Mister Billionaire’s Treasure

Mister Billionaire’s Treasure

By:  InexorableSerene  Completed
Language: English
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Ruchee Ramos was a woman who will do everything for her sister. She becomes her mother and father for the past years. She was this type of person who wasn’t interested in interacting with other people’s lives, and making friends was out of her vocabulary. A pragmatic one who loves to take risks without resting. For her, a shred of the bloodline is the most valuable thing in the world that no one can change. But her life changed when she got abducted and listed as one of the highest items in the famous underworld auction. Can she save herself from being sold, or will her soul be sold to one of the underworld’s most extraordinary billionaire?

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84 chapters
Chapter 1: Unfamiliar Place
  I opened my eyes, and my vision was dark. Something was covering my eyes. I was blindfolded. I felt the sweat flowing from my forehead down to my cheeks. My chest was throbbing so fast that it seemed it could explode any second.   I can hear so much noise coming from the outside where I currently was. It annoys my ear, and the smell of the place is somewhat nasty. I don’t know, but different scents are hovering around coming from cigarettes, alcohol, and there’s one unfamiliar but disgusting smell. This place suffocates me and a little cold.   I tried to remember what happened earlier and why I ended here. Maybe, it’s already five hours after what happened, or I’m not sure how many hours had passed. I just remembered walking out from the bar I’m working on, then suddenly, someone grabbed and forced me to enter a black car.    I moaned. My nape suddenly hurts. Whoever did this to me, I’m sure that this
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Chapter 2: Voice
  “What do you think you’re doing?” I asked when the two of them grab both of my arms, but it was gentle, like they were giving me extra care.    I suddenly felt throwing up. Oh, this again. My head was spinning a little. Is it because of the noisy environment or the nasty mixed smells?    I’m working at the bar and used to the smells of alcohol, but that was a luxurious one where tight regulations existed.   “Just come with us,” man number one said and then dragged me along with their pace when they started walking in the door’s direction. Struggling won’t help. I feel my body getting weak as we’re getting near the door.   The two men escorted me like I was a president’s first lady. I’m puzzled about everything. This unfamiliar place and the reason behind this abduction. What’s my obligation to be put in this tight spot of trouble? As far as I can remember, I don’t have any de
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Chapter 3: Mister Billionaire
  I opened my eyes. Clanking glasses and chatters greeted my consciousness. It was like earlier, when I gained and found myself at an unfamiliar place. The only difference is I’m not blindfolded.    My head was in pain when I tried to look up. It’s strange. I badly want to move, but my body is frozen to the ground. What’s happening?    Surprisingly, I found myself chained. My hands were tied upward by chains while my body pinned in this metal wall, and I’m still wearing lingerie.    I started roaming my eyes, and there, I found myself in a dark place again. Surrounded by black linen curtains and chained on a metal wall, what are they planning?   Do we have a ritual? Sacrificial? Is voodoo still exist in this era of twenty?   My situation was becoming hilarious. I can also feel something on my face. Was I wearing a mask? That explains why I had this nar
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Chapter 4: Sold to Him
“That was a brilliant penny from the famous bidder in the underworld!” The bid caller said as if his voice was praising a powerful being. Penny? What the heck.   I didn’t take my eyes off in front, directing at the back where the baritone voice came. My whole body won’t stop shaking, and the pain in my hands was getting worst. I’m secretly struggling from the chains. It must be it.    This strangest feeling inside me, yet it still hasn’t disappeared. If my body is this weak, I can’t save myself out of here. I need to redeem my energy, but in this current situation, much impossible.   “Sure thing for a very valued item, Cain. I can even stake everything to redeem the freshly maria,” the man said and then take another sip from the glass of wine he’s holding.   What? Freshly maria? I didn’t even agree to be sold and to be in this place! Much worse, to be addressed as an item!   Read more
Chapter 5: His Turf
I feel soft cotton brushing my back, and when I open my eyes, a blinding light greeted me. My body is still weak, but it’s a lot better now, yet my eyes are still heavy.      I forced myself to sat down since I just found myself lying in a soft cotton bed. Wait... laying? My head automatically turned, and my eyes roamed the place immediately.      I was here unconscious and lying low while my body is weak. There’s a European luxury golden curtain hanging on my left side while it was gradually swayed by the wind coming from the outside.      How nostalgic it is. Hot weather with dancing waves moving softly and reflected on the glass doors behind the luxurious golden curtain. I feel like I was in a different dimension. I can’t explain, but this current atmosphere is somewhat unrealistic.     “Where am I?” I mumbled to myself out of nowh
