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HER BABY’S SECRET Are we best friends or meant to be together? Minutes went by, that was the longest minutes of my life. My heart was beating hard against my chest. I felt like it was going to burst anytime soon. The result and how I would break it down to Busayomi without her getting mad stirred panic within me. I was scared. I closed my eyes as she picked the strip. I could feel her eyes on me. "I.. think..this is good news." She said but my heart broke at her words. It is really bad news if it's positive. "You're pregnant." She said happily. No..no..no..my heart beat skipped two beats at a time. Suddenly I went into hyperventilating mode! And I couldn't control it. What do you do when you don't know how you feel? What do you do when you can't possibly let go of what you feel? What do you do when you can't confess your feelings just because you don't wanna ruin a long time friendship? And all you do is to make him happy! Then what happens when you find out you're pregnant but you can't tell it to the father of your child? Read the story of two best friends.

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74 Chapters
He is getting married
  EPISODE ONETheme: He is getting married                Arike's POVAt 1:15am, I was still up trying to gather every information I could find to solve a murder case which was presented to the law firm where I work as a Criminal Attorney. The case was about the death of a senator's daughter. Chidinma Johnson was found dead on the street after she met up with her boyfriend at an hotel. We are yet to find the killer but we have two suspects in the police custody. Her boyfriend who she met before her death and best friend who was the last person who called Chidinma. My boss put me up to handle the case and also defend my client who was the deceased boyfriend.Benjamin Nwosu was the son of Senator Nwosu and he made it known to me that he didn't kill Chidinma. I perceive that Chidinma's death was the handwork of her father's opponent. Senator Jo
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Arranged Marriage
    EPISODE TWOTheme: Arranged marriage               Arike's POV"I am getting married." He blurted out. And it seems like my heart stopped beating for a second.Adedayo was getting married? Has he proposed to his girlfriend? But wait,why was he sad about it? I pondered. Something wasn't right!"Have you proposed marriage to Joy?" I asked."Joy?! No! I broke up with her three days ago!" He responded in a slightly raised tone."Ok..ok..but you didn't tell about it." I said in a surprised tone."Well I wanted to call you up and tell you about it -" he stopped."So why didn't you?""I just got busy with some stuffs -" he paused again. "At least...now you know." He added quickly.I shook my head. It has always
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Chitchat with my best friend
EPISODE THREETheme: Chitchat with my best friend         Arike’s POV"So please go ahead." I said to send him off so I could work."What will you be doing?" He asked."Working..." I pointed out to my laptop with shrug."You should rest too." He adviced."No..I am okay. I really need to finish up this case." I answered him."Okay." He walked off to the bedroom.I got back to my work of finding evidences. Several minutes clicked by before Dayo came out again with a duvet in his hands."Do you need help?" He asked."No,I can manage." I replied."Are you sure?" He settled on the couch.I shook my head. "Aren't you sleeping on the bed?""No,I want to watch you while you work?" He replied with a wicked grin.I rai
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The full gist
EPISODE FOURTheme: The full gist              Arike's POV    FEMI AFOLABI LAW FIRMA beeping sound from my phone distracted me. I rolled my eyes at the caller's ID - Busayomi. She was my very good friend and I can also say that she was my big sister. We've been friends for years. Busayomi was my roommate back in University days and we bonded almost immediately at our first meeting.I met her on the day I wanted to get some books from the library. I wasn't familiar with the campus yet as a fresher unlike Busayomi who was in 200 level. She helped me to the library and that was how we got talking. As at that time I needed a place to stay because I didn't like the fact that I was living with Mr Gbadamosi (he was a close friend to my uncle) and his family. Busayomi offered to allow me stay with her and her roommate Bunmi. I
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The career woman
EPISODE FIVETheme: The career woman            Arike's POV"Are you guys together now?" She asked."No! We are not together.” I responded in a way that won’t make her ask anymore questions but I was wrong."Why? Don't you like him? Is he not nice?" She questioned frantically."Bamidele is a nice guy but I don't think I want to be with him like -" I paused."Like what?" She sounded annoyed."The feeling is not just there like it's supposed to be.""Can I ask you a question?""Yeah." I mumbled."Do you intend to remain single forever?""Of course not." I laughed."Listen to me, I haven't seen you with any man in years except Dayo. You keep turning every man down as if your body is made of steel. Don't you want to be h
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Hidden feelings
EPISODE SIXTheme: Hidden feelings          Arike's POVI rushed out of the kitchen at the jingling sound of the bell attached to my door. I was surprised to see who was at the door."Shalewa." I said."Good day Arike." She greeted with her shoulder high up in the air."Yeah...good afternoon." I managed to smile still wondering why she was here without Adedayo."Won't you invite me in? It's not polite to keep me waiting out here." She said."Oh! I am sorry...please come in." I stepped aside and opened the door wide for her to come in."Are you expecting someone?" She asked."Yes."She interrupted my statement. "Dayo is coming over?""No, I am not expecting Dayo.""So who are you expecting?'
