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"Look into my eyes," commanded Green, the infamous Queen, the ruler of Vampires. "tell me, what do you see? I will give you wealth, fame, power, authority, even your deepest desire because why? I am a god. Reject me and all this things you shall have. Accept me," Zeus's eyes twitched as she closed the gap between them. "And I'll gladly make your life a living hell." She pronounced in the most deadliest tone he had ever heard. But he smiled. He was supposed to be scared of her like everyone else in the Supernatural World, instead, he instantly fell to the trap of love. He was an ordinary Werewolf, she was a powerful Vampire and they were mates. He didn't mind he was mated to a ruthless Vampire Queen, all he wanted was to claim her. But how far can Zeus go in Green's living hell? How much pain was he willing to suffer just to ignite love in her heart? And was he ever going to succeed in claiming his wild flower? Green, book one of the colour series.

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    Chapter 01
       I failed my mate.   I failed Zeus. I felt that cold, that familiar haunting sensation. One I had long tossed away flooded throughout my body like the ocean.      My tough wall crumbled, my body shivered and my breaths barely escaped as tears soaked my eyes. Trickling across my cheeks and down to my mate's lifeless face. "Don't do this to me Zeus." I pitched but my silky voice came out in a tiny whisper. Broken and filled with guilt as my palms curled around his perfect face."Zeus!" I pleaded and for the first time that word didn't sound like an abomination for me. For the first time in years I was begging for mercy. "Zeus!" I pressured again tapping his face repeatedly. "I love you." I mumbled without hesitation. "I love you Zeus!" I affirmed again, this time leaning against his blood coated shirt as I sobbed.          I had become weak
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    Chapter 02
      Her necklace, that beautiful green necklace adorned across her soft skin was all that lived in my head. I kept on staring at my paper with a tiny smile while my fingers did the Justice. Drawing the most beautiful necklace I've ever seen.    That has been my routine, waking up every morning with that necklace in my head accompanied with this soothing feeling. Every time she came in my dreams, I could only catch glimpse of her necklace alone. It made me yearn for her like my life depended on it, countless restless nights, countless drawings of that one thing. Her necklace. Her beautiful necklace.   Who was this lady?"Zeus!" My pencil stopped abruptly and my eyes moved upwards slightly to reveal Peter. His black hair weren't messy which I found odd. He was dressed in a white shirt and a pair of jeans, another thing I found odd. My best friend wasn't one who loved looking like a gentleman. He was definitely going out with a girl."Someone
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    Chapter 03
    "Know your place Young lady!" His thick voice barked chasing every ounce of courage that dared to exist in me."A slave is what you are and that is what you shall remain!Don't even dare to aspire to be someone,Let alone dream or even dare to entertain such thought ever again because the day you do," he pursed, his eyes glowering like brimstone fire ready to raze me to ashes."I will forget the bond that exists between us and rip your miserable heart out!"My eyes jolted awake from my nightmare but my body still retained it's calm status. It was already used to it. For six hundred years now, I've been having the nightmare, I've been denied of sleep. But this wasn't a nightmare though, it was a memory. A memory of my Father and I. One that has rooted deep in my head never to be forgotten.        My eyes twitched, only then was I fully observant of my surroundings. The darkness and the solemnity but thanks to my night
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    Chapter 04
    "I might not be as logical as you are but I know this mission you're planning to embark on is suicide!"   Peter exclaimed as he gestured with his breaths storming out heavily. He was restless and this was bound to happen to anyone upon hearing the infamous name, Green."Peter would you at least let me concentrate for a moment." I whined as I rubbed through my messy hair looking for the perfect spell in my mother's spell book.His brows arched into a deeper frown as he neared my table with his eyes flaring in obvious disbelief. "Zeus if nobody is going to tell you the truth, I will!" He barked, almost hitting the table."This is madness!" He blurted. "I know you love to take delight in life threatening missions but this, this one is a no no for me!We're talking about Green here, she's a beast!" His pitch increased with fervent fear burning in his tone but I kept on watching him dramatise."Her name alone is a nightmare for children
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    Chapter 05
    "What color suites my hair better, Black or blonde?" I asked as my maids dressed me up in front of my mirror. I was donning a rosy red medieval gown. Unfortunately, they were just as confused like I was."Blonde, my lady." One softly quoted."Black would do justice, my lady." Another chirped.   "Blonde is just perfect." A smile crept to my face, hearing that voice. My eyes darted to my twin doors as Martha gingerly walked in. Dazzling in her green slim fit pant suit complemented with a black shirt and a pair of matching stiletto heels."You all may leave." I ordered. They bowed their heads before leaving Martha and I alone. I remained in my stance still smiling. By now it should have vanished. I wasn't smiling because Martha was here, but for something else.  She stood beside me while the mirror reflected the admiration in her eyes. And then she strolled to my drawer picking my most cherished necklace. One my mother had given me, a
