His Maid

His Maid

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Zöella Luisa loses both her job and her boyfriend in the space of a single day. She decides to look for work, but it is not as simple as it appears. A friend suggests she apply to a maid agency. The CEO of A.A.E., Alejandro Antonio has a condescending and cold demeanor toward everyone. Except for his housekeeper Marie, he's fired ten of his servants. Will Zöella be capable of tolerating Alejandro? Will she be able to keep going? No one knows that she is the granddaughter of multitycoon Señor Ricardo Cruise, and not from a poor family as they think What would happen if they discovered the truth?🤔🤔🤔

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38 chapters
Chapter 1.
I'm sorry, Miss Zöella...but we won't need you; your services are no longer required here. We appreciate them, but they are no longer required." According to her boss. "But, sir...what went wrong?" She inquired, perplexed. "I'm saying your services are no longer required...do you want me to call security on you?" He inquired angrily. "No, sir, no need...I'd leave." She added as she walked out of the office. As she walked through the door, she let her black hair cascade down her back as she grabbed her bag and phone from her office.Goodbye Zealot and co. She said to herself as she flagged down a cab."Thanks." She paid the driver and entered her apartment. "Luciano, Estoyencasa." She kicked off her shoes. "Luciano?" She was walking towards their bedroom when she heard moans. When she opened the door, she discovered her three-year boyfriend in bed with another woman. "Luciano...how could you, who is this puta?" She inquired, angry tears streaming down her cheeks. The agony of l
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Chapter 2.
"Buenas Dias sir." Zoëlla greeted as Alejandro entered the kitchen. "Dónde está mi café?" He asked ignoring her greeting. "It's here." She said handing him his black coffee with milk and no sugar. It was warm just as he liked it. He drank the coffee as he checked his phone to see if he had new messages from the office. "Buenas Dias Ale." Kathy greeted as she walked in dressed in her morning robe which stopped mid-thigh exposing her olive skin and long legs. "Good morning Kathy." He added making Zoëlla shocked as to why he didn't answer when she greeted. "Espero que te haya gustado tu café?" She asked as Zoëlla stared at them at the corner of her eyes while she stirred the pot of sauce. "No estuvo mal Ella lo intentó." He added as Zoëlla smiled sadly at the food she was cooking. "Kathy, Layla would come and pick up some files in the afternoon. They are on my bed so do well to hand them over to her." He stated. "I might not be around so Zoëlla will handle that." She added. "
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Chapter 3.
It had been a month since Zoëlla had worked with Alejandro. She had learnt to get used to his crazy mood swings. One day he's nice and the next minute he is rude. She'd learnt the meals that he loved most and those he didn't like. She could tell how his eyes lit when his favourite foods were served and how he hardly ate a plate full of the ones he didn't like. She had been hearing from Kathy, once a while who was living her life to the fullest, travelling around the world. She, Sia and Edwardo had become good friends. "Hi Zoëlla, Layla greeted as she walked in with her boss." They had some files to finish off since it was getting late Alejandro suggested they complete them in his house. "Holla Layla, Holla Sir." She responded to Layla's greeting and greeted her boss who waved her off. She served their dinner and took it to his study room as he had requested. She placed the tray on the centre table and dished out the food. It was Paella. She could see the smile on her boss's tir
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Chapter 4
Alejandro and Zöella's friendship had become strong. They stayed up and talked for hours when Alejandro came from work. "Zöella, I need you to be my plus one for a charity ball tonight." He added. "A ball, I don't think I'd fit in with you fancy people Ale." She called him by his pet name. "Eres Una Mujer deslumbrante, Zöella, you'd fit in perfectly." He flattered her. "Thanks, a que hora es el baile de cardiac?" Zöella questioned. " It's at 8 p.m, I'd pick you up at 8:30 pm." He added smirking. "Always fashionably late huh" Zoëlla asserted. "It's fun that way, I'd pick you up later." He expressed as he headed to work. "Hola Sia, I need your help. It's a dress emergency." She told her friend. "I'd be there in a few," Sia added as she hung up and heading out making sure the house was locked. Her bosses always travelled were hardly home. Within a couple of minutes later, she was ringing the doorbell to Alejandro's residence. Zöella got the door for her friend and led her to her
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Chapter 5.
The relationship between Alejandro and Zöella had bloomed into a beautiful friendship. They could stay up late talking after Zöella was done with her chores."How is your new life treating you ?" She asked Sia who had come to visit her friends.She was no more wearing the maid uniform but a beautiful floral dress paired with 6-inch open toe heels.Her hair was held in a tight ponytail and her simple makeup complimented her face. In all, she looked stunning.She had met Mr and Mrs Casagrandes son, Miguel Casagrande, a business tycoon. He was down to earth and jovial.The two clicked as soon as they met and they were working into a relationship."It's fine so far, I'm loving every bit of it and Miguel is such a Buen chico." She sighed dreamingly. "Alguien Esta enamorada" Zöella teased her friend."You're just one big tease. Anyways, what's going on with you and Mr Sexy Alejandro ?" She asked her friend."Well, nothing much, just hanging out as friends do." She emphasized on friends as s
