The Billionaire's Secret Lover

The Billionaire's Secret Lover

By:  Viczees  Completed
Language: English
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Nina Miller is a simple and easy going girl. At 17, she gave her virginity to a stranger she met at a club. Now, at 27, she met the guy who took her heart, but he's engaged to her friend. Will she break her friendship or mend the relationship? Michael Vincent Thompson, the first of the three boys in the Thompson's family and the heir to the Thompson's Empire, currently the CEO of the Thompson's Empire, is a ruthless billionaire who has everything that money could buy and an heiress of the Mason's Media Group as a fiancee. But a night with a naive virgin girl changes his view of women. Will he risk his inheritance for a naive virgin girl, or will he marry an heiress and expand the family business? READ AND FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

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105 chapters
Chapter 1: Prologue
"Oh my God, I can't believe that he has the gut to break up with you, that good for nothing jerk face, anywhere I don't blame him, but you, I don't even know what you saw in him, anyway... Let him just wait still I lay my hands on him, sonofabitch" Lilian said trying to console me, as I lay on my bed in the two rooms apartment, I share with my father... Amidst sob" Lily, please promise me that you won't do anything that I will regret later, please" " I won't do anything to him that he did not deserve ....Get up and take your bath, we are going to my place, and you will be spending the night there, don't worry I will tell your father, I don't want him to see you like this, he will be so heartbroken.." " Yes ma'am, what will I have ever done without you, you are my backbone, thank you so much for everything" I hugged her and walked sluggishly to the bathroom which was located outside the house while lily went to meet my f
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Chapter 2: Present day/10 years later
  "Rise and shine baby girl" "Mom stop calling me that, I am not a baby, I'm 27 mom, remember" "I know my angel that you are 27, but no matter how old you are, you will always be my little girl..." "Patricia, leave the poor girl alone " my father's voice interrupted us in the doorway, as he ventures into the room with swag, I didn't know he has, smiling "It's because you've been calling her baby girl, that's why she has refused to marry y that she's still a baby "father said as he hugged mom to his side  " Huh!! Whatever dad, you are just jealous because mom gives me attention" I retorted back smiling and pouting at him. " Baby let's go" he lovingly dragged mom from my room. I took my bath, immediately my parents left my room and pack my bag. I have been doing this for the past 10 years, coming to spend some time with them, before going back to school then but now I'm going back to work. My dad remarried
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Chapter 3: Meeting Deborah
My alarm clock ringing beside my bed woke me up at exactly 6:30 a.m. I stood up sluggishly from the bed as I have a morning run to do before getting ready for work, as I don't want to be late for my first day at work. After changing out of my sleepwear I put on my running joggers and pink tan top with a running shoe and plug in my earphones ready for my run. I've been running for 10 minutes when I suddenly sense someone running quietly behind me. I was tensed and scared as I turn back to behold beauty, she's beautiful with blonde long hair. "Hi good morning, I'm Debbie. I've never seen your face in this neighborhood" she blah blah on expectantly trying to recall if she has seen me or not?. "Hello! good morning to you too, I'm Nina just moved in yesterday". "Really? WOW!! Welcome to our neighborhood I live alone at block D" "Ok, nice meeting you too, I live at blo
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Chapter 4: Meeting Michael
The week flew by quicker than I could imagine. I hate weekends. Nothing to do and no friends to visit. Lilian has flown to Paris with Danny to shop for her wedding gown, I was supposed to go with her but I've been busy with work and since I just resumed didn't want to ask for any excuse just yet. Sitting in front of my Tv, my favorite program was on" The Thundermans", I know you all wondering why a grown-up like me is watching kid movies. I so love it and right now with nothing to do, I have no choice but to watch what I have. I was watching Thunderman with popcorn beside me, when I heard the doorbell, I left to open the door only to see Debbie standing in front of my doorstep. Unlike me, she was dressed while I was just in bomshort and crop top. "Hey" she smiled widely at me, checking me out with disgust. Looking back at her, she was all smiles, which made me wonder if I was hallucinating. Reaching forward to touch me "I'm so sorry to bother you but I and my
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Chapter 5: Michael
