The heir of a billionaire Dad

The heir of a billionaire Dad

By:  Rakesh Patel  Ongoing
Language: English
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Michael Roy was an ordinary student, & was very poor. Because of his poverty, his so called girlfriend left him & insulted him. his classmates also humiliated & looked down on him. But who knows, after reaching home one day, he received a letter from Russia stating that it was from his dad after so many missing years would change his whole life? "my son. Your dad is the most powerful person of this country. I know you will have a lot of questions. you have suffered a lot. But now i will make sure that you won't find a single problem in your whole life. I am transferring 10 million dollars for a start as your daily livings. Just make me a call if you need more." Then the story of Michael started suddenly from an extremely poor guy to the richest kid of not only his city but of a whole country. He bought houses, few extreme high model cars, visited most reputed places & top most services. The most important thing, not only his girlfriend & classmates, he stunned many most reputed people of his city Arizona & other cities too. This story describes the journey of a young man's poor lifestyle & his lavish lifestyle. It also describes how he handled billions of money & became the greatest of all.

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15 chapters
Chapter 1 : Journey of an ordinary young man
  " hey loser, come here." a husky voice came from behind as Michael roy was walking towards his college class. his morning mood faded in the air instantly. Michael nodded & looked in the direction of a voice. He sighed & went towards the voice. The man in front of him was John Kent who was one of the richest businessmen of the city, Mark Kent's son. He was college's most arrogant character & Michael's classmate.   " You useless piece of trash, You were supposed to give my money back today. Were you running away from me just now?" John asked loudly.   "No..." Michael couldn't say more. Seeing five or six most influential boys of college in front of him, he can't afford to say much.   As a very poor background, Michael worked very hard by doing part time jobs & night shifts. He got admission in a reputed college for management studies on his own. But with a very old grandmother
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Chapter 2: Dices of fortune
Michael reached Marium street, which was one of the poorest & dirtiest streets of the city. But as very small houses are here & available at a cheaper rate, a lot of poor people were living there. His rented house was also here. Michael entered inside his home & saw his grandmother was resting on a bed. Even though she was sleeping, she was not comfortable partly due to pain & partly due to the condition of the bed which was too bad for use. It was a house that had 1 hall which was used as a bedroom, a kitchen & a bathroom with an attached toilet. There was not much furniture either. Just 2 old chairs & a small table was there. There was a fridge which was not in a working condition. After entering his home, One would easily presume how much bad condition Michael was in. He closed the door & was about to sit on a chair to think what to do about money. But his grandmother suddenly woke up by vo
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Chapter 3: The story of Michael & Emily
 “Mike, r u coming or not? We're getting late for class.” Emily shouted from outside. “Yes, just a sec.” reply came from inside. It was the 1st year of undergraduate college. Mike & Emily met on the first day of the college & instantly connected. They had similar interests. They both came from poor families & focused on studying hard to get success. Both were scholars from their respective schools & front benchers in the class. Emily was impressed by Michael’s looks & smart answers. Although he was poor, she thought she would have a great future with him. About Emily, she was a beautiful girl with great curves at the right spots. As she was poor & couldn’t wear expensive clothes or style her hair or any makeup, her beauty would not be recognized easily. She often stood in front of the mirror after bath & praised her beauty by herself. After seei
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Chapter 4: Money or Love?
 Without waiting for an answer, Jay held Emily’s hand & took her to the dance floor. Emily felt a current passing through her body as she felt his hand. She couldn’t resist him & walked with him. When couples started dancing to his favorite tune, Michael was about to stand to go to Emily & ask her for a dance. However he saw Emily going to the dance floor holding Jay’s hand. He felt disappointed. It was his fault as he didnt know how to express his feelings for her. Otherwise she would be walking with him to the dance floor. He sat back to his chair & saw them starting to dance. Jay put his both hands around Emily’s waist & started to move to the rhythm. Emily was hesisting. So Jay held her both hands & put them around his neck & started dancing. It was the most beautiful feeling Emily felt in recent times. She had received so much respect tonight. She was
