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YVES' fiancee lost all of her memories due to tragic history about her past. Even her, was having a hard time to accept her situation. She never expected that she would also forget the man she loves the most. For the past five years, Yves had been secretly looking at her from a far until he finally decided to meet her in person, with a desire to capture her heart all over again. A longing smile was plastered on his face as soon as he saw her. He unconsciously uttered those four words, with sixteen letters. “Honey, we meet again.”

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67 chapters
CHAPTER 1XYNETH LAVA ASUNCION is a hard-working woman, but she's broke that's why she's desperate for another job. Today is her contract ended that's why it's her last day for working as a waitress in the Restaurant.She didn't know why her life was still incomplete in this past years, it's like she forgotten something more valuable than her life.She sigh as soon as she got back to work, as usual she served the customers.She approached the woman who's sitting the at the near glass window,"What is your order, Ma'am?"She politely asked the woman.The woman stopped from using her phone and she look at her, "I want adobo, sinigang and steak. For the dessert, I want macaroni and halo-halo."Xyneth smiled at her, "Okay, Ma'am. Please wait for a minute and we will served your order."She said politely as she turned her back to get her order.She went to the kitchen, ofcourse to get her order.<
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CHAPTER 2XYNETH was already a jobless woman ever since her contract at Paradise Restaurant ended. Well, she was the one who said that the contract would only last for 4 months, now she's regretting saying that words. She wanted to work there for a long time to meet that man again but unluckily, her contract was ended.She sighed. She was wearing a formal dress, and of course she was totally looking forward to apply as a secretary of the Valdez Company but due to her bad luck today, she wasn't accepted.She called Rosalie, in just one dial she immediately answered, "Yes?""Rosalie, help."Xyneth said in a sad tone, she was holding her shoulder bag, walking down the streets alone."What?! What happened? Did someone robbed at you and tried to do something bad at you?!"She asked continuously in a horrified tone.Xyneth can't help but to chukled, "No, it's not that."Rosalie let a loud sigh in relief, "So, what do you mean by help?"She ask
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CHAPTER 3XYNETH can't believe what just happened right now, ofcourse part of herself was hoping that one day, she and that man would cross their paths again, but she didn't expect that it would happened so fast that she couldn't gasped at the situation right now.The man chuckled at her expression, "What a small world, our paths always cross again."Xyneth don't know what to say so she just nodded her head."Are you uncomfortable?"He asked her and Xyneth immediately shook her head before she speak, "No, I'm not, Sir. It's just that I don't know what exactly to say. I apologise." She said politely."Don't be. Let's get to the point, I'm gonna asked you some questions and you have to answer it truthfully. Okay?"He said back in a cold tone enough to make her shivered a little.She nodded her head, "Okay."He smiled at her, "Please sit on the couch, you might get tired if you keep on standing."He said.Xyneth went to the couch which is ne
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CHAPTER 4SHE CLEARED her throat when the two of them was glaring at each other while Rosalie was clinging on Xyneth who was drinking a champagne.Rosalie sat beside her while Yves was on the opposite side of them which made the position facing at each other while the table was between them."Rosalie, why do you always glare at him? He is now my boss, you know."Xyneth said making Rosalie dropped her jaw while her eyes was widened to shock.She looked at Xyneth who keeps on drinking Champagne, "Damn. What?!"She smiled at her, "Yes. I am the babysitter of his child, tho I still hasn't seen his child but I would seen him tomorrow when I'll start working as their babysitter.""What the f*ck?! How does this happened?!"She said loudly before she looked at Yves who was calmly drank the Tequila, "You did this on purpose for you to flirt with my best friend, right—Ah... you have a son already, I'm sorry, kindly take good care of your wife and never cheate
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CHAPTER 5XYNETH was already at the Emperial's Mansion, exactly 4:00 in the morning. Thank goodness that Yves registered her fingerprint on the door as well as the gate to open it or else she would spend her early morning ouside of Emperial's house.When she finally got in, the house was quiet as well as the surroundings around her. She saw a note which was stick on the refrigerator. She read the words."I have something to do today, please take good care of my son. I'll be back at six. Choose any room which you prefer." That was the note that Yves left.As what Yves said, she look at the room. She went to were the room was located with and she used the stair to go to the second floor. She saw 7 rooms with different color of the door. She chooses the skyblue door. She opened the door, thankfully it wasn't locked.She roamed her gaze around her room, it has the color skyblue theme queen size bed. The room has skyblue theme and white. She put her luggages
