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Living as a backbone of her family makes Nada Naflah have to work so hard to help her mother fulfilling their daily needs and extending school for her younger brother-Alif. As the first child of a unpretentious family, Nada have know their own condition. Working in a famous company with a position as a permanent employee makes Nada grateful for that, even though sometimes there are something that makes her feel unsteady about want to stop working there. CEO's annoying treatment is the biggest problem in her life. Whatever she must to do for CEO so that she can keep working in this famous company. Although his face like a prince, his demeanor such a devil attitude can make everyone lower their head when get to facing him. An established man without flaws, handsome faces, abundant wealth, and assets his everywhere. There’s nothing lacks of him, But in Nada’s according he just lacks morals. Can she survive the CEO? Maybe or she give up? Let's read the rest of the series ‘MY ANNOYING CEO’

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15 chapters
Chapter 1
"I have a choisen for you, Ai. Stay by my side or find your happiness with others?" Questions that so difficult to answer. In the past, I didn't have an answer for that. But now it looks like I'm starting to have it. The hard answer to my man question. _ Davin Adiputra. A handsome man with a cute black figure and dimples perched on his both cheeks, besides the glasses decorated with black eyess that making a sweet impression to him. The casual jeans with the expensive gray coat worn by olives are quite to dazzling everyone who have to see. His position as Managing Director in this company made him highly respected by everyone. This man through right beside me without turning his head as I was busy tapping the files into the head office. It should be, being aware of caste is important. He is rich, obviously i'm not. I'm singing to myself.Different castes are a true barrier in a relationship. Only some coup
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Chapter 2
The sun penetrated through the window gap. Chirp replies sound friendly into the ear. The door opened showing the figure of Mama who was on standby with a ladle in hand.Ah, so I love Mom even more.But it's a lie, oh well ...  It's true too."Mom, I'm still sleepy, five minutes again, please," I muttered, who was still sleeping with face downward and head covered in a pillow. "One ... two ... thre- ... thre- !" Mother’s tone went up 4 octaves. I wasted a rough breath. "Ouhh... oke, i'II wake up, Mom.""Well, that's my daughter. See, you’re  more beautiful right? Hehehe."Mother chuckled. The ladle on her hands move to the top of nightstand.Mother always like that in every morning, diligently waking up her daughter who was still sleeping lazily. Even so, Mother never plays physically with her children, no matter how angry her is. I salute with her. I inched into my seat. Tilting my head to the right while rubbing
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Chapter 3
The laptop screen turn darkens. My fingers tapped the edge of the table. The clock on the wall almost pointed at 11:10. Soon it was time to rest. I rubbed the rough face. Since I came to work, my focus has disappeared. There's nothing I can think of with a clear head.Screwed ... screwed ... screwed up! I didn’t finish my work. Rough, I grabbed the snacks in the jar and chewed them until they ran out. After that, go back to take the food again to chew again until leaving the jar only. My hand moved the mouse. The screen that was previously dark now displays various kinds of letters and numbers that make my head dizzy seven times. It's because of this man. Almost half a day I thought about the message. Imagining what that CEO wants with my arrival to his room, makes me shudder in horror. I gave myself a hug, intending to calm down. Then catch your breath. Damn it! A line of messages that can make my mood ch
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Chapter 4
We have many choice for what happens in the future. Choose the thing that we think is good, then we will love it._The view outside the office window was cloudy. I sat there staring at the computer screen occasionally. Many things I thought about, all quite draining and mental. "How odd you silent, usually the spirit is working on the tasks that have accumulated," said Daniel to me. It's true he said, just looking at the pile of paper in front of me feels like throwing up. I prop up my chin in lazy feeling, put the pen on my upper lip while pursed my lips. Focus my eyes on the pen."Want coffee?" The baritone voice interrupted my reverie. I put the pen back on the table. I lifted my head to confirm who have that voice. Rafi? Then my gaze shifted to his hand that was holding out a cup of coffee. I accepted it because I was currently thirsty. Again and again without saying much he went back, as before. Indeed, people do not like s
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Chapter 5
