I Still Hate You

I Still Hate You

By:  Angela Lynn Carver  Completed
Language: English
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Ethan Miller was the hottest guy in Greenville High School. Girls loved him, guys wanted to be him. He just had one problem, Corey Price. Corey Price was the complete opposite of Ethan. Ethan did not like his lingering looks and admiring glances. It made him furious. Corey was the bane of his existence. Ethan's solution was to beat and torment Corey and make his school days unbearable. Corey's wounds never healed. His fondness of Ethan turned into hatred and he vowed to never forgive him. But, he spent years working on himself and has emerged a stronger, better person, ready to take on new challenges. Finally confident, he's about to take on a new job. Until he discovered who his new boss was. It was none other than the monster himself. Ethan Miller

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46 Chapters
Ethan Miller stared at me with his eyes full of disgust. Those baby blue eyes that I love so much were now cold and hard. He hated me with all of his beings and was never afraid to let me know."Faggot," he hissed. He wasn't too creative when it came to name calling that's for sure."Wha
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1. Long time no see
8 years later...I rolled over to my side and looked at the figure next to me. He was still in a deep state of slumber, judging from his snoring. That means I can safely escape this room without being noticed. I looked at the clock; 11:49 pm. I need to get the hell out of here!I know wh
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2. Aging like a fine wine
I turned around slowly, refusing to believe my own ears. This can't be happening to me. Not now!But there he stood, my worst nightmare. Ethan fucking Miller in all his glory."I thought it was you when I saw your name in the job application but didn't want to believe it at first. But there you are, Corey Price," Ethan said. His blue eyes were twinkling.
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3. You don't like him, do you?
Ethan's POVWhen I first met Corey Price in middle school, I didn't think too much of him. He was this scrawny little kid who looked so frail that I thought I could break him in half. Delicate and cute. But it only made me want to protect him and to hold him.I did for several years. We were stuck to each other like glue, and I was happy. I looked forward to seeing him every day.
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4. It's my turn to pleasure you
It took me less than 5 minutes to spot Jacob at the club. He was wearing a pair of dark grey ripped jeans with a white sleeveless t-shirt. He was taller and more muscular than I imagined. Almost too big for my taste. He looked kind of intimidating.He grinned when he saw me approaching. "Corey?"
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5. Isn't this a form of sexual harassment?
Well, you've guessed it. I left as soon as we were done. And it didn't take him long to finish. We got ourselves a minute man in our hands.Don't get me wrong, Jacob was sexy and all, and the dick thing was just a minor inconvenience. I was mostly annoyed at his constant rant about his job. He couldn't stop bragging about how he was the best personal trainer out of all the others and how everyone found him sooo good looking. Jesus, dude, get over yourself!
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6. What happened last night?
I closed my eyes and slurped my milkshake. God, I'm in heaven."Slow down, or you'll get a brain freeze," Ethan laughed."Shut it, Boss, you are ruining the moment," I snarled, then continued to enjoy myself. Going out to lunch with him wasn't a terrible idea after all.
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7. The more, the merrier
Ethan's POVJealousy.An emotion I never had to deal with. But of course, I've never had to experience anything in the past that'd caused me to feel jealous.
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8. Am I still hot?
My insides twisted into knots as I watch Ethan flirting with some tall skinny kid. That guy looks like a teenager. What was he thinking?Okay, maybe he wasn't actually a teenager. The bouncers in this club are pretty strict, and they always check IDs. But that's not the point! I still don't get why Ethan was showing some much interest in some random kid. It made me angry for some reason.
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9. Maybe I just like YOU
What the hell is happening? Ethan was acting strange. He had my back against the wall with his heated eyes staring into my soul.Memories of my high school days flashed before my eyes. I've been in this situation before. He had my back against the wall plenty of times and what comes after was usually his fist pounding on my face. His and his buddies.'
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