By:  Sophia Bendel  Ongoing
Language: English
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There’s a thin line between love and hate. ***** Mia McCarthy's mission as an undercover spy in Blackwood Pack became a lost course the moment the Alpha, Giovanni Russo set eyes on her. Thrown into a dilemma by the unwanted feelings the man aroused in her, she decided to quit her mission. Without second thoughts, Mia chose the path of love, allowing the Alpha to claim her as his mate. But just when she was beginning to settle into her new life, Mayhem struck, exposing her secret mission to the Alpha. Thus, she was labeled a traitor and forced to start up a new life, away from the only man her broken heart has ever beat for. Her hopes of a new beginning were crushed when she discovered some hidden truths and secrets, revealing that she was bonded to the Alpha for life. But will this revelation be able to restore the trust and love she’d once broken?

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30 chapters
1. Welcome party
Giovanni: "How far are you from home, Mio Amore(my love)?" My mother's voice laced with her heavy Italian accent streamed into my ear from the phone speaker. "Soon Madre(mother). I'm on my way from the airport." I replied, raising my hand to my aching chest. It was a miracle that I could reply to her calmly when my entire heart was burning as though it was in flames. I'd been feeling the burn since I woke up in the morning. Why my heart was aching, I couldn't tell. I'd been well the previous night, while I spoke to my mom about my return. "Alright Mio Amore(my love), I can't wait to see you," I heard shuffling sounds from the phone speaker and the clanking of what sounded like pots and spoons. "The entire clan is already at the packhouse
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2. Serving the new Alpha
Mia: The packhouse was filled with people assembled in different corners conversing, with the majority of the females, both young and old, giggling. With the way the females were dressed, one would think they were gathered for a college frat party. But that wasn't the case. Luna Emilia's son, Giovanni was returning home from the US where he'd gone to study and he was next in line to become Alpha of the Blackwood pack after the death of his father. The entire pack members were gathered to welcome him.  And you're wondering why the women dressed in a slutty way? Well, Giovanni was still a bachelor at the age of thirty. Having been away from home since he was eighteen, he was
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3. Setting Zander free
Giovanni: "We-welcome back alpha." The human maid who my mother introduced as Mia stammered before scurrying away. My mom chuckled at her reaction, turning to me. "You've chased that lovely girl away with your fierce gaze," she slapped my arm playfully but I only shrugged in response. "When did you become this man?" She stared me in the eyes with furrowed brows but I knew she was being playful. "You used to be all lovey-dovey but after so many years, that cute little boy is gone." She added, raising her hands to pinch my cheeks but she couldn't get past my shoulders and I wasn't about to lower my head and let her do it. Catching her hands in mine, I lowered my head and pressed a kiss to her palms. Read more
4. The Alpha hates me!
Mia: I watched as ripples formed on the water with the stone I'd tossed into it settling under the lake. The water was so clear that I could see the bottom. Under the bright moonlight which illuminated the forest ground, the lake shone. Staring at the calm water brought a sense of calm to me. It was my nightly ritual to visit the lake before I went to bed. I stood by the water and kept staring into it as the night breeze blew past, making me pull my robe tightly against me to avoid catching a cold. Out of nowhere, I heard a low growl. Quickly, I turned my head in the direction of the sound. My eyes landed on the silhouette of a wolf behind one of the trees a few feet away from me. Read more
5. The Alpha hates me!—2
Mia: The sight of the messy packhouse greeted me as soon as I stepped into it. Plastic cups, empty bottles, and glasses littered the floor coupled with the sofas and chairs that had been rearranged in different positions to fit the guests the previous night. Seeing the work I had to do, I sighed. I'd woken up early just to clean up and still prepare breakfast early. Hence, I was groggy from the lack of sleep the previous night as a result of Images of a naked Giovanni flashing through my mind's eye throughout most of the night. Moving away from the door I'd been resting on, I got to work, picking the plastic cups and glasses from the floor. Thereafter, taking out the bottles to the recycle bin. About an hour later, I was done cleaning th
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6. Brooding Alpha
Mia: After rushing out of Giovanni's room, I climbed down the stairs, returned the cleaning supplies to the closet where I'd taken them from, and went into the kitchen to help Luna Emilia prepare breakfast. "Was he good to you?" She asked, sparing me a glance as soon as she saw me. "Y-yes". I answered, nodding my head to make her believe. Stopping what she was doing, she turned towards me to give me her full attention. "Mia, are you sure?" "He was nice to me" I drawled out, plastering a smile on my face. In response, she returned my smile but shook her head. Th
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7. Rule
Giovanni: I'd been in my room replying to emails when I heard the angry grunts of a male voice coming from the main house. After mom left, Mia and I were the only ones at the main house. At first, I tried to pass them off as sounds of those at the packhouse but when I heard them again, I was further convinced they were coming from the main house. Dropping my phone on the nightstand, I left the room and began climbing down the stairs. Halfway down the stairs, I heard the voice of a man threatening a woman with the words,  "I'll fuck your slutty body and treat you like the whore you are." My face morphed into a scowl at the words the asshole was using on a woman. To make matt
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8. Punishment
 Mia: The moment I escaped from Giovanni’s room, I began planning various ways and outfits to disobey him. Although he had saved me from the hands of Santos, that doesn’t give him enough reason to make rules for me, concerning what I wear and what I shouldn’t. With the strong urge to defy his orders, I strutted to my room and changed into tiny jean shorts that were barely covering my asscheeks, and a crop top with a low neckline, exposing a fair amount of my cleavage.  Looking at myself in the mirror, I winced at the reflection that stared back at me because even for me, my dressing was beyond my comfort zone but at the end, the strong will to defy Giovanni won. With the way I was dressed, it was common knowledge that I’d be getting more annoying comments from the men around the packhouse but I convinced myself th
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9. Punishment__2
Mia: I snuck a quick glance at him to see his eyes were trained on me expectantly. Slowly, I took a step back, my eyes searching the room for an escape but he was practically blocking the only way out, the door, and to make matters worse, it was locked. “It seems you have hearing disabilities, Mia but I’m happy to do the honors,” he took a step towards me but I immediately jumped back, trying to escape him but he quickly caught on to me, wrapping an iron fist around my waist. “Gi-n-no...please, let me go,” I whimpered, struggling against his hold. “You’re making this hard on yourself, Mia, and I’m sure you don’t want to give Luca any ideas of what’s about to hap
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10. First kiss
Mia:  He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer as his soft lips molded mine. His tongue snuck out, trailing the seam of my lips to seek permission and I opened up, wrapping my arms around his neck to pull him impossibly closer. His hands on my waist glided to my exposed butt, grabbing it and kneading softly as his tongue explored my mouth, tangling with mine. I felt a fire burning in every sensitive nerve ending in my body, causing me to moan into his mouth. He pulled me tightly against him, his erection making contact with my engorged clit. A gasp fled my lips at the intense burst of sensations and pleasure that overtook my entire being from that single action of his. He continued rocking his thick erection against my hard nub, turning me to mush in his hands while his mouth c
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