The Alpha's Heart & Soul

The Alpha's Heart & Soul

By:  Cristina  Completed
Language: English
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Fate had been cruel...For years Alpha Cade had lived a life dictated by duty and honor.Once the shackles that had tied him down had finally freed him of the responsibility life had thrown at him, he was able to live his life how he wanted...Having given up on finding his mate, he promised himself that he would not fall into the trap of being permanently tied down by anyone, he had suffered enough at the hands of his ex.So what happens, when his family gets together and forms a plan, will he finally find true happiness...Or is there someone out there, wanting to take it all away...before he even has a chance to claim true happiness!!!*Mature Content*Original Story*Copyrighted*Completed Story

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37 chapters
The Hunter clan was gathered at the old folk’s home, minus one member, who had been sent out on an errand.Whilst the younger children played around in the backyard, the rest were seated by the porch, chatting away and discussing current issues. Though still keeping an eye on the younger kids, making sure that they did not get into any trouble.Megan, turned to her grandmother, “Nana, we need to find Dad a companion.”  Her voice loud and clear, drawing everyone&rsquo
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Chapter 1
A few days later…“So, you remember the plan…?” Vanessa asked her husband Matt anxiously.Rolling his eyes, “Yes love…!” He muttered out sarcastically, whilst they were driving towards one of the family’s business premises, they owned a few buildings in town and across the country.The Hunter family had their hands in many ventures and were doing rather well financially.Read more
Chapter 2
Ava could not believe that the day had finally arrived, calling a taxi, she left her son’s apartment and travelled to the dealership which was over two hours away.Sitting in the back seat, barely taking note of the scenery passing by, she pondered over the events that had led her here to this point in time, making this journey to fetch a uniquely designed vehicle, a one of a kind car, something she would not have considered over a year ago...Life had not always been so easy for her, about four years previously, out of the blue, her husband of almost twenty years of marriage, up and left her for a younger model, aka…his personal ass
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Chapter 3
Cade was not in the best of moods, today was one of those days that he wished to be anywhere but at work. His ex was trying to get back into his life, her latest boy toy had dumped her and she was feeling old and lonely.She had been pestering him of late, constantly pitching up at his place, on the pretence of checking up on the kids or calling him at inconvenient times, whining about stupid nonsense.As if he would take her back, he scoffed to himself, she was in for a rude awakening, he would not touch her with a beanpole, especially since she had not been faithful in the last few years of their marriage, luckily by then, they had been living separate lives, each with their own room.So, when he finally had the proof he needed to separate from her, he had not looked back, luckily his kids were old enough at the time to understand that their parents were not made for each other or were even soul mates.  However, he always made su
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Chapter 4
Vanessa’s phone pinged, apologizing to Ava, she quickly scanned the message, a smirk forming on her face, it seems that her dear brother-in-law took the bait, now they had to see how things panned out for the rest of the day.Ava had finally signed all the necessary documentation and according to Vanessa, they would be sent to the DMV, to get stamped, sealed and sorted.And whilst she waited, Vanessa would show her the vehicle that she had fallen in love with and bought.Following Vanessa to a section of the showroom, her n
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Chapter 5
Cade rolled his eyes at his sister-in-law, he was more than eager to help her in this case, wanting to get to know the woman who had intrigued him from the moment his eyes had landed on her.Gazing down at her small form in the chair, a tingling sensation formed throughout his body in anticipation, as she slowly turned to face him, her light blue eyes widening in surprise as she took in his form.Cade was struck by her natural beauty, wondering on how old she actually was and if he wasn’t cradle snatching, she seemed so young close-up and her sweet scent drove him wild.Read more
Chapter 6
“Are we going with that…?” She stuttered nervously out, shifting from side to side, wondering how she was going to get on that thing.Cade frowned, “Haven’t you been on one of these before?” He asked, as he took a helmet to place on her head.Shaking her head in denial, “Nope…!” She replied, “Thought about it…never had the courage to try it.” She admitted truthfully, still staring at the huge contraption before her, somewhat in awe of its design and power.Read more
Chapter 7
“Hi Drake…” Ava spoke between bites the moment the call connected, much too Cade’s amusement.“Hi Mom…” The caller replied, Cade’s tense body sagging in relief, he had thought that the caller was a partner…Forcing himself to discreetly listen to the conversation, giving the impression he was giving her privacy, when in fact he was doing the opposite, genuinely interested in hearing her talk with her son.“Why are you calling…?” Ava asked, getting straigh
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Chapter 8
Ava returned to their table, her smile widening as Gloria approached the moment she had taken her seat and placing the dessert in front of her.“Thank you soooo much…!” Ava drawled out, taking a bite of the gooey chocolate fudge cake, moaning yet again, seriously she was in heaven.Her manners abandoning her the moment her gaze had landed on the sweet treat, barely acknowledging anyone around her, living in her own fantasy world…Surprised and stunned, Cade could only look on, as Ava devoured the dessert
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Chapter 9
Having unfortunately reached their destination, Cade helped Ava off his bike and again placed his hand on her lower back, it seemed that he was looking for all kinds of reasons to touch her in some form or other.As they entered the dealership, Vanessa was in an instant beside them, a smile on her face, as she hooked her arm with Ava’s “So, how was lunch?” She asked, guiding Ava towards her desk, leaving Cade behind.“It was great, thank you.” Ava replied, looking back over her shoulder, seeing that Matt had stopped Cade at the entrance, her body feeling the loss of not having him near or touching her, a small frown
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