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She was divorced by her Alpha Husband, after which she found out she was pregnant. Two years later, Catherine was living fine with her twin kids with Dr Mark who was affectionate to her and wanted her to be his wife. Meanwhile, her ex–husband is hell bent in finding her and making her his Luna. On the day she was abducted with her kids, her Alpha ex–husband came over to save her and almost lost his life in the process. Now, she's been jailed for plotting treason against the king, and will never be the Luna…or her Alpha ex–husband will lose his throne. What will be the fate of these divorced couples that want to reunite? Will Alpha Michael end up losing the throne just to save her from being enslaved, or will make his ex–lover who's still attracted to him his Luna?

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66 Chapters
Chapter one
Catherine's POVIt's been a while since I did laundry. Doctor John had gotten a housekeeper for me after childbirth, but I settled the young lady and dismissed her three days ago. My kids have grown up already, so I need to perform the house chores myself from today onwards. I already prepared breakfast so Dr. John could eat something before leaving. I felt a tap on my shoulder that made me lift my face to see him standing at my back.“Sir… are you done already?” I questioned, gazing at his face.He took away the cloth I was holding and drew me closer to himself while his left arm wrapped my waist. “I'm still confessing my love for you, Catherine. Why can't you just give me a chance and watch me make a better husband and a father?” he rubbed his palm on my cheek. “You won't regret it, Catherine.”I gulped. This is the third time he's repeated this confession of being in love with me. My kids just clocked a year and a week ago, and they know him as their father…but he's not. Dr. John t
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Chapter two
Catherine's POVThe way I was kicked out of the company was one thing I never expected. I couldn't set my eyes on Alpha…it would have been better if he was the one that kicked me out, at least I'll be sure that I'm not welcomed into his life—never again.I left back home with the same cab that I boarded while coming. My kids who knew what was going on were just busy, running around the corner while we walked into the compound. As we almost reached the veranda, I noticed something going on in the building. I'm very sure Dr John is at work, but it looked like someone was wrecking around the compound.All of a sudden, two giant men walked out of the sitting room. They stared at each other and then shook their heads.“Who knows if they're after me? Did Alpha send them to get rid of me or capture me?'' I thought, my hands gripped my kids and I drew them to the garage. There we squatted, and they looked at me so surprised, I smiled at them and patted their backs while peeping at the two men
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Chapter three
Catherine’s POVMy fists clenched in anger when I took a look at the young man standing before me as Alphas Michael's brother. He had abducted me with the kids since I insisted on not being his woman. Does he even have a conscience? How will he feel about claiming his brother's ex–wife and his kids? No matter, I'd rather be a single mother than get entangled with another man.I took a good look at my kids, they were sobbing uncontrollably, while their little palms tugged on my arm. Tears flooded down their cheeks.“Peter!” I mentioned. That's what he mentioned his name as. He turned immediately and walked closer to me. “Did you change your mind now?” I shook my head to his question. “Take this rope off my body, I need to look after my kids,” I screamed at him, amidst pain but he acted deaf and turned his back on me. “You'll be here until the council meeting with Michael is over. He needs to be well convinced that you are dead after that meeting because I already sent my men to him.” h
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Chapter four
Alpha Michael’s POVWithin me, I felt like I was struggling to catch my breath. I forced my eyes open only to see my body lying on a bed. My eyes darted round the room… “It's a hospital!” I released a deep breath and pulled out the oxygen pipe on my nose. My body was heavily bandaged because of the shots that I got—but since I wasn't feeling any pain again, I began losing the bandages.Werewolves are healed quickly, especially the Alphas.The door was slammed open and the doctor dashed in like someone anxious. “Your Majesty, you can't leave until you recuperate totally,” he said to me. I took a good look at him, he's strange… I've not seen that face for the first time. “How did I get here?'' I asked him.He sighed deeply. “A young lady drove you to this hospital with her kids, a little girl and a boy.”That was when I began recalling everything that had happened. “Catherine!” I bit my lower lips. I had to leave my mansion after having a council meeting with my ministers. They gathered
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Chapter Five
Catherine’s POVMy hands were chained backwards while I was seated on the floor of the cell. It was cold there and everywhere was dark so I couldn't see a dime in the room. That is what it means to be an omega in the pack, there are certain abilities that we lack which makes us the lower ranked.The door of the cell was opened. I knew that because I heard the sound, and then a light flashed at my face. I noticed that it wasn't just one person who came—they were about three, and all hefty men, which I perceive to be servants in the palace.“It's time for your execution!” one of them said and signaled the others to get hold of me.I shook my head. “It's not done that way. You have to tell me that my kids and Alpha are safe.”“You still have the guts to mention his Majesty when he already abandoned you. Don't you realize that you are an omega and you don't have what it takes to be the Luna of this Pack? So stop dreaming….” the other referred bluntly at me.I licked my lips and watched th
