na rin sa inyo, ha. Cia's definitely waiting for you to come home," she said. I was about to open my mouth to disobey her when she spoke again."Huwag ka nang makipagtalo, alam ko na 'yang sasabihin at hindi uubra sa'kin 'yang mga irarason mo. You've just told me that she already knows about us, kaya naman hindi pwedeng magsama tayo ng matagal. We should limit ourselves, Tyron. May natatapakan tayong tao. Kaya umuwi ka, she's probably waiting." Hannah smiled at me and finally, we reached her house. I turned off the engine first and turned to her to face her."Don't you really want me to stay here first, kahit ngayong gabi lang?" I gave her a soft gaze, hoping that she'll let me stay here tonight, because I really don't want to go home yet. Ayokong makita ang taong 'yun. I'm too sick always seeing her as if she's so innocent even though she knows to herself what she did to me and Hannah.I hate her
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Chapter 6
SomeoneSomeone's pov A playful smirk drew on my lips as I saw one of my disciple men walking in from the door of my territory."What's up? Are you doing well keeping Ciara's life out of Tyron's hand? Your face saying it all, what happened? "I asked him when he was finally able to get closer to where I was. I looked at his face for a moment when the excitement was so visible from his eyes.She's doing fine, right? Ciara's fine."They're doing fine. I guess? Mukhang nagpapatayan na sila, eh. "He replied with a smirk on his face, unconsciously, I immediately hit him which surprised him."Tarantado, anong sinabi mo?!" I exclaimed. Ears couldn't believe what I heard from him, a shock was trace all over my face because that's not the news I expected him to bring to me."Aray! Gago naman, para saan 'yun? Problema mo? Bigla-bigla ka na lang nanghahampas diyan?" He complained as his eyebrow furrowed. Lips loosen up due to shock but I just glared at him."Stupid! Nakinig ka ba talaga sa mga si
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Chapter 7
One-sidedCiara's povWala akong ganang umakyat patungo sa kuwarto ko after I heard their conversation. If only my heart could allow me to leave him, I'll do it right away. I won't hesitate to leave this house and never turn my back again to him. I want to unlove him, but there's no such thing. It's so hard that I just want to die to stop myself from struggling.But it was my heart that kept stopping me from leaving him. My heart wanted me to stay here and bare all the pain I was experiencing. It's toxic, I know. But what could you do if you loved someone so much that you wanted to take everything at risk just to be with him?Am I the only one who's like this? Or does someone understand how I feel? It's hard and I felt so sorry for the person who has the same situation as me.I let my body fall on the bed and did not complain to the pain when I finally felt them as I let my body rest. I didn't mind those wounds and bruises on my body that were aching.May mas sasakit pa ba sa mga katot
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Chapter 8
Trigger Warning: disturbing content, violence Ciara's pov What did I do to make myself feel this way? Why does he have to make me feel as though I'm worthless as garbage in his eyes? Why does he have to make me feel as if he truly despises me when he could simply tell me that he doesn't want me here and I should just leave? Isn't it funny how he always makes me feel as if he wants me to vanish, but he won't let me leave the house without him knowing? I just stared into the emptiness, tears streaming down my cheek. The burden of my feelings was reflected in each drop of my warm tears. "Ciara!" Fear was so clear and visible to my eyes as I turned my gaze at the door when I heard Tyron call out my name. His loud and deep voice and heavy footsteps coming towards my room made me feel his rage, I could even imagine his death glares pinning me down and I knew that this time I could never escape from the pain again. As he slammed the door open, trembling began to rumble in my chest, and
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Chapter 9
Ciara's pov The first thing I became aware of was a steady beeping sound. The second thing was an intense and overwhelming feeling that was consuming my body. There was a constant throbbing in my head that matched the rhythm of my heartbeat and the mechanical beeping echoing around me. A sharp and heavy pain in my chest made it hard to breathe. My eyes were closed and I didn't want to open them because of the fear that I might be here again. In the place I hate the most. As I slowly opened my eyes, I blinked a few times to clear the blurry vision in my eyes. I scanned the room to orient myself and forced a smile when I realized I really was. The beeping sound was coming from a large, gray machine beside me. It took a moment for me to realize that I was connected to the machine through the various tubes sticking out of my arm. My arms and legs were cold despite being covered by a thick and soft blanket. There was the unmistakable smell of sterile equipment that was found only in a ho
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