Satan: Her Worst Nightmare

Satan: Her Worst Nightmare

By:  KK  Ongoing
Language: English
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*Sneak peak* "You are a psycho Satan, I will run away one day" Brianna yelled from behind the closed door. *sneered* "You are my slave, and you have no right to talk back. Do what I say if you don't want punishment. Be a good girl darling" Satan laughed, a wicked laugh which shook the walls of tall mansion Brianna fell in love with the devil and that was her biggest mistake. His love and care; everything was fake. He, himself was fake. He was the nightmare that haunted her each day and each night. He was a Ruthless Billionaire and no one dared to speak in front of him. People shivered at the mention of his name. He was the SATAN of the underworld. Will Satan ever see Brianna's love for him or will he lose her for the sake of his lust? Will Brianna ever be able to forgive him and be free from this forced Relationship?

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31 Chapters
The sky was blushing with navy blue colour creeping over the whole sky with a pink lining in some corners of the sky. Trees shivered when wind passes through them. It was not November or December but the hottest month of the season; July. Somewhere amid the dark, shivery forest, there was a source of yellow light but humans were far away, animals too did not dare to go near that house. A devilishly handsome man was sitting on one knee in front of dishevelled beauty. Although it was summer his aura was cold and dangerous enough to send a shiver to every creature's spine. "Why are you doing this to me? You said you loved me. Then why..." Her raspy voice rang in the whole room which turned into sobs at the end of the sentence and no words came out of her dry and cracked lips, which used to be pink like strawberries once ago. The dimly lit room with pungent blood was now filled with a sinister laugh, suppressing the little sobs left from the girl's lips. "You again tried to escape an
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Captured in devil's eye
Outside the Florida University in a far corner behind a large century-old tree, a man leaned against the black window of a long shiny black BMW. Sun rays fell on his handsome face giving him a new charm. But no one knows about the darkness he was hiding behind that fair face. His wristwatch beeped and he slowly moved his eyelids upwards, revealing deep green orbs which can draw anyone into a different world. "Hey Selene, you are such a traitor friend. Last night you left me alone in that dark street just for your 'boyfriend'. You know how much I was scared." a girl who just stepped out of university premises yelled at her friend with disappointment. She was wearing a navy blue knee-length skirt with a white shirt. Her blonde hair was tied into a loose ponytail leaving some strands to sway with the rhythm of the wind. Her skin was pale. She was not thin nor she was fat. Her body had perfect shape with perfect body curves. That carrot nose on her face was pink at the edge just lik
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To claim her as his
"Hmm... So little rabbit is coming to me by her own choice." Satan flipped her documents and an evil smile appeared on his thin pink lips. "What about him?" Satan closed the files in his hands and looked at Roy. "He is captured in the dungeon," Roy informed and his body shivered slightly, and sweat formed on his pale face. "What are we waiting for? I would like to pay a visit to my old friend." Satan picked up his coat from the leather chair making it swirl in annoyance. Roy took Satan to a secluded place on the outskirts of the city. The surrounding was covered only in dust and mud. There was no sign of humans except the roaring of gigantic animals. Satan and Roy made their way to the ground floor. A man in his late twenties was laying on the floor with arms and legs wide open. The door of the cell was made of heavy metal with small gaps. That man lazily opened his almond eyes and was welcomed by the devil himself. He jumped up and went up to a far corner and curled up into a
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My Savior
After leaving dungeon he went straight to university. "Come to university road. I am going to execute my plan now." Satan ordered Roy and cut the call. "Sir, should we start?" Make-up artist who was sweating profusely asked in horror. "Hmm" Satan only hummed in acknowledgment and closed his eyes. After about thirty minutes Satan was covered in blood, not even a single person can say that this was all makeup as it was looking so real. Satan opened his green mesmerizing eyes and the corner of his lips curled into an evil smirk. "You will get your reward." that was it. Make-up artist hurriedly left from there afraid that Satan would found any single mistake and strangled him to death. Satan waited for Roy who came with a broken and severely damaged car. One could say that car had been involved in a dreadful accident. "Good job. You know what you have to do next." Satan said to Roy and lay lifelessly inside the car. Roy shook his head. His boss was acting like a teenager to gain a
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Little Rabbit
