Beautiful and Healed(Book 2)

Beautiful and Healed(Book 2)

By:  Kate Granada  Completed
Language: English
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COMPLETED(Sequel of Broken and Pregnant) After being locked in jail for five years, Lucy Mason was finally free. Her life inside the prison wasn't easy. Thanks to her new inmate friend Cassandra. She was the one who helps her battle depression and despair. They got out of prison together and it's game time for those who hurt and betrayed her when she was Lucy Mason. She's back with a new name Greta Stone, the wife of a rich businessman Gale Stone who happened to be Kent's stepbrother. She came back with high heels and a sparkling dress.

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50 chapters
One: The New Beginning
Lucy POVTomorrow is my last day here in jail and it seems like I was locked in here for only a week. Time passed by so fast and my five years of staying here will finally soon end. I was convicted of a case I didn't do and it's ironic right, that I was the one who takes all the blame where both of them are having the good times of their life together with my son. I clenched my fist in anger. While looking at the pile of bars in front of me, I feel like a murderer for five years. Life is unfair. If you're poor, you're always poor, if you're rich, you will become richer. Just wait and the world will soon be mine. "Hey, Lucy, weren't you excited? We're now free at last tomorrow!" Cassandra sat beside me with a smile on her face. I can see how happy she was and waited for this day to come. Arian and Gwen only stared at us like jealous neighbors. They became good to me after the incident they never forget. 
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Two: Welcome Home
two months later... "Daddy, I want ice cream!" Dilan set a puppy eyes at his father for his favorite dessert. They just got home at the airport. It's been five years since they visit the Philippines. Eloisa decided to build a new building in Makati while Kent will be taking over her family's company, The Kings and Queens Hotel. Eloisa hides from Kent about what happened to Lucy. He has no idea that she was put in jail and sentenced to five years because of him."Just wait baby, I'll call your mommy to buy it for you. Wait here, okay?" Kent put his son in the lobby area and look for Eloisa. While Lucy was busy looking for her ingredients for the new dessert she started to make, she heard someone's crying. It's a little boy wearing a stripe polo t-shirt with jumper pants. His face looks familiar. He resembles her ex-lover Kent Oliver Stone. "Hey, why are you crying? Where are your parents? Are you lost?" S
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Three: Reborn Again
Two months earlier...Lucy heard a familiar voice behind her. It sounded like her friend she met five years ago. "Lucy?" He called her. She stops yelling at nowhere and turned her head towards him. She was shocked to see Gale. What a coincidence that they met again at the place where Gale discovered to use for problems confession. "You? You're here. I bet you had many problems and mistakes to confessed here!" Lucy told him while her eyes were covered with tears. She quickly dried it with her palm.  Gale took a deep breath and smiled at her. "Maybe. I just got here. It's nice to see you again here. I'm sorry about last time because I didn't have time to meet you before I go back abroad." He explained to her and Lucy finally understand why he just vanished. " Well, it's all in the past. I'm glad I see you again. It's time for me to go. It's your turn now." She said and about to go
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Four: Zeus Palace
Eloisa and Kent heard that Gale was now happily married to a girl named Greta. It's been three years since they last met him at Dilan's second birthday party and after that, they lost contact with him. They just received an invitation letter from Gale and Greta for the anniversary celebration of their famous penthouse called Zeus Palace. It's been a year they first built it and all investors were now laying on a pile of money especially Lucy who was Greta now and Gale. Their building became popular and even the Kings and Queens Hotels are now on the list of getting bankrupt that's why Eloisa and Kent immediately left the states and decided to stay in the Philippines for good to personally manage their company. The Ace Wine Corp whom been managed by Alexander wasn't in good condition too. "Shall we go there? I'm so excited to meet his wife." Eloisa raises her tattoed eyebrows at her husband. Kent who was busy playing at Dilan heard her and answe
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Five: Lucy's replica
10 hours before the partyEloisa POVI set up my alarm on my phone at exactly five in the morning. I slowly drag my lazy body out of our bed when Kent woke up with my sudden movement.He impatiently opens his eyes to see what I was doing."It's too early. Where do you think you're going?", he asked me while I was preparing myself to take a shower. I sat beside him and planted a kiss on his lips. " I'll go jog to stretch my legs, honey. I felt my body seems to get weaker after we get home." I mumbled.Kent was still sleepy so he let me go. "Just come back before Dilan woke up l, okay? You know he's looking for you every time he woke up." He reminded me.I just wear my sweet smile at my husband when he said about our son Dilan but the truth was I hated him so much. When I see his face especially his eyes, it reminded me about Lucy. He's not mine to protect and defend. I