"You--!" "Rafi," He said. He chuckled as he closed his mouth. I looked up, the light blocking my vision, I don’t even know what kind of face it was. Although I believe its belongs to Rafi’s voice. "Rafi!" I confirmed once again that this person was indeed Rafi, my classmate who rarely spoke and didn't even like small talk. "May I sit here?" He asked. "Yes, nobody forbids anyone can sit down." He laughed after hearing what I said. Is there anything funny? I scratched the back of the nape that didn't itch. "What are you doing here?" I asked curiously. "That …." He pointed to the chicken satay  cart. Short but clear the point. I understood then nodded. "You?" He asked back. "Tha- ...."I did the same thing what he do too, pointing at the chicken satay cart and speaking using that intonation. Why he looks like a different types? Rafi in the office is a very differe
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Chapter 6
Sunlight crawled through the slit of the window. I covering my head with a pillow to avoid the light. I’m  still feel drowsiness, I sitting down to start a little exercise. Starting from pulling my head to the right then to left, until I heard a cracking sound, then I did the same to other limbs such as hands and waist. When finished I got up from the bed to the window. Pull the curtains and open the window. Wind of this  morning hit my face and its feel cold. I took a deep breath then exhaled, I did over and over. I yawned then look at the clock on the wall of the room.And, At 9 a.m. Want to scream, but I hold it back. I ran to the bathroom, not forget to bring the towel hanging behind the door. Slightly leaned to the side and almost fell but my position was back to normal when I managed to reach the wall. Hufft With full strength ran back to the bathroom to finish the ritual bath a
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Chapter 7
"Kids are like that. They show their naughtiness just to be attention, they hate being ignored." The baritone voice startled me. Soon i looked back. "Um ...." I tightened the grip on the strap of the bag. In a situation like this there was an awkward feeling ambushing.This man looked at me as usual, cold and creepy, at least that's my personal opinion. That cold gaze made my heart shrink. I was prepared the consequences of punishment if only that happened. His eyebrows knitted together, passing me by then approached the boy."This is Sean, 10 years old, he's my younger brother. Today I want you to look after him. Whatever, maybe want to hang out or play. I’ll allow everything." Those burly hands grabbed the shoulders of the boy named Sean. Soon I saw a smile on the boy.His younger brother? How many difference years they are? Why do I think that Mr. Malik is the boy's uncle? I clear my throat and closed my mouth so I couldn’t be heard when
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Chapter 8
The sky seemed blue with white clouds moving away. The wind blows coolly against the face. We just arrived at the Mall yard. Given that Sean wants to play many things there, it makes Mr. Malik unable to refuse his younger brother's request. "Let's go!" I am surprised. How it must be, this boy pull my hand to follow his steps. I saw Sean doing the same with Mr. Malik's attractive hand. I glanced at the boy, seen a blush of happiness emitted on his handsome face. I'm so happy.What is this? Why everyone staring at us? And, why  my cheeks are getting hot? Everyone we passed must have whispered incoherently, some of them screaming hysterically and some were staring at me. What? Where is my fault?"Uh, He really handsome, but he have a girl." Faint, but I can still hear this woman talking to her friend. The cynical gaze, was directed to me. "Yes, both are beautiful and handsome, it fits." Read more
Chapter 9
A clearing throat sounded, make me spontaneously release hug from Arumi. Mr. Malik was standing in front of us, I looked for Sean around him but there was not. Looks like the boy is still busy playing. Daniel stood next to me, he bowed slightly in respect to Mr. Malik, as well as Arumi. I don't know why it suddenly felt as formal as in the office. "Sean said he want to play with you," He said then, soon he turned back around and walked away from us. Just like that? Geez short on and clear. This is what makes office employees find it too cold and creepy.I looked one by one starting from Arumi, nervousness overtook both of them, they were not used to Mr. Malik's attitude. I thought. I said goodbye to both of them. They nodded in agreement then quickly left there. I think they are scared. That’s making me laugh.Mr. Malik was not far in front of me. Speeding up my steps, I stood behind him. As a babysitter and also an employe
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Chapter 10
The reddish sky looked dazzling to the eye, a sign that it was time to go home. We spend almost all day at the Mall. Waiting for Sean to play. Our steps just exited the lower floor elevator, walking side by side. Sean walked between us, he was in the middle. Sean rubbed his eyes for a long time. Mr. Malik, stopping Sean's hand, caught both hands and then lifted the boy into his arms. "Sean, sleepy, want to go home," He muttered softly. I who was standing right next to Mr. Malik, patted the little back, trying to relax him. Sean was too excited to spend his day playing with his brother. Perhaps, for him this precious day should not be missed. Rarely do they gather like this. That's what I concluded when Sean was sulking earlier. It seems that Mr. Malik never has time to play with his younger brother because his job as CEO takes up a lot of his time.Yes, I understand how Mr. Malik feels, he must have a hard time making a choice wh
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