The Love We Found

The Love We Found

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Why is Love so cruel? Why does the same heart have to go through all the sufferings, pain and heartbreaks? Is there an end to this distance or were you never my destiny to begin with? The life of four people takes a drastic turn when all of them happen to intern in the same company. Series of unexplained events brings them all under one roof. Old flames will reunite and new flames will have to fight its way to happiness. Who knows what destiny upholds when it's hard to even figure out what your own beating heart represents. You might have a happy ending but 'LOVE does not always mean you have to end up being together, LOVE just means that you have to have immense care and endearment for that person so that if and when time comes, you can let go of him/her.' *** Who will confess their feeling first? Who might end up together? Will the sparkles that they feel in their heart brighten their life or will it be penned in, in the heart itself? Will their feelings be reciprocated or does destiny have something else written for them? A story with a perfect blend of romance, intensity, comedy and pain.

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    Love doesn't need to be forced, it should just be real and should come from within. That is all that matters and that is all that should matter. Everyone has different views on what Love is? It can be happiness, it can also be pain, it can be giving, it can also be sacrificing, it can be praying together or it can also be keeping your loved ones in your prayer, it can be for eternity, it can also be for  numbered days, it can be saving them, it can also be betraying them. You might either find your true love and live happily or let go with a smile... You wish for one thing, but then unexpected rules.  The journey to one's true love isn't going to be easy at all. But facing those difficulties together, will only make the bond between them stronger. LOVE does not always mean you have to end up being together, LOVE just means that you have to have i
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    Chapter 1 (First Meet)
    The sun was showering when she first saw him. Wearing a red t-shirt, black pants, a black jacket and the way he carried his shoes instead of wearing them, he grabbed all her attention. Looking at him, she discovered her ideal type; tall, pale ivory, slightly built, blue eyes, thin lips and a debonair attitude. Every drop of rain that touched him, made him more captivating. It was odd for the two to be walking in the rain without an umbrella, but that odd made them even. Butterflies jumped inside her stomach. He brought satisfaction to her eyes after a long time. And till the time she could collect some more awkward words in her fantasy land, he was gone. "It's okay Jazz", she consoled herself. That was the best she could say. Her FIVE SECONDS CRUSH OF THE DAY was gone. First day as an intern and she had no wish to be late. So, as a good-to-be employee, she went home to get ready. Century Multinational Company, one of the biggest companies in the country and she was their new intern.
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    Chapter 2 (Glad to see you again)
      "Morning" That's it? That's all she can say to me? I must have entered the wrong room. She thought still wondering what to say next. The lady was flipping through few pages in her hand and Jasmine couldn't help feeling uneasy. Managers are supposed to look friendly and communicative but that wasn't the case with Sandra. "You can go and start your work. Alice will be your guide for today," she said after taking all the time on Earth. "Okay ma'am. Thank you! Have a good day ma'am," Jasmine left the room without uttering anything more than required. Is this the office I've to work in? Work under someone who seems like she's never smiled in her lifet
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    Chapter 3 (Mr. CEO)
      "Are you done with your important meeting gentlemen or should I vacant the meeting room for you?" Sandra barged in out of nowhere with her sarcastic smile that was enough for the two boys  to realize that they would face a lot of inconvenience if they don't start working right away. She left after seeing them get back to work. "God, she's scary", Stefen whispered. "Don't be so mean. It's not her choice to be rude; her position demands her to be rude or else no one would take her seriously and they'd try to take advantage of her." Jack said faking innocence all over his face. This guy is unbelievable. Being intern in one of the best and biggest compan
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    Chapter 4 (That laughter)
    Suddenly the innocent looking canteen turned into a fish market. Alice was right. They all did look like zombies; tired and starving. There were 7 counters serving food but still it was evident that they were not enough. Even the thought of having to line up behind so many people made her hunger go away, at least she thought so before it growled. She thanked god because she was very sure no one heard it because of the loud chatting and screaming of people.God what are they talking about looking all desperate and in need of spilling out everything. Jasmine was busy with her thoughts when all of a sudden, Alice took the hold of her hand and started running. She was shocked when her body was suddenly pulled but she knew that they should go and line up before the line gets longer.They stood in counter 7's line. It seemed like it had one person less than the other counters. That was the time she noticed, there was another counter serving food but it had no counter number