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    Chapter 06
    The forest was surprisingly gentle. No chirping from birds, no predatory animals roamed, even the tall trees refused to dance to the tunes of solemn winds. Beyond this forest was the one and only glorious abode of The Crimson Prowlers Pack where Green would currently be in. Perhaps this forest and it's inhabitants feared her wrath too or perhaps I was simply over thinking.    I heaved a sigh. It's been over an hour I stood at the center doing nothing but thinking. I only had one ace move up my sleeves and if it failed, it could probably be my end. But I wasn't ready to die yet, not in the hands of weaklings of Prowlers Pack. At the same time I couldn't force a single muscle in my legs to move. I wasn't scared of her but for my ace move. My eyes lowered to the dry leaves roaming beside me and in a strange way, I was reliving the memories of the day before.***************"This," I said as I scanned through the forest with a smile of admiration. "Is the
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    Chapter 07
    "Zeus?" I heard another familiar voice say but this time, the environment was different. It wasn't that peaceful place I shared with my mother, it was my room. "Thank Goodness you're awake!" I finally recognized his voice, the man seated by my bedside. Peter."What happened?" I asked almost in a whisper."You got struck by lightening, you've been unconscious for a day now." He said in a worried fashion. "The spell was a total disaster Zeus. We weren't sure you were going to make it."   I gulped down my saliva while my eyes darted to my bedsheets. The memory I shared with my mother wasn't a dream, I knew that. I could still vividly remember her words."There's a difference between knowing a spell and understanding it.""I think you should forget this mission. It's impossible." His voice tousled my thoughts."No." I disagreed almost immediately."Don't be foolish Zeus. You almost died from practicing this spel--"Read more
    Chapter 08
      As the twin doors closed subtly behind me, I heard the parting roar of thunder in the skies signalling my Mate should have been long gone by now. The spell diminished and instantly, everything reverted back to normal. Damian crashed to the ground, Eren and Vera frowned. Their eyes wavering between Damian who grunted as he arose."What happened right now?" Eren asked as he peered at me suspiciously.I smirked."Something happened here Green. One moment you were about to kill the Lycan and in a glimpse, you're there and now he fell to the floor." He stated sternly. "I know you're fast, but not fast enough to escape my eyes."  This time, they all had their gaze on me waiting for me to drop the bombshell. The last thing I would want to do is tell them my mate had visited. Zeus, a man they so much hate, especially the Lycan."You have a shallow knowledge about me, Eren." I finally responded. "I simply spared his life out of my kind heart."<
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    Chapter 09
    "The moon goddess must hate you so much to have given you a Vampire as a mate. And not just any regular Vampire, Green." Peter mumbled before gulping down his cup beer at once."Or you mean, The moon goddess loves me very much to have blessed me with her." I chuckled whilst refilling my own glass.He wriggled his head as he poured himself another glass. "Green is a curse Zeus.""Goodnight boss!" Simon interjected, waving his hand slightly with his usual happy smile. Realization soon struck me that Peter and I had since been rooted at the bar table, still discussing my day's ordeals."Yeah. Goodnight Simon." I nodded before returning to my friend's stern countenance."She's a blessing. Besides, she's my mate. You should mind the way you talk about her." I responded. He scoffed."How else am I supposed to talk about a monster?" He chirped. "You don't expect me to sweet talk her, do you?"I heaved a sigh and then returned to
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    Chapter 10
    "He's here."   Said Martha in a depressed tone as she sauntered into my room. I flashed my window a sinister smile while my eyes stared at the birds across. Even though my back faced her, I knew she was worried. Worried for what I might do to my mate. It made me wonder why my best friend suddenly changed. For centuries we've fought wars, killed mates without any iota of feelings. But this time, she was different. Interested in me softening."I know there's a devilish smile on your face but whatever you're going to do," she pursed her lips. "Don't regret it."  I turned to her direction, holding her gaze to study what was really running through her mind. In the end, it only seemed to confuse me. There she was, standing proud in her stunning green and black uniform. Her white hair were packed in a ponytail. Her blues eyes reflected my outfit and I couldn't help but admire myself. A dazzling green medieval gown complemented with my necklace and stun
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