The Lost Luna

The Lost Luna

By:  Taylor West  Completed
Language: English
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TJ wakes with no memory of her past to find that she is apart of a supernatural world. A world where her mate had already been chosen for her long ago and a community where no one will tell her the truth about who she really is or what she really is.

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115 chapters
I watched as they danced together, Alpha Erik with his large muscly body wrapped around hers, caging her from the world. They only had eyes for each other, completely oblivious to everyone that looked on. Her bright hair cascaded down her back in beautiful red curls, she had hair like no other wolf around. The Luna's mark on her collarbone stood out like someone had branded her milky white skin and letting everyone know who she belonged too.At this very moment it was like everyone had forgotten the type of wolf she was, a vengeful, brutal and sadistic one who liked to torture her prey, I had never come across another wolf like it and she knew it. The only regret she has is how she accidentally killed her parents. The story has changed many times but one thing stayed the same, she lost control and shredded them with her claws before using her teeth to rip out their throats as they screamed for mercy.Some would say these two were made for each other as Alpha Erik was a
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Chapter 1
Unknown POVThere was an awful beeping noise that was slowly and irritatingly scratching at my brain driving me insane, yet I was unable to open my eyes to see what was causing the horrid sound. My body would not move, no matter how much I tried to force it. The faint sound of footsteps moved somewhere close to me, why would my eyes not open. I am sure I had spent several days like this, listening to the same muffled voices around me but unable to communicate, unable to make any movement but here I was feeling like I am slowly losing my mind. I wanted to scream and shout that I was here however my body had other plans.One thing I did know is that there was a familiar voice that filled my ears every day, making my heart flutter and desperately wishing for my eyes to open, but there was a slight problem. I did not know who it was making me feel this way, yet I felt safe and reassured by his comforting sounds. The voice belonged to a man; it was deep with a powerful edge
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Chapter 2
Alpha Erik POVMany members of the pack had questioned my choice of Beta, telling me I had made a mistake, many thought Will had something to do with the packs missing Luna since she went missing the day after I made him my Beta, however, he was with me the whole day and I know he adores her almost as much as I do.Will may be a bit of an idiot at times, but he is one of my top fighters and an excellent strategist, just two of the many reasons I chose him as my Beta, although he has this annoying tendency too over exaggerate the simple things that take place within a pack.This time the mind link from Will was different, the pack doctor had been clustered in and Will was asking us to meet him at the edge of the forest immediately. As soon as he said where, it was like I had been stabbed in the heart by a million silver shards completely knocking the wind out of me. I knew she had come home, it was TJ, my perfect Luna but something was not right.Taking of
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Chapter 3
Alpha Erik’s POVI was sat in my office when Hayley mind linked me, she was one of the nurses at the hospital, not my most favoured person to look after TJ considering we had history before my mate came along and messed things up for her. Hayley was certain she was my destined mate and to be honest I thought she was too, up until I turned eighteen that was.Hayley and I had spent most of our lives together having grown up next door to each other since we were pups and it just seemed natural when we started dating, everyone including myself thought she was destined to be my mate and the packs future Luna when I took over from my father as the future Alpha.Alpha’s and their children can detect their mates early from around the age of sixteen, when the lower ranked wolves had to wait until they were eighteen and even then they may not find their mate straight away. There are some stories among the pack that many wolves have had to wait years before fin
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Chapter 4
TJ’s POVA few moments passed, he hadn’t said anything else, he just met my stare. I had most definitely seen those eyes before but why did it make me feel this way, why could I not place it and most importantly why is he here with me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure anyone would love to wake up to him yet the longer I stared at him, more questions swirled in my mind and a part of me wasn’t happy but I didn’t know why.“What’s my name?” I blurted the words out before I had time to think and giving in to the fact I knew nothing. A quizzical look formed on his face and I think my face must have had the same expression because he erupted with laughter, only stopping when he realised my expression hadn’t changed nor had I said anymore. He looked at me furrowing his brow.“You don’t know your name?” he questioned, raising an eyebrow.I looked around the room before returning my g