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Chapter 6: Unwanted Situation
    He was tightly gripping my right wrist. Without any time to react, he drags me out of bed. I can feel his fingers on my skin, holding me tight so that I can’t break free from him.    He was walking towards the big door. I just noticed that it was a double door, and when we are in front of it, it just automatically opened for us. Trying to make way. Then, he doesn’t even bother to lessen his grip on me. Walking straight ahead.   I want to tell him that he needs to loosen his hands on my wrist, but I’m scared. I know what I did earlier. Those words or the phrases I made were new to him. Maybe, I’m the first person who treated him like that. It doesn’t concern me. I look down while letting him pull my wrist.   But what he said earlier, I was on his turf. I don’t even know why did he bring me here. Yes. It doesn’t hide the truth where he’s the one who redeems me from that auction, yet this
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Chapter 7: Weirdo
“Let go of me,” I said and then turn my gaze away. This man was still holding me for a minute now. His right arm was supporting my back while his left hand was gently wrapping my nape.   It looks like he doesn’t intend to break our current situation, and it’s giving me another weird feeling. I was amazed by how his emotions change in a short period.    Earlier, he was like a volcano that’s about to explode because of unpleasantness but right now, I don’t know how to describe his current expression, and he looks like enjoying the situation. Is it funny tormenting an innocent bird like me? Yes, and I’m doing metaphor on myself now.   “What a nice and perfect view for the newlywed!” The place was filled with an overexcited voice coming from our back. Since this man holding me has no plans on letting go of my body, I pushed him aggressively.    If I don’t use full force, then I can’t break free
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Chapter 8: Condition
    “This is nice. We’re finally alone together!” I look at him. There’s a grin flashing on his face, and he was clinging to my shoulders. It’s making me uncomfortable.    I pushed him and then give him a glare. What the hell did he think he’s doing?   He suddenly chuckles and puts his hands to both sides of his hips. I just found him weird standing next to me. I might have this confused look over my face as my eyes were plastered to this Elliott guy. Who is he, by the way? I mean, his relationship to that Reign.   “Who are you?” I don’t know where it came from. It’s too dumb to ask questions when the answer’s already apparent. It would be a lot better if I asked him about the location or why I’m currently here.   He then raised both of his eyebrows while moving them up and down multiple times, “The definition of heaven!” I furrowed my forehead about what he just said.<
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Chapter 9: Something About Him
  “So, what do you want to know?” Elliott said. His legs were crossed along with his arms too. He was staring at me with an idiotic smile on his lips.    Both of us were separated by a round golden glass table. Elliott was sitting in the front, the left portion, and I was on the right. There’s a running fountain behind him. My hands are put together above my legs, and I was also staring at him eagerly.    I wonder why he brings me to this place. Birds chirping above us, and we are surrounded by different types of green plants. Probably, we’re inside the greenhouse while sitting and staring at each other’s faces endlessly.    Actually, I think that this greenhouse was still part of the house. When we left earlier, we didn’t go where Reign went to go out. Instead, we take the path on the opposite side to the entrance. We didn’t go out neither saw the clouds or the environment.  
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Chapter 10: Plan
  “I can do it,” I muttered as I looked at Letty through the mirror in front of me. She combs my hair up to my shoulders.   Letty stopped and then looked me back at the mirror, “It’s the master’s order,” then she continues.   I sigh. I’m not a little girl to have someone accompany me on doing everything. They already helped me take a bath, and right now, only a towel covering my body. What else? Maybe by getting myself dressed, they will even help me do that.   I just sighed and then let her do the thing. I stare at the mirror. Letty’s an aged woman. Probably at the age of sixty’s? I can’t explain. There are some wrinkles on her hands, and they are hanging as she combs my hair.   But when you took a peek at her face, you can see the beauty in it. Actually, there’s also a tiny spot of wrinkles above her nose and under her eyes. I don’t know, but she has this morena color. Something like m
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