Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

By:  Demiah13  Completed
Language: English
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Ashley Grey knows better than to get involved with her bestfriend that's in a relationship. She has been keeping her feelings for him a secret for years. Until one day they are dared to kiss each other. Then everything is flipped between them. Stolen kisses, touches and a whole lot of tension. These two go on a journey that will either drift them apart or pull them even closer. “ I can’t be your friend Ley when I know how you taste.” This book is part of a series: Book 1: Badboy Asher Book 2: His Blonde Temptress Book 3: Loving The Enemy Book 4: Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

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"Bestfriends Shouldnt Know How You Taste novel: Ashley knew better than to fall in love with her best friend, and for years she hid her feelings for Blake, a journey, and their life together, as heartwarming as they promised, culminating in a storyline that perfectly blended pain, strength, heartache, heartbreak, sadness, happiness, and loneliness. It's a loving part of their lives. Blake and ASHLEY's love story touches the soul of every reader, allowing the reader to live each character's life as if you were there. Is this the fantasy world every girl wants to live in. Let's read on and enjoy the emotion and connection with the characters. "

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Ashley's pov Ryan is the first to enter, opening those glass doors that looked really intimidating. I gulped some much needed air, staring at the many faces inside the too small restaurant. I could already feel claustrophobic just by looking at it.I could hear the shouts, the praises as Ryan made his presence known. I rolled my eyes, knowing that we would be surrounded by their many admirers. I reach for my ponytail, separated my black tresses in two and pulled them away from each other until the scrunchie got tight enough to my liking.I breathed out when the presence of Blake comes beside me. I could smell his scent, a tinge of mint and aftershave. He sees me staring at the crowd of rowdy teenagers circling around Ryan, bombarding him with questions. He knew his turn was coming next."You know you should try to loosen up, it's not like they could do you anything , Ryan and I are here." He professed.But that's the thing, when I
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Ashley's pov She doesn't stare long and quickly sets her attention on Blake. He didn't look surprised to see her here. I wasn't either, I don't think any of us were.She plops down on his thigh, one of her hands coming around his head to draw him forward. Her shiny bright red painted nails mock me as she tenderly touches his jaw.A second later their lips are molding together and suddenly a wave of jealousy swims through my body. My gut twisted at the sight and I quickly look away. I could feel my skin prickle,like tiny stabs of needles piercing my flesh.Either it was from hatred or it was from shame. Shame that I was jealous. I shouldn't be, I had no right, afterall she was his girlfriend. I hated it, hated that I couldn't control it.I find myself excusing myself to go to the bathroom. Excuses excuses. My conscience mocks me. They didn't seem to acknowledge me, not that I cared. Or maybe I did because I felt a stab of hurt when Bla
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Ashley's povHer brows raise as her friend goes silent beside her. Then a nasty smile makes its way to her lips, the sight unsettling. "Well then now you know how embarrassing you are to the boys." She said waving her hands off then later picking at her long nails.I look for a way out, a parting way out that is. I was never one to confront someone, that just wasn't me. I never had the guts to. I cross my arms and straighten my stance, trying to seem confident even though I was lacking it."The only one who should be embarrassed right now is you. Aren't you the girl who basically threw herself on to Blake last year and tried getting with Ryan a week later? Oh and failed at both?" I jabbed.What the hell was wrong with me? Since when did I become a bitch? I cringed when the word popped in my head. I hated cursing.She gasps her face reddening with a faint blush. Shame was written on her face. "How do you know about that?" She stumbles over her
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Ashley's povThe sun had dipped a long time ago, moonlight flooding through the opened window. It was late, really late. I prayed silently in my head that mom and dad were sleeping soundly, if I got caught I'd be in trouble.That I didn't want. Dad was very overprotective. I was surprised he allowed me to be friends with Ryan and Blake. He didn't trust any other guy that wasn't Blake and Ryan come near me. It was annoying and not needed since embarrassingly I've only wanted one guy's attention.I sighed. I was curled up on the bed. My clothes were hidden by the thick blanket that enveloped me in it's warmth. I didn't want mom or dad bursting through my door to find out what I'm wearing. They would've surely known something was up.A gentle cold breeze brushes against my cheek softly. I stared outside the opened window, counting the little white dots we called stars. I was a nervous wreck. I should never have agreed to go tonight. I should've s
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Ashley's povIt felt like an eternity. Just being in this position and staring into his alluring eyes. His gaze flickered down to my lips, his own parting slightly.I puffed out some air. "I think I'm able to stand now Blake." I joked and forcefully let out a laugh. It comes out strained and awkward.His blue eyes widen slightly, as if just realizing he was still holding me. Within a second I was standing on the ground, brushing my palms over my skirt awkwardly.I looked at Blake catching him already staring at me. He reaches over and twirls some curly strands of my hair, tugging it playfully. "I love your hair." He compliments. I had left it down and slightly curled it. He smirks when his eyes drop down to stare at my leggings."You look sexy." His tone had taken on a husky one, one that has my heart pounding in my chest, it's rhythm uncontrollable. His eyes travel back up my body slowly, the intensity leaving a tingling sensation in my lowe
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Ashley's povI couldn't be any more happy when the house that held the party comes into view. The awkwardness that hung in the air was almost suffocating.The party seemed to be in full swing with music blasting through the entire house. I guess it was alright to have it to this overpowering volume with a scarce amount of neighbors.Blake slowly parks the car, being careful to not knock over the teens running up and down the road recklessly.Were they high? They certainly looked like it.Stacy bangs the car door on the way out. I flinch away from the loud noise and look to see her walking up to the house. I cringed when I spotted an unfamiliar girl throwing up in the bushes, her friend patting her back.Stacy had long gone inside the house, leaving Blake and I behind. She was furious and I felt somewhat guilty. "I'm sorry." I mumbled opening the car door and getting out.Blake does the same and looks over to face me. His brows are knitt
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Ashley's pov"Whatever." I shrugged nonchalantly then turned around to look at the mass of teenagers. They looked utterly out of their minds, drunk, high and hopefully not on drugs. There were some I recognized from school but never spoke to.But there were some who looked too old to be in the same age group as me. I feel a heavy arm drape around my shoulder, the weight a bit uncomfortable. I turn sideways to see the culprit. "Let's go." Ryan says dragging me along to what looked like the kitchen.Well I hoped it was the kitchen, I wasn't so sure if I was intoxicated with whatever was floating in the air. The kitchen didn't seem to be as crowded as the living room area. But the stench of alcohol was more prominent in the air.I looked around, spotting the big cooler that was filled with different beverages. Ryan moves his hands off my shoulder, thankfully. And darts over to the fridge. My eyes almost bulge out of it's sockets for the amount of beers
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Ashley's pov I hear the clacking of her heels nearing and I couldn't prevent myself from lifting my head. Her eyes are a stormy blue. Rage. Rage poured in the depths of her eyes, eyes Blake seemed to like."You're boring." Her red lips curl into a sneer, the white pearly teeth now visible. I feel the invisible blow and stagger back as she advances."You're not even pretty." She continues, her eyes racking over my form in displeasure. Her blue eyes settle on my leggings and she snorts. "And for fuck sake you can't even dress right." She laughs but it's void of humor.By now we were inches apart with me having to crane my neck to look at her. It was no secret that I was short. I blamed my mom for this stupid height. I always seemed to look like a little kid compared to everyone else. It's no wonder Blake doesn't see me as anything more than a friend."I don't get why he can't seem to leave you for just a second. What do you have t
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