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Chapter 5
TJ’s POVHe wouldn’t explain anymore and kept trying to change the subject back to how I was feeling when all I wanted was answers to what he had said, ‘what we are’. The words kept dancing in my head, but then again I didn’t know who I was so how the hell was I supposed to work out that cryptic message.Somewhere inside of me, something had changed, annoyance at Erik’s words had bubbled leaving me frustrated. Deciding I could figure things out for myself and that I didn’t need anyone to do it for me. I glared at him “Please leave” I spat the words out “I want to be on my own”. He looked at me confused which soon turned to irritation at the sudden change in my attitude. Instead of saying anything else, I rolled over and turned my back on him. Erik said nothing but I knew he had left as his scent began to fade from the room. My anger soon turned to tears and I pulled my blanket up over me, hiding my face
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Chapter 6
Alpha Erik’s POVOpening my eyes, I could see through the window that it was a beautiful day with clear blue skies, I preferred to sleep with the curtains open. My first thoughts were of TJ, hopefully she will be in a better mood today, finding out about the amnesia came as a shock to the both of us, although I am not fully convinced she knew what it meant.When she told me to go, it was as if someone had ripped my heart out and stomped all over it. Why was she doing this to me, to us, could she not feel the mate pull between us. My wolf was howling over the pain she was causing us and as much as it hurt I had to push it aside, besides, I still had a pack to run.As I walked to the shower, I made a mental note to take some photos with me, something one of the nurses had mentioned that may help nudge her memory or at least trigger something. After the shower, I brushed my teeth taking in the scar that snaked down my torso. TJ had given it to me the day she
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Chapter 7
Sounds were slowly slipping away, my eyes had closed and I could feel my own heart beat echoing through my head, the beat getting slower and slower. Someone’s arm slipped under my legs, another under my back, I felt the cold air brush against my skin as I was lifted but I couldn’t move, for a split second I managed to open my eyes and I could see Erik’s intense blue eyes gazing back at me “Sleep” he murmured to me before my eyelids forced themselves shut again.When they opened again, I was somewhere different, the bed I was laid on was much more comfortable, the blankets tucked around me were thicker and warmer, memories of me trashing the room came back and the smell of blood, so much blood. I peered at my arm, there was a bandage wrapped from my elbow all the way to the knuckles of my hand. The gown I had been forced to wear in hospital had been replaced with an oversized black tshirt and a small pair of white shorts.Stretching my body
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Chapter 8
Alpha Erik's POV “You said she couldn’t remember anything” Hayley’s voice rang in my head as I filled TJ’s plate and placed it down in front of her, encouraging her to eat what she could.“Your Luna can’t, she has amnesia if you remember” I stated, irritated that once again, Hayley is being her usual whingey whiney self. “Think yourself lucky I am letting you work in the pack house”.“Then why did she growl at me?” Hayley questioned“Natural instinct” Will chimed in, laughing through the link.I could not help but smile at his comment. Hayley obviously thought she had a chance when TJ was gone and no matter how hard she tried; she just did not want to accept that I no longer cared for her and all i was worried about was finding my Luna.“Can she hear us?” Hayley spat out the word ‘she’ like it was something she had steppe
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Chapter 9
TJ's POV I took off running as fast as I could, out the side door in the dining room and down the street, people were looking and giving me odd looks, some even calling out my name, but I couldn’t stop, I had to get away. I had no idea where I was going, I just kept moving, nothing looked vaguely familiar and I was hating myself for this memory problem.I seemed to have these instincts telling me when to run and yet i couldn't figure out why, all these people know my name, but I didn't have a clue who they were. I still had no idea what Erik meant by 'what we are' and it felt as if someone was constantly scratching at my brain trying to unlock something or get out. I felt physically and mentally lost.In front of me a forest was creeping up, getting taller and taller the closer I got. At the edge of the forest I momentarily stopped, checking behind me to see if anyone was following before quietly slipping into the forest, the sounds around me
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