In a blink of an eye, days passed. Selene and Brianna passed their university with a good GPA.   "Ahh..... Sele pinch me pinch me..." Brianna said shaking Selene.   "What the hell Brianna?" Selene groaned in annoyance and when her eyes fell on the shining screen of two laptops her jaw fell. Her eyeballs moved from one screen to other.     "We are selected in Imperial Inc." Selene shouted and jumped on her bed in excitement but thinking of the devil her face fell. There was sourness on her face.        "What happened? Why did you become so silent? Aren't you happy?" Brianna asked confused. It was not easy to get a job in Imperial Inc. The top company.       "I am happy." Selene forced out a smile. Brianna did not dwell on this matter.        "Hey did that man c
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Meeting with Mr.Satan
It was the first week of work for Selene and Brianna. Both were excited as well as nervous.  "I have heard, founder of this company is arrogant and rude. He is kinda scary." Brianna commented with a nervous chuckle. "I too heard that. We can only hope for the best." Selene patted her shoulder with a smile. "Yeah, hope for the best." Brianna passed a determined smile. Selene wanted to tell Brianna of her relationship with Satan, but she was afraid to frighten the little girl. She heaved a deep  sigh and dropped her idea for the time being. Both girls stopped a cab and went to their destiny. On the way to Imperial Inc, Brianna and Selene discussed different things, mainly about business on how to work hard and earn more But destiny was mocking them for their plans. After a drive of half-hour - Brianna and Selene arrived at Imperial Inc. Brianna opened her mouth in 'O' shape. She was amazed by th
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Life is a curse
"Ms Brianna, is this way to address your boss?" Satan asked with a sly smile. "I am sorry, sir." Brianna lowered her head, gnashing her teeth. Last week, he acted like a gentleman, and when she thinks about how proudly she announced her job, she felt more embarrassed. He could have told her his identity, but he hid it. "These are the files for meeting that will be held straight after four hours, and you have three and half hours to write a report on it." Satan pushed a thick stack of papers towards Brianna and said with a cold face.  "But these are too much, and time is less," Brianna complained. She wanted to cry but had no tears. "You are an employee under Imperial Inc. If you don't know how to manage time, then you are free to leave." Satan throws a sharp glare at her. "Ok, sir." Brianna wrapped the thick pile of papers in her arms and left for her small office. Her cheeks were bulging out in anger. "A peasant was trying to act
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A date
 The next day Satan woke up with the same nightmare. He was used to that horrible nightmare for the past twenty years. But this time, it was a bit different. He saw Brianna in the middle of all his mess. "No woman is innocent. They are all whore, trying to act innocent and Brianna is no exception." Satan hatefully gazed at the photo hanging on the wall, smeared in blood and almost unrecognizable. "Dad is right. Women are not worthy of respect." Satan sneered and stepped out of his soft king-size bed. When sunlight hit his back, all the old and new scars were visible, but they look like art on his back. As he traced his rough fingers on the fresh blood clotted wound, his phone rang, displaying Roy's name on the brightly lit screen."Satan, there is something wrong in the company, and your presence is urgently needed." Roy sound panicked as he informs Satan."Take care of the situation. I am coming." Satan
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I can be one
Brianna was in a daze thinking of what Satan said to her in the office. Her face was all heat up due to embarrassment.  "Am I going for a date in this office attire?" Brianna asked to no one in particular. She was in her lalaland when someone knocked her head. "Ouch!" Brianna grumbled, rubbing her head. "So, what did Satan say to you?" Selene asked, taking a seat opposite her. Her eyes were glistening in excitement. "He asked me to have lunch with him." Brianna rested her chin on the palm of her hand. She wasn't looking shy, but a bit nervous and had a complicated expression. "Means my cousin is asking you out for a date. Are you going like this?"  Selene pointed at the black business suit that Brianna was wearing. "I am his secretary, and I must wear a professional dress. He has asked me for lunch, not a date, don't exaggerate it." Brianna rolled her eyes and tied her hair into a ponytail. "Whatever you say. It is lu
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"Satan and Brianna had their lunch in silence. After what Satan said to Brianna, she felt vary of him and thought it would be better to keep her distance from him. But nothing can be changed. She was already trapped in the devil's trap. "You did not answer me." Satan took a sip of merlot."Mr Satan, you are my boss, and I found it highly unprofessional to date my boss." Brianna kept a polite face, but her voice was stern."Before having employer and employee relations, you are my saviour." Satan chuckled. He didn't expect her to be this stubborn."I am sorry, I don't need any boyfriend." Brianna turned down his offer. She felt uncomfortable under his intense gaze. "What about being friends? I hope this time you will consider my offer." Satan smiled faintly at her. "I will consider it." Brianna then bowed her head. She ate her steak without making a single noise. The atmosphere turned incredibly awkward for her. Satan seemed
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