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Chapter Six
Alpha Michael’s POVMy head was filled up. Even though I'm the Alpha king of the pack, I am expected to punish whoever commits a crime—but this time, I find no crime about Catherine being in the cell. Those ministers got evidence that she plotted treason and expected me to believe them so easily, and my brother who went intimate with my ex–lover was with them as well.Why don't I believe that this is a plan between them? Since I refused to make Jennifer my Luna even though her father was one of the ministers, they must be against me making Catherine my Luna as well, and since she already had kids for me.“Those kids are my carbon copy, there's nothing that will make me believe that it belongs to John…'' I muttered, pacing around my room in deep thought. What will I do to secure the life of Catherine and the kids? If I forcefully save her, I'll be dethroned and they will put on the throne a puppet king that they will control, and I don't want such a thing to happen.How do I go about t
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Chapter Seven
Catherine's POV At sunset just like the ministers agreed yesterday, I was brought out of the cell. Standing before the ministers, I was quivering in fear, hoping that they wouldn't change their mind all of a sudden. I want to live, for my kids, and take care of them. I wished to set my eyes on Alpha after a long time of divorce even though I hated him for how he treated me in the past—but I wasn't expecting to pass through all these just because I set my eyes on him.If this is what it means to be his Luna, then it will be better if I stay with Doctor John or rather relocate to another Pack where no one knows me.But still, all thanks to him for showing up on that day to save me, or I wouldn't know what would've been the fate of me and the kids—but it's a pity that the man who was trying to convince me to he his and he will make me his Luna once he overthrown his brother is accusing me of plotting treason which he did.“From today, you'll be a slave and serve the Alpha king in this p
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Chapter Eight
Alpha Michael’s POV: "Out of my way!" A growl rumbled through my chest as I pushed past maids and guards walking past. I was filled with a sense of panic that spread throughout my body like a malignant tumor. I kicked the door to my chambers open, yelling at the guards to get the Pack's physician. I carefully placed her on the bed, the side of the bed dipping as I took a seat beside her. I checked her pulse. It was weak but she had one. Her blond hair lacked luster and was a mess behind her compared to the beautiful golden halo it used to be when I made love to her one time in the past. Pushing to my feet, I walked to the window and pulled the drapes open before coming back to sit on the bed. Hell, I wasn't going to leave her side no matter what. So much had happened and maybe I needed someone beside me too. The physician arrived in less than twenty minutes and I pushed to my feet, walking towards him. "She collapsed. Nothing bad must happen to her, please.
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Chapter Nine
Catherine POV: My legs kept swinging from one side to the other. I was filled with impatience, paranoia and anger. I could control neither of these emotions. I wished Michael could drive faster. There was no time on our side. "Can you drive faster?!" I cried. "I am Catherine. You don't want us breaking traffic rules." "You already did!" I snapped as tears blurred my vision. "Their lives are on the line. Please. I have seen enough and I don't want to see their death." "Do you realize that I don't know where they are?" That was true. My heart sank. I'd been too agitated that I didn't even think of their possible whereabouts. "So... what exactly are we going to do?" "I don't know. I have sent out private investigators and detectives. The cops are also doing their jobs." "So where are we driving too?" I asked. My heart sank deeper into my chest with every passing moment. "Peter's." "What?!" I exclaimed, eyes wide in fear. "No way. We are not goin
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Chapter Ten
Catherine POV: The drive back home was filled with silence. I felt so restless but there was nothing I could do about it. Michael looked really calm for someone who was panicking and I was starting to have useless doubts which I didn't even want to talk about. We finally got back to the palace and when the guards stepped forward to grab me by the arm, one look from Michael had them stepping backward. He assigned one of the maids to me. I remembered her. Though she hadn't been my personal maid at the time I arrived here, she'd been kind to me. Her name was Lisa. She led me to my room and upon walking in, I was engulfed with nostalgic feelings. Not good ones. Bad ones. The memories I had here were painful memories. Memories that only spoke of loneliness and pain and so much longing that was never satisfied. "I'll be right back with a few dresses for you." I nodded and watched Lisa leave before walking deep into the room. It hadn't changed. The drapes we
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