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CHAPTER 6HE KEEP's on glacing his son who's still eating, he must be really worried at the same time relieved that he's son was starting to eat meals.What a good father he is... and I'm sorry for doubting you, Yves. I can't say sorry to you personally but I just can say it in my mind.Xavy stop eating and then he looked at his father, "Do you want to eat, Papa?"Yves smiled and nodded, "Yes, I would like too."I was stunned when he suddenly smile. My heart skips when I saw how beautiful he is when he's smiling especially he's eyes were sparkling. He really love his son.The way their eyes sparkle was so beautiful enough to make my heart tightens a bit.Xavy raised his head to looked up on me while his still sitting on my lap, "You want to eat too?"I also smile when he asked me, "Yes but I'm afraid that I'm already full, do you remember that you feed me earlier?"He nodded and then glance at his father who's busy putting some d
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CHAPTER 7HE RAISED his eyebrow at what I've said,"The spoon was easy to bend? It was made of gold, it can be bend that easy."I laughed nervously, "Huh? T-That's s-strange, wow... I m-must be really strong...""Yeah, i guess so. If you weren't that strong, then you can't easily bend that spoon."He said nonchalantly.I tried to open my mouth to speak something but it was interupt by Xavy."Mama, I wan't to sleep."He said while looking at me.I looked at him confusedly. Mama? What is he talking about? He must mistaken me for his mother. He really miss her mother."Mama?"A deadly baritone voice which owned by Yves made me nervous.I looked at him, "Maybe he just miss his mother, he might mistaken me for his mother." I glanced at Xavy, "Right?"He nodded and he has this sad expression on his face, "Yeah, I miss Mama but now she's gone. She's already in the heaven, but Papa said that she's always guiding me and him."I smiled a
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CHAPTER 8"You're sleepy right? Let's go to sleep."I said but he shooked his head."I won't...""But you just said earlier that you were sleepy, right? So let's go to your room and let's sleep."I softly said to him while his still clinging onto me and Yves was just staring at us doing nothing.Also, the two maids was busy cleaning the table."I'm sleepy but I won't sleep."He insisted making me sighed."And why is that? It's already late at night and you have to sleep so that you will grow fast."I told him but he just pouted and keep insisting not to."Can you tell me why won't you go to sleep, dear cutie?"I said sweetly to him making him grin cheekily but it his face suddenly goes down. From happy to sad."Because I'm afraid that these might be a dream created on my mind, I'm afraid to woke up feeling empty and I'm afraid to woke up without you."He sadly said.I can'y help but to pinch his cute adorable cheeks, "Silly. Where did
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CHAPTER 9I WAS HUFFING, catching my own breath as I ran hard. I don't know where I am, all I can see is a dark abandoned building. I don't know why am I here.I ran as fast as I could but it was no used, I heard some growling noises, the noise of the falling leaves which blows cause of the wind.My heart was beating so fast, I can also feel my legs shaking and wanted to give up. In any minute, my legs could turn into a jelly cause of nervousness and scared.My legs are trembling so as my whole body. My eyes starting to watered, because of the darkness. I'm scared of darkness because I can feel that someone migjt watching over me."H-Hello? W-Who are you? W-Why are you being like this?"I don't know what comes to my mind when I uttered those words. It feels natural when I spoke those words.Where am I? Why am I here? Where is Yves and Xavy?I clenched my fist to calm all my nerves, I'm still shaking... I don't know why did I felt like
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CHAPTER 10I LOST count on how many times I slapped my forehead, I can feel that it's swollen because of it. It's because of these two, they won't get off the bed unless I kiss Yves."Xavy, get down and let's eat food I'm already hungry, I'm sure you feel the same way."I told him but he shook his head while he crossed his arm."I don't want to. Kiss Papa first."He said.He's so persistent."So? Why would you like me to kiss your father? Aren't you jealous that I might kiss him again and again and forget about you?"I raised my eyebrow while talking to him making him stilled.He silently climbed off the bed and stand near to me makes me chuckled.I looked at Yves who's already pouting but I just rolled my eyes on him."Let's go, I'm already hungry."I said to him but when I try to walk, I can't feel him following me.He's just standing, sadly looking at his father, I can't help but to sighed."Fine, fine, fine. You both win, I
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