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    Chapter 5 (Pending high-5)
    "You don't have to make that sacrifice. I'll have the burger today and I'll make sure to come early tomorrow and have the pizza. And it's already a good thing that we get served fast food in the office canteen itself... So, it would be wrong for me to complain too much," she tried to switch back their plates again but her hands were stopped."No I insist you have the pizza today itself. It's your first day here. I don't want you to have any bad memory of your first day at work."Jack dropped his fork on the plate hearing Stefen explain the reason behind his good deed. It was the first time ever in all these years, Jack saw Stefen caring for a girl. He looked at the figure in front of him who had taken over Stefen's body trying to figure out what was going on. Jasmine smiled back and did as he said and had 'her' no 'his' pizza. They were delicious and the fact that it was initially his food made it more sweet. The four of them were enjoying their food as they initia
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    Chapter 6 (Gay?)
    "Good afternoon Sir," Jack and Alice said it together. Hearing that, she came to her senses. The old man is the owner of this company, William Wills. He looked to have crossed 50 but despite his age he looked fit and perfectly healthy. 'I wonder if Stefen and Mr. William are somehow connected. They do have the same surname.' Jasmine mused. "Good afternoon Sir," she said it with a smile. "Good afternoon Sir," Stefen's voice followed hers. ‘Iguess they aren't related with the way they are behaving.’ She cleared her doubts herself. "Good afternoon young souls," Mr. William said with a very sweet smile. ‘At least the boss doesn't look as arrogant as the manager.’ Jasmine sighed. "Have a good day sir," they all said in unison and exited the elevator. "You guys too have a good day. Do not stress too much." With that Mr. William entered the elevator. "He seems to be such a nice person. So powerful and wealthy yet so down to Earth," Jasmine said looki
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    Chapter 7 (Relationship's POV)
    Today was the first day she met and knew Stefen but yet he was nothing like the way Jack stated. He had been nothing but a sweet and a good friend to her . Alice was standing right beside them hearing their conversation. However, she looked upset. One thing Jasmine had noticed about Alice was that she was a silent type of girl. She rarely used to speak or give her opinions out loud. Jasmine thought her to be an introvert. It was a different thing when it came to her and Jack though. "Are you okay Alice? Is everything good?" Jasmine spoke patting lightly on her arm. "Yeah, I'm good." Alice looked up to face Jasmine. "I think I'll get going then. Bye Jazz." Saying that Alice walked away not giving a single glance to Jack. "Bye Alice." Jasmine waved. "Is Alice always this silent?" Jasmine asked looking towards the going figure of Alice. "It is hard to say. Especially for me." Jack replied. Jasmine chuckled as she understood what Jack meant. For Alice, Jack seemed to be the last pe
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    Chapter 8 (Not someone to be trusted)
    "I mean I will be going office from this route only so. And you could save your tomorrow's travel fare as well," he explained after hearing no replies from Jasmine. "Oh okay, that will be great. I will see you tomorrow then." "Yeah, cool." "And yes don't work too much," she said pointing towards the wooden box on the back seat and turned around as started walking again. A smile appeared in her face and she could not control it. As Stefen was driving back home, he was smiling crazily just with the thought of picking up Jasmine the next morning. It took him 20 minutes more to reach his apartment because he took another route to home as he had to drop Jasmine. ‘People are wrong when they say that 'people changes according to time. Well Jasmine hasn't. She is the same as I remembered her. Innocent yet smart, careful yet funny.’ He recalled the past that always brought satisfaction and contentment in his heart. He was happy when she said she didn't have a boyf
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    Chapter 9 (Stefen's childhood friend)
    The next morning Jasmine got up earlier than she usually did. She wanted to get ready before Stefen came to pick her up. He was already helping her go to office, she did not want to trouble him by making him wait for her too. She did a very light make-up and got neatly dressed. It's not that she does not know how to do make-up and all but she preferred to look natural on regular working days.She took her phone, her hand bag and the door keys and left the room. She locked the door and checked it again before leaving. She was very meticulous in these kinds of thing. As they say 'Precaution is better than cure.'She came out of the building and went and stood on the opposite side of the café he dropped her the day before, since it would be easier for her to g
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