I zoom off, I don't trust myself to stay another moment in her presence. I will probably end up begging her to forgive me. I can't describe how happy I am that she's still a virgin for me. I love her so much. I glance at the side mirror and saw her walking slowly with tears in her eyes. My heart clenched, as I look closely to see her going to the park. I will give anything to see her smile. "Is she the one?"Debbie asked as she watches me glance at the side mirror over and over again. "Is she who?" I ask, I pretended not to understand her as I schooled my facial expression back to neutral. "Is she Nina?. The one you love" She repeated the question, a little bit skeptical of my answer. "Deborah, there's probably a million women in the world with that name, that doesn't mean that any woman that bears Nina is the one I love" I arch my eyebrows at her frowning. "That does not answer the question, Michael. Stop playing smart" She huff and gl
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Chapter 6: Wedding Rehearsal
It still feels like a dream to me. I met him after searching for him all these years. And he's engaged to my friend. Though we've just met but I still regard Debby as a friend. She was the only person that reaches out to me apart from Lilian. Speaking of Lilian, I need to prepare cos we're going to the wedding rehearsal today being Sunday. I have called Lily and she told me that she will be back in time today for the rehearsal. I'm to meet her at the venue which is like two hours drive from where I stay.  I quickly put on my teal green strapless gown with a white platform. I got into my car and drive all the way through, have to call Lily and she said she's already at the venue. I can't wait to see her. Gosh, I've missed her!!. Exactly two hours later, I packed in front of a big white St Patrick's Cathedral, where Lilian will be getting married in three months. I saw Lilian rushing to meet me, she was putting on a white ball gown, her hair was pa
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Chapter 7: The Big Boss
Nina has just gotten to work when her secretary told her that the big boss has called for a meeting at an hour's time in the conference room.  The big boss was the name given to Mr. Melton, the owner of Melton Media and according to the information, she gathered he rarely calls for a meeting unless it's important.  She has sent Divine the 19 years old part-time secretary the company has employed for her back to her office to prepare for the meeting.  She was going through files and typing away on her computer when her phone rang. She looks at the phone screen and smiles.  Standing up as she walks to the window, she answers the call.  "Hello! beautiful damsel! To what do I owe this pleasure of you calling me so early on Monday morning" She said sarcastically.  "Hiya back! Just wanted to thank you for yesterday I'm very grateful and to show my appreciation, let me buy you lunch" " Lily? See I need to
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Chapter 8: Bonding Time
We were standing in front of Lilytz Lounge, Lilian's club in New York City. I turn to look at her giving her my"Are you kidding look" "Is this your idea of a dinner reservation, Lily? "She rolls her eyes at me being dramatic and turns to walk into the club. But I pulled her back, she raises her eyebrow silently asking me "Why" "The last time I was at a club, I lost my virginity and was abandoned" I run my hands tiredly through my hair. "Only God knows what I will be losing this time? " "This time......;" Lily smiles secretly as she arches her chin up like she was thinking about something important. She instantly smiles flashing her perfect set of white teeth when she has found the answer. "This time;" She repeated excitedly walking ahead of me to the club and just before she went in, she turns back and grin brightly "you will be losing your heart" and went in. "That is if I have a hea
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Chapter 9: The Masquerade Ball
The phone ringing woke me up at exactly 6 am. I stood up sluggishly and went into the sitting room to pick it up. "Hello! Nina Miller speaking" I call into the phone as I stroll into the kitchen to make my morning tea. "Hello, beautiful damsel" Austin called huskily into the phone making me freeze as I was about to put the pot on the fire. "Austin?" I question softly, cos I couldn't recall giving him my number unless Lilian. "Yes, baby. Hope I didn't wake you up" "No, not at all" "Just call to remind you of our discussion yesterday and I want to pick you up at work today" There was shuffling in the background like he was getting up from the bed. "I gotta go. I left you a message at work. Call me when you are done" He hung up. As I went out to run, I couldn't help but ask myself if accepting to be his girlfriend is the right decisio
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Chapter 10: Michael
"Mr. Thompson, I'll suggest you keep your hands to yourself from now on. Nina is my girlfriend and it's my duty to take care of her. Why don't you go comfort your wife to be".  I walk away sad and downcasted while Austin covers her with his jacket. He guides her outside to his car and drove her home. I stood at the balcony and watch them from afar I still couldn't believe that Nina will replace me so soon. What of the connection we felt?. I love her with everything I have and will do everything to take her from Austin.  I walk away from the window immediately after they left and went to find my parents. I met them in the conference room at the hotel arguing among themselves. The Meltons were also there and Debbie, sat down on the couch crying. Immediately I walk in, they all quiet down and turn to regard me. " What was that show you put on, at the auction. Michael?" "Mom. It wasn't any show. I ju
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