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Six: Restless Nights
Kent POV It was Sunday and I'm so excited to know the result of Lucy's ultrasound. I have a great feeling that the baby in her belly was a boy. She always nagging me about the spicy foods she craves and sometimes she's stubborn to keep herself inside the villa. I called Eloisa too that I will be home late because of an emergency business meeting. I bought her favorite fruits apples and grapes. I did some groceries too so she can't nag at me anymore. "I'm home!", I stepped inside and saw Lucy preparing our lunch. She's still charming and curvy with the flowery duster I bought for her. Even her belly is now six months old, she's still sexy for me. " Oh, you're on time! I'm about to serve our lunch!", she looks excited about her menu than my presence. "Was it tastier than me?", I slowly lean closer behind her back and wrapped my arms around her waist. She holds my hands and caresses them.&nbs
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Seven: Greta Stone and Kent reunited
Lucy POVI woke up and found myself laying on my mattress. I felt strange since I didn't go back to my room last night. Did Gale carry me all the way upstairs just to place me inside my room? I feel careless because I didn't remember that I fell asleep on the terrace.I quickly put my toes on the floor and ambled out from my bed going to the bathroom. I made a quick shower and open my dress cabinet to choose what kind of outfit I will be wearing for today. It's my me-time so I have my freedom to go anywhere I want. I decided to wear a plain white t-shirt and baggy pants to go to the supermarket for groceries. An Adidas white sneakers will be more attractive to pair with. I love wearing comfortable dresses especially when I'm not inside the penthouse or office. I sat in front of my make-up area and saw my reflection in the mirror. I saw myself but in an aura of a different person and not the coward Lucy from the past. While thinking about what happe
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Eight: A mother's love
Lucy POV I almost forgot what I need to buy for groceries because of the sudden presence of Kent. I tried to act cool in front of him but deep inside, I have torn apart, broken into pieces, helpless, and damaged. He's the one who made my life miserable. If he didn't hit in me, fooled and betrayed me, everything is perfect even he's not with me. Yes, I admit, I trusted him with my life and it's the biggest mistake made in my life. I saw him walking away with guilt in his eyes. He should feel how to lose loved ones since he took our child away from me. He has no idea that the contract made by his wife about adopting Austin was fake. He's a total asshole. I shook my head and take a deep breath to vanished all the memories I had with him five years ago. I was so crazy and blinded to everything by loving him back then. Call me bitch, fool, imbecile, and dumb but I was too young and in love back then. "Wake up, Lucy. You're now G
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Nine: Suspicion
Eloisa came home with her crumpled face. She roamed her eyes inside the mansion to look for her husband but she found nothing. She quickly grabs her phone from her handbag and called him. "Hon, I thought you're not going to the office today and I will take charge in the meantime? But where are you? I just got home!", she said with a pissed on her face. While talking to her husband, she didn't notice that Greta was inside too playing with Austin. Eloisa heard a noise upstairs so when her house staff passed by holding a tray of snacks for two, she asked her. " Hey, do we have a visitor here?", she said and her staff nodded.She was confused since no one came into her house except the people who were part of their family. She took the tray from her and offer to bring it upstairs. "Let me. Anyway, who came here to visit Austin?", she asked her staff again. She scratches her head trying to remember the name of the guest un
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Ten: Gale's Proposal
Two months earlier...Gale took care of Lucy after she was buried alive by her abductor. While busy with his business and the penthouse he owned, he didn't neglect to help her. While drinking a glass of wine on his mini bar inside the mansion, a great plan came up to his mind. He wanted to take down his brother and he can use Lucy to take her revenge on Eloisa and Kent too for making her life miserable. He went to the cabin where he kept Lucy to protect her from the people who will go to hurt her. Because of Kent, she almost died. Lucy POVI was having hot milk on the terrace when I saw Gale's car stop in front of the house gate. I saw him smiled while approaching me and I do the same. "You want milk?", I said while raising towards him my mug. " I'm good. I just came here to visit you and to proposed a very important deal if you accept it!", he said and shook his head for the mil
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