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“I killed his secret lover.” “Does he know?” “Yes, but he pretends not to know it in front of me.” A gun shot sounded outside the mansion and Alvah didn't bother to check. “What is going on?” Alvah chuckled, a smile spread across her face, “My husband. He's here to kill me.”

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5 Chapters
CHAPTER ONE ‘Research’
“What are you doing?”Without glancing up from the file in my hands I said, “Research.”A chuckle followed, “You're just an attorney, you don't have to do so much. You've been stalking your client for almost two weeks now.”I frowned and glanced up to face an amused Lenoir, “It's called gathering information and facts.”“Uh uh”“Knowing my clients weaknesses, so whenever it's used in court against them I can easily counter it and win over the judge.”“What if there's no evidence to prove your client's innocence.”“If there isn't, you just have to make them up. Most of the court's evidence are always made up anyways.”Lenoir sighed and walked closer towards me, his eyes looking through the file in my hands. I was about to shoo him off when I caught a whiff of familiar strawberry shampoo. “Lenoir!” I said while fighting the urge to kick him. He always uses my product whenever he runs out of his and he almo
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CHAPTER TWO ‘Gunshots’
Three thirty. That was the time I woke up. Not only with a groaning stomach but a back pain. I must've slept too hard.I shook off my tiredness and made pancakes, eating them as they were brought out of the pan. In no time, I was full. Afterwards I went to lay on my bed and relax.When I felt energized I worked out a bit to strengthen myself. A shower afterwards and I went to sleep. Again.When I awoke, the skies were dark and I was hungry so I went to the fridge and packed all the snacks I could gather then I turned on the tv and put it on the news.Coincidentally, I heard my phone ring. I went to look for it and I found it right on the table. Amanda.“Yes.” I answered.“You're on the news.” Just when she said that, I heard my name being mentioned on the news.“.. Attorney Alvah Benjamin will defend Jacob Santiago Alabaster in court over the alleged murder of his older brother, Drake Roderigo Alabaster. The trial will take place on
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CHAPTER THREE ‘Congratulations’
Amanda and I drove to Phoenix, both of us dressed in expensive black suit. The courtroom was packed when I entered and I wasn't quite astonished by the crowd.Alfredo, the youngest brother of the deceased Drake Alabaster, sat at the front bench, directly behind the prosecutor's table. He was with his support group and he looked astonished to see me when our eyes met. Obviously he didn't expect me at court today. He really thought he could scare me.. he choosed the wrong person to mess with and I intended to show him that.I glanced briefly at Juror number 4, Anna Swift. She seemed energetic and her body language showed she was interested in the case. My client looked troubled as I approached him, “I heard what happened last night and I'm truly sorry for—”“—We can talk about that later. I hope you remember everything you're supposed to say, like we practiced.”Jacob nodded, his eyes avoidin
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I called my husband and filled him in on what happened to our house, leaving out some parts he wasn't required to know. We agreed to meet at Los Meg hotel. A thirty minutes ride away from Phoenix. I bade farewell to Amanda and took a cab there. When I arrived at the hotel, I met with the receptionist, a blonde with a nasty character, it was only after I called Lenoir and have her speak with him that she directed me to a room 208. A premium. The elevator was comfortable and big enough to fit the three people I shared it with. I checked the time after I got off the elevator at the top floor, ten minutes past seven. Room 208 was right at the corner. I made a turn and mentally sighed when I saw the tag 208 on a red door. I opened the door and instantly met with Lenoir's anxious eyes. “Hi.” I said closing the door. “How was work?” I removed my jacket and threw it on a love sitter. He really choosed a good room. “It was g
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It was evening when my car pulled over in front of TMA game center near Phoenix. It wasn't exactly packed so I went directly to the shooting category. I grabbed a random toy gun that was at the side and pointed towards the target.Without caring too much about the hitting the target, I pulled the trigger and it hit beneath the red target.I sighed and recalled the conversation between me and Lenoir this morning; He had asked, “After this, where will we live?” “We can buy a house.” I had told him nonchalantly but he got pissed. “I spent two years planning the perfect foundation and walls of the house, i even made sure there was several secret tunnels in the house for our safety but you—” “—I think its better we live in different houses, for now. I took a serial killer's case and i don't want you to feel uncomfortable.” I had told and he nodded,  his final words before leaving the hotel being,  “Yes, that's probably for the best.” <
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