The CEO's Stolen Moments

The CEO's Stolen Moments

By:  Descendant  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You haven't seen the last of me," a word her father had taught her to say to the bullies. Sloane West adapts to the lifestyle of crime and operates mainly in Rhode island. When things get bad for her she decides to move to California where she meets the handsome young looking CEO of the first Jewelry company in California. She tries to manipulate him into giving her gems by playing with his feelings, as time goes on she realizes he, Fred Manchester was one of the kids who had bullied her back then, she seeks on not only stealing from him but also breaking him. But what happens when Sloane starts developing a soft spot for him, is she as manipulative as they think or she truly had fallen for her target?

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24 chapters
They say-"train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." This was the case of my childhood, my life.I know you might think it's all about Love and Lies. Maybe. But who knows the lonely feeling of a twelve year old kid who was emotionally and mentally derailed and blackmailed by her own mother and friends?It was no fault of hers when her father left with his other family."You haven't seen the last of me!" he had told her to say to her enemies at least to ease the pains unlike the cowards in existence.She wouldn't love nor care about any damn single person or thing, and grows into what they made her become; an emotionless thief.Is it all about money, or love, or her? How manipulative she could be? "I won't only steal from him, I'll break him too, into pieces and shatters." That's what you get for bullying an innocent young girl. It's all about her.Her name is Sloane this is her story!&nbs
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To California
She woke up to the sound of a vehicle, the old vehicle that annoyingly runs round the island with no motive, only to reach a certain destination; the other end of the island, and back again to the start. The vehicle’s sound came on again. She hissed and threw the blanket off, away from her cold body.What a soothing alarm on a Sunday morning!Sloane West peeped through the window, attacked by the ray of sunlight that hit her socket. 'Darn it!'. She walked back to the bed and sat on it’s edge, staring at a picture frame on the drawer. It was a picture of a little girl and a man, a beautiful one to be precise.Then the locket round her neck caught her sight, she wasn’t smiling nor frowning, she just scoffed and walked to the bathroom, grabbed a toothpaste and brush, did the job, took a quick bath and walked to the dressing table.Her reflection was an obviously attractive one. A pretty young woman in her early 20s, with a nicely shaped facial appearance; black brows, long
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Don't get nasty
Two weeks earlier…A loud sound was heard as the shatters of glasses hit hard on the floor. The security system beeped 10 secs to go, counting slowly and then turned off.Sloane West gave out a loud shriek as she ordered the rest to come in, they were going to rob the house and take every bit of gems in it. She was careful enough to block all the camera footage from witnessing the atrocities to be done; taking all the luxurious items in the house.“Careful girls, make sure you don’t trip,” she warned, walking into one of the open rooms, it was like Paradise in there. “Come check this out girls, Mrs. Smith did a great job here, get the bag.”Mary and Phoebe grabbed their already filled bags and hurried into the room, it was a luxurious one indeed. The chandeliers were like those used in conferences, it’s balls made of sharp diamonds.“Check it out Phoebe,” Mary implied. The girls grabbed four stools from the dressing table and arranged it skillfully
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Low on coins
The waves were higher this time, so beautiful the birds had to look down to see its beauty. The damages of the last few days by the water wasn’t a funny one. The knotted bamboo sticks we’re scattered around the sands, some were being returned by the water. The girls hadn’t been spared from the wrath, the house roof had to be repaired multiple times.Phoebe Fresher took a walk round the house and frowned, the roof was alright and well fixed but the windows weren’t in their best conditions. She took the nail and pinned it to the wall, grabbing the hammer when she got interrupted by Drake.“Hey baby,” her boyfriend whispered calmly into her ears, holding her by the waist, he wasn’t too slow giving her a great kiss, “and what do we have here, Phoebs?” obviously what he calls her.“Trying to fix the windows,” she pulled back and took the hammer again, “it’s damaged.”“Why don’t you get another one done, get the Islanders and pay them a little cash.”“Like you’ve got
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He had to leave