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Chapter 5: The Disappointments
May I come in Sir?” Michael asked at the entrance of Dean’s office door. “Come in” A husky voice came from inside. Michael entered & stood in front of Mr.Crowley, The dean of his college. “Who are you? & what do you want?” Mr.Crowley asked arrogantly. “Sir, I am a 1st year student of this college.I am here to request you”.Michael said in a pleading voice. “Request? What do you want?” “Sir, I come from a very poor family background. I have paid my whole academic college fees somehow. Now I can't pay for e-learning I request you to exempt me from paying that fee.” “What? No way. Who are you? You are just a poor ba****d. You can’t even afford to wear shoes & want a special treatment? You are not a VIP. if you can’t pay the fees, leav
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Chapter 6: Falling into the Trap
 After dinner, Emily was in her bed trying to sleep. It was almost 11 pm but she couldn’t sleep. Stress of arranging money won’t let her relax a bit.Suddenly her phone vibrated. “Hello beautiful.” a message pops up on her screen. It was Jay. she saved his number last time. She was in a bad mood. She felt broken & left out both by Michael & her dad today. “Won’t you ever reply?” another message came. Emily needed someone right now.& she was comfortable with Jay. so she decided to have a chat with him. “Hi Jay. how are you?” she replied. “Ohh, so you haven’t forgotten me. That’s good for me. I am fine. How’s you?” reply came almost immediately. Emily felt her heart rate racing. She felt different while talking to this guy. But how did he get her
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Chapter 7: The True Friendship
 Meanwhile Michael was also in so much stress today. His visit to Dean didn’t go as planned.Now, he had to pay these fees,otherwise he won't be able to study further & all his future plans depended on this degree. He was so much in thought, he didn’t realise when his nani came in his room & put her hand on his hair and pampered him. She said “Mikey.” “Yes Nani.” “I was calling you from the kitchen for dinner but you didn’t hear it.what are you thinking about,Mikey? Is there any problem?” “No Nani, don’t worry. I was just thinking about my study.Nothing that i can’t handle.”Michael tried his best to cover up. “Ha ha...don’t think much.Health is more important.Let’s go and eat.”Nani said. “Sure Nani.I will be there in a minute.”
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Chapter 8: The First Date
Phone vibrated as Emily was getting ready in the morning. She saw it was Jay’s call. She immediately received it. “Hello.““Hi Emily, I am outside your house. Are you ready?” A humble voice of Jay came from the other side. “Give me 5 minutes. I will be there.” she only could say that. When Emily came outside, she saw Jay standing out of his BMW & his eyes were looking for her. When he saw her, he waved his hand with a smile. He thought she was looking so gorgeous even in these clothes. Emily wore a routine t-shirt & jeans. But it was revealing her amazing figure. Emily came towards him & said hii. Jay opened the car door for her & asked Emily to sit. Emily was surprised as well as feeling excited. She never expected that A rich man like Jay would open the car door for her. S
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Chapter 9: Payment
“True. He can’t afford such a reputed college.” one guy said.   “Out Michael out. Out Michael out.” all started chanting it.   Michael couldn’t believe his ears. He had a habit of being humiliated by everyone. He didn’t mind that much now. But how can Emily say this about him? He was her boyfriend after all. Why was she suddenly changed? This was not Emily that he loved. He decided to talk with her after college in the evening. He sighed & left the class.   But there was one person who was even more surprised & shocked than Michael. It was Andria Nilson.   She knew Michael & Emily were good friends. Although she didn’t know about their relationship yet, but She predicted that by their behaviour. Something was there between them beyond friendship. How could she suddenly talk about Michaerl like this? Why did she humiliate him? Was that because now she has become a hot topic amongst all peo
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Chapter 10: The truth of Jay
 Next day, Michael was waiting for Emily to go to college. Although his mind knew that she wouldn't come, his heart was not willing to accept that. He waited for a long time. Then he realized that it was already very late. If he did not start to walk now, he would definitely be late. He sighed & started walking towards the college. “Beep...Beep…” suddenly a car stopped behind him & started honking. He saw that it was Andria. It was a black Mercedes Benz car. Andria came out of the car & said: “Hey loser, let me give you lift.come inside the car.” “It’s ok. I will go by myself.” Michael replied. “Look at the time idiot. You won’t reach in time. Do you want to get insulted by the teacher again?” Andria asked in surprise. She was right. Michael looked at his watch. There was no way he would r
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