Fated to the Werewolf King

Fated to the Werewolf King

By:  Brittany Heiden  Completed
Language: English
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Lily Thornstun, a 24 year writer who escaped from a toxic and abusive relationship to a Werewolf Community where she meets Jayce Ryder, the 29 year Werewolf King and her new roommate. While taking therapy to bounce back from her traumatic experience from her previous relationship, a bond begins to form between them as the Mate bond soul links the pair. Between the fear of her past coming back to hunt her and the overwhelming heat building up between them, Lily and Jayce face off against the obstacles that puts their love to the test in order to achieve their happy ending.

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50 Chapters
1: Lily
She gazed out the window of the limo that had picked her up at her apartment, large lavish houses blurring on by. She still couldn't believe everything that had happened this past year, but she needed a change of scenery and when an opportunity to move thousands of miles away from her ex to start fresh, she just had to hop on it. Though, the catch still left her unsure if this was the right decision to make. She took a glance at the woman across from her, her eyes golden like the sun as she watched Lily curiously. The woman smiled when she caught her eye and pushed back a lock of black hair behind her ear. "You're not getting cold feet on me, ar
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2: Jayce
The scent hit him like a brick wall. It consumed his entire being to the point he couldn't focus on anything else. He had sent Chelsea off in a rush to find this source that was drove his Wolf mad. How was this far more compelling than Chelsea's? The brunette was one of the hottest She-Wolves in the pack and he had the luxury to bed her. She did whatever he asked of her, bending to his very will. Then this alarming smell shook his very soul. Chelsea no longer existed to him. What did this mean?He descended the stairs, his nose lifted to the air as the smell grew stronger the closer he got to it. His feet turned and moved down the ha
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3: Lily
He touched her in a way that burned her. His roughness caressed her very soul. His crimson eyes burned into her, his powerful gaze making her legs weak and her sex soaked her panties. The scent of fresh rain was stirring her hormones like crazy. She had been man handled before, but his grip loosened on her wrist, and no longer held her captive. This was the same man that scared her earlier, towering over her like he was going to eat her. His hand turned her wrist over, her sleeve rode up a bit and exposed the scars on her wrists. She tried to pull away, but his grip tightened once more."Let me go." She pleaded as she grabbed his arm
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4: Jayce
Getting the call to pick up Lily from therapy was a surprise he wasn't expecting. Neither was listening to her cry and yell on the other side while she argued with Dr. Marshall about contacting him. What bothered him the most was at the end, when she said she didn't want to anger him anymore. To be fair, he was pissed when she kneed him in the groin the other night, but he couldn't deny that he was at fault. He knew what she had been through, yet he crossed the line, anyway. Once he realized that the woman was his Mate, it took everything in him not to break down her bedroom door. He scented her arousal, just for a moment until it quickly disappeared, but it was enough to drive his Wolf insane.
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5: Lily
Dinner was quiet between them, but it was better than the hostility he first showed her. Jayce was flying through the food like he also hadn't eaten in the last few days. He had spaghetti sauce plastered around his mouth. He almost looked like a messy toddler.Jayce pushed the plate away, leaning back on his stool. "That was amazing." He voiced openly as he wiped his mouth. Lily rose from her seat, taking his plate and her own, and went to the sink. She cleaned up after the mess they both made. "Don't think I can clean the dishes, either?" He joked again.
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6: Jayce
Damion sat in the chair across from him, his eyes transfixed on his notes as he went over the weekly report with Jayce. The dark-haired Wolf was rambling on, however the Werewolf King had his mind set on something else. Someone else, to be exact. A few nights ago, during his work, he heard a soft piano playing down the hall from him. When he went to investigate, Lily was playing a gentle melody that resembled close to what he believed was a lullaby. Her eyes shut, but she had the softest smile displayed on her lips. Since she had been staying there, she only showed fear and sadness as her primary emotions. So when he noticed her smile for the first time, his heart nearly leapt out of his chest.
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7: Lily
As she watched the grass fall from the sky, her heart felt slightly lighter than the past week she had been here. Opening up about her experience wasn't easy for her, but it felt good to get it off of her chest. Dr. Marshall had the degrees to work with her, but Jayce was an ear she can speak to with no medical background, as far as she knew, anyway. To her surprise, speaking to him about it actually put her at ease, and it made her want to talk to him more."A distraction." She said, but she didn't know what she meant by that. Her writing was always her escape after Jasper dealt his beatings. Even if her body was trapped, she found
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8: Jayce
The gap between them grew wider as weeks went by. Since her episode, she refrained from any type of communication with him. Every time he thought of her scarred body, his Wolf nearly took over and would wreck the room he was in. He's had construction done three times in the last two weeks because he couldn't control his Wolf. Damion had stopped by several times, but he just dismissed him. He wasn't in the mood to deal with the festival or the council. Even when he shifted to go on his runs, he was breaking trees left and right. Who was he truly angry at, though? Jasper for hurting his Mate for months, or himself for asking a pointless question. He'd give anything to hear her voice. To feel her lips again. To hold her, even if she was just crying. Anything to soothe the beast in him.
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9: Lily
"Mates." Penelope said with a gentle smile. Lily raised a brow at her, but the term wasn't lost on her. She sensed Jayce tense up when she said the word, shifting uncomfortably beside her."I'm assuming that is a more serious topic than what I'm thinking of?" She asked, and Penelope shrugged, swirling her wine around."Yes, and no. It's not so much a serious topic, but it's one that Humans can easily overlook. Unlike Humans, Werewolves have a partner that t
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10: Jayce
Her sweet taste lingered on his tongue when she gazed up at his eyes, the sun shining in hers when she spoke up."I'm his date." She said, licking her lips slowly. The bulge pressed against his slacks and he didn't care who saw it. His Wolf howled to claim her. His hand tightened on her waist, pressing her curved body against his. Her delicious scent reached his nose, and it took every nerve in his body not to pin her to the window and fuck her in front of everyone.
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