TEN YEARS AGO… “Mama it’s my birthday,” little Sloane called, watching her mother speak to the stranger, they we’re both holding a paper like object in their mouth, inhaling it and breathing out calmly. “Mama.”“What psycho! I’ve heard you okay, today’s your birthday, now you can go to your room and do whatever,” she inhaled the substance again. “As you can see I’m having a great time with my love.”Sloane stared at the man, he looked like a beast, she had met him in the workshop where Papa repairs his broken vehicle. It dawned on her that they were smoking, and it was getting so irritating. “Mama you remember the promise you made to me when I was six that you would buy for me a lovely bag pack like the ones the rich kids wear to school, on my birthday, so Lara and her awful friends won’t laugh at me anymore.”“Go to your room little child,” th
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Fred Manchester
 Present Day46 hours, 52 minutes to California seemed like a year.The cargo had pulled up at the Port and the girls had left with their boxes. They had boarded a taxi to their rented apartment.Mary King inserted the key into the hole and turned it anticlockwise. When the door was unlocked she pushed it open. Behold! It was a lovely apartment, a well furnished one. They had paid online for it at Rhode Island and the agents had sent a key to them.She scanned the living room with the corners of her weary eyes.The clock greeted them 12:00 am and soon Phoebe and Sloane were fast asleep on the white couch.Mary didn’t sleep so early in fact she had watched the clock hit 12:10. The last ten minutes were spent chatting with Henry, she told him they had arrived at California and was expecting a reply when she looked back on what had happened on the ship.She had seen a dark man who had rabbits all over him, from his shoulders to hi
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In bed with a stranger
“Have this.”The young lady flicked her hand into her breast pocket and handed the money over to the cab driver.The car sped down the busy road, its engine making a husky sound as it took a swerve into the next street, no longer visible to the lady.She heaved a troubled sigh, having a glimpse of every couple swaying on the streets of Fremont. What a beautiful festival to watch. The instrumentalist did their part and left the rest to the dancers. It was no longer a convenient scene for a single lady to watch.She heaved a sigh again, a weaker one this time.A pub at the end of the street caught her attention. The same pub her father visited on troubled occasions, anytime Rose had caused him a lot of pains. “A drink or two washes down the pains Sloane,” he had said. She was all grown up now so who says she can’t grab a drink too.Moving past a mass of crowd
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He walked to the bed and took his suitcase, buttoning his shirt and knotting his tie.The sun was out and up, calling for the day’s work. The town looked so beautiful from above. Fremont was a nice place to stay, at least he had contributed in making it one and would love to see it become better even if there was a bridge stopping him from doing so.He smiled seeing the kids happy on the roller coaster with their parents running around, talking with neighbours and friends.His wedding was fast approaching and he wasn’t too happy about it. Watching his father hire a lot of workers to do the job not minding whether he was happy or not was the worst part of it all, but seeing the people happy made him happy too, he still had big plans for them and wouldn’t love to put his personal issues in the way.“Fred,” a woman in an apron called. She was no kid, an old woman, probably the age of his grandmother, or was she?
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His ex? His wedding?
Thanks to Arianna, he hadn’t seen her.She carefully maneuvered her way behind the tree and stopped a taxi, leaving the scene immediately.Fred was a very strict guy, she concluded, after watching him walk out of the lady even though she had tried seducing him made him one. But who was the lady? She thought.The driver took a turn to the next street, driving so carefully like he had predicted an accident or so.Sloane was less concerned about how slow he moved, she was thinking about Fred at the moment. He lived in a mansion, wore the best designers, drove the best cars, so there would be no harm stealing from him. She looked over her shoulders and smiled. California wasn’t a bad idea after all! “Ma’am!” the driver called.“Yes?” “You’ve been smiling for a very long time now, can I share in your happiness?”Sloane gave a low laugh, “sure! I was just thinking about a man I saw in that mansion, you know, I just moved
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The event planner
“Hey, get back here you two.”The woman in red was talking so loud, she woke the birds on the tree, the awoken ones whistled aloud signaling the others that there was an attacker nearby and they all flapped their wings and flew away.The blind man across the street, waved his arms towards passersby, he had a hat full money and still begged for more. He wasn’t seeing the kids in his front, who were playing with a good amount of his money and not listening to their mother’s call but he could feel their breath on his wrinkled neck. “Go meet your mother, she’ll be so sad looking for you.”The kids nodded, keeping the money back into the hat and running to meet their worried mother.Jane sighed as she took them in, washing away the mud on their faces. “Anna, Joe, the next time you do that, I’ll make sure you don’t get cupcakes for a week.”“We are sorry mom,” the twins apologized and ran in.A knock was heard on the door, who could that be, Jane wonder
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