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Chapter 6.
“Alejandro, why did you bring your domestic staff here with you? What is she to you?" His dad yelled."Papa, calm down Zoëlla is my friend and a nice person, you'd like her when you get to know her." He reasoned."I can see where this is headed, you'd end up falling for her and would want to marry but I don't approve and would never." The man barked."Querida, cálmate, es una Buena chica y sería una Buena esposa.” His mom said.“Never would I agree for that buscador de Oro para casarse con mi Hijo." He added walking out."Ma, No tengo intenciones de casarme con Ella." Ale reasoned. Bu"Just give it time and you'd realise I was right." She said as she walked off.Zoëlla lay on her bed talking to her best friend Sia. "I hope you're having a good time there?" She asked."Sia, I'm not. A su papá no le gusto." She finally said."Aw, mi Novia. At least his mom likes you and so does he." She said."The only one that sees me as a probable daughter-in-law is his mama, he just sees me as a frien
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Chapter 7.
“I would prefer working from home for now.” She told Sia through the phone. Ever since they came home from Barcelona, Alejandro had gone back to his bipolar self but it didn't bother Zoëlla that much because she expected it.“Okay, that would be no problem... I'd explain it to Miguel and his parents, they'd understand,” Sia assured.Zoëlla was not from a poor family at all. Her parents and two siblings had died in a fire outbreak. She escaped this because she had travelled to see her Abuelo and Abuela. On her return, she met the demise of her once loving and caring family. She had to go and stay with her grandparents who adored her. They were against her leaving home to start life afresh, but as stubborn as she is, she still decided to leave and experience life.Her grandad was angry when he learnt his precious jewel was a maid to someone else. He just wanted her home where she belonged. She convinced him she'd be home when she had achieved what she wanted.“Thanks, Sia, you're a lif
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Chapter 8
“Hey Sia, I just sent you the files on the work you gave me,” Zoëlla said through the phone while typing on the laptop.“Okay, thanks love I'd check my e-mail and get back to you, I was in a meeting, I'd talk to you later,” Sia said hanging up.She had saved the other copy to her laptop and sent the original copy to her.Alejandro had given her some files to work on so she began with that.Carlotta sat on her bed exhausted. Zendaya had worked her to the bones. She was mad at how sometimes she was treated in her own lover's house. Yes! Her lover Luciano. He had called her up one evening asking her to pose as a maid to be sent to their house. He claimed Zendaya no longer made love to his excuse of being too tired from work and chores.She accepted the offer besides the pay was good and she was going to be with her lover again.Es hora del show. Carlotta thought to herself as she went back to her duty post.“Tío, she's a good woman and would make a good wife to Ale. All those models and
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Chapter 9.
“I talked to your dad about Zoëlla and convinced him that she wasn't a gold digger, but a wonderful woman. You have to prove your love for her to him so that he would be convinced the more. He still has doubts, it's up to you to clear those doubts, Ale.” Kathy added.“¿Y si Ella no me ama igual?” He asked. “Can't you see the way her eyes light up when you enter the room, or how she smiles when you acknowledge her? She clearly likes you and it's up to you to make you and her happen. Don't screw this up, Ale.” Kathy added as she walked out.Alejandro broke out of his trance when his secretary walked into his office.“Sir, you have a meeting with the Nolan group of companies in a few minutes, so I suggest we head there now,” Layla added.“Alright Layla, lead the way,” Alejandro said as he followed suit.“Abuelo, Estoy Bien, volvería a casa Cuando haya logrado todo lo que Quiero.” She added relaxing by the poolside. She was done with all the files Sia and Alejandro had asked her to wor
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Chapter 10
Dante and Zoëlla's friendship had grown into a beautiful one and so had her love for Alejandro but he didn't seem to notice it. He was just blinded by jealousy because of the friendship she shared with Dante.He had stopped complimenting her as he used to do before Dante came in. And they didn't hang out that much as they use to do. She was working on Sia's files as she sat in her room typing. Alejandro had also stopped giving his files to her to work on anymore.What was happening? She asked herself. Her grandpa had sent her everything about the company and information on everyone she needed to know.“Does he suspect you two have something going on?" Sia asked Zoëlla and Dante as they sat at a nearby café.“I guess he does." Zoëlla sighed.“Then talk to him Zoëlla, make him understand how you feel," Dante added.“You guys are right, I'd talk to him about it tonight," Zoëlla said happily as they talked about random things.Alejandro came back from work exhausted and with a guest. He p
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