Alpha's Slave

Alpha's Slave

By:  MishaK  Completed
Language: English
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Sold to a brothel by her aunt and uncle, Penny, a village hillbilly, is saved by Prince Ludwig Drozdov, the king of Lykae, strongest and most ruthless ruler of the world of The Ethereal Lands. His wolf wants to claim Penny, mark her, pin her in his bed, but his human wants to marry Zoe who is prophesied to be his queen and rule the world alongside him. Will Ludwig succumb to his irresistible slave? Will Penny get her freedom? Warning: THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT. If you like this book, please take a look at book 2: Unwated Mate.

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    105 chapters
    The man’s laughter became deeper revealing his dirty tobacco stained yellow teeth. “There’s no turning back. I have paid two thousand dollars to your aunt and uncle.” He brushed his knuckles on her cheek. Penny felt disgusted, even creepy. She swatted his hand away. “And I am gonna make a good profit selling you in the best brothel in the town. You should fetch me a cool ten thousand dollars, eh?” Read more
    The Brothel
    Almost nine centuries old, Ludwig had waited for his mate. He had frozen into immortality at the age of thirty-one. Since then he had been like the stones, which quietly endured the age. Read more
     She was so beautiful that his breath hitched. He was struck by lightning. He saw her pixie-like features, with high and defined cheekbones, an elegant jawline and a plump chin. And those swollen red lips, they were suited for a siren. Her heart-shaped face was something he could immerse for eternity. She was sitting with her knees up against her chest as her hands were tied on her back. 

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    Leave Me Alone!
    Penny ran behind him, trying to keep up his pace, staring blankly at his back, completely dazed about what happened just now. Was he her savior or he had bought her from Maxim? Was she going to be his slave now? Who was he? She thought she was going to pass off again. Blood from her mind drained down when she thought that this man was going to keep her as his sex slave. She passed out. Read more
    I am Going to Kill You
    She somehow struggled to get out of his grip and ran to the edge of the pool. She hopped on the bank and sprint towards the thick jungle. She hadn’t covered even twenty feet, when the man came and stood in front of her, naked. Her eyes went directly to his enormous length and her mouth dropped. She thought that he would rape her. She turned and ran to the opposite side to the pool. She was trapped. Read more
    So Close...
    Penny lost balance and slipped down the interwoven branches, breaking some of them. Before she thought she would hit the ground, a strong pair of hands came and scooped her. Read more
    If I Get the Dagger Back...
    The moment the first one leapt at her, it was caught by its neck and thrown away. The remaining was killed ferociously as his claws penetrated their neck and he ripped their heads off their bodies. Penny watched the entire scene with so much horror in her eyes that she felt like puking. She scrambled away, her body getting covered with all the grit and began to run in the direction she was heading. She ran as fast as possible. She intended to be as far away as possible. Read more
    Exercising Restraint
    Ludwig was out of breath while exercising restraint. It had been a long time since he had slaked off. He refrained from it when he had pinned her beneath him, but now that she was this close to him, so quiet, her scent overwhelmed his sensations. “Zoe! Ah Gods!” Read more
    Castle Alnor: The Kingdom of Renada
    Penny hoped that he wouldn’t return early. The sound of water gurgling in the creek was inviting. She was very thirsty - her lips were dry and throat parched like a desert. Eager to drink water and wash the grit off her skin and hair, she stepped down the boulder and walked to the brook, removing the jacket along the way. She walked till the bank and put one leg in water. The water was so warm that she immediately put her second leg inside. The warm water swirled around her ankles and seemed to wash away her tensions. She bent down and drank water from her cupped hands and rinsed
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    Call Him ‘My Liege’
    Castle Alnor was perfect in every sense. An exquisite uncut gem, rough, yet strongly built just like its king, Ludwig. As he walked inside with Penny following him, th
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