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Hidden feelings
EPISODE SEVENTheme: Hidden feelingsArike’s POV“Oya oya the gist o!" She chanted as she sat down."Wait, I hope there's no bad news?""Oh no..no..bad news " I settled in the chair facing her direct with a glass of orange juice on the table."So..I am listening." She swallowed the food in her mouth."I..erm...I had dinner with Bamidele during the week." I said.She looked up at me. "For real?"I shook my head in response. "I thought you said -""I don't wanna have anything serious with him."  I completed her intended sentence."Exactly! So have you changed your mind about him?" She asked."I don't know yet. We just had dinner as friends, nothing more.""Well I still don't know why you won't give bamidele chance. See grade one husband material! But no o! It's uncle -"
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What’s the occasion
EPISODE EIGHTTheme: what’s the occasion?Arike’s  POV"I don't understand why your stubborn boss wants to see you on a Sunday." I grumbled as I helped Busayomi carry her bag to the car.She planned to leave on Monday morning but then her boss called up to bring some files she picked from the office to his house."It's strange how your boss wants to see you. Can't he wait to get the files on Monday?" I continued grumbling."I don't know if it's -""Arike please my ears are full. I am a secretary more or less like a personal assistant so he can call me up anytime. He's a businessman.""I don't believe it's just work related. Work on Sunday? Who does that?""My boss does that." She replied with a laugh."Perhaps are you hiding something from me?""Something like what?""Anything about -"Read more
He is gay
EPISODE NINETheme: He is gayArike’s POV“Perhaps are you expecting someone? Oh wait! Lemme guess Busayomi is coming right?" He asked."No, she just left few hours ago." I answered."So why is there so much food on the table?" He asked again. No response.Why am I scared right now?"Did you predicted my visit and cooked my favorite?!" He smiled. "Awnnnn that's  so cute. You're such a darling." He patted my head."No Dayo -" I stopped him when he tried to hug me. "I didn't set the table for you.""Okay..." He settled in one of the chairs.I summoned the courage to say the words. He can't kill me but I am just worried about what he would say and how he would react."Bamidele is coming to have dinner with me."He dropped the plate he was holding and looked up at me. "You're kidding right?"
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Dinner goes wrong
EPISODE TENTheme: Dinner goes wrongArike’s POVMy jaw dropped completely."Do you need a shock absorber?" He grabbed the remote and tuned into a football station.I could hardly believe what Adedayo just said about Bamidele. I bursted into laughter as I settled in one of the couches."What's so funny?" He gritted with a huge frown on his face."Bamidele is gay." I laughed."How can he be gay?""Oh! You think it's funny?" He hissed"Oh course! I know you're just making things up so I would stay away from Bamidele.""Why on earth would I come up with such a thing if it's not true. You should know me better than this, Arike!" He said with annoyance in his tone.I stood up from the couch and went to sit beside him."Ade, are you being serious right now